Thursday, December 10, 2020


      Texas Attorney-General Ken Paxton, who like President Trump is a friend of Freedom operating in a sea of Democrat crooks and treacherous RINOs in his own position, has sent the legal case concerning the attempted Election theft to the U.S. Supreme Court. Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, allegedly the most egregious cases are the defendants; although I can think of about a dozen other states that ought to be open to investigation. 

    There's not much to say on the Election until those characters in the black robes hand down a decision. It's hard to say what they'll decide. Two Left-Wing fanatics and the RINO Roberts are going to decide against the President regardless of the evidence. The other six I'd like to suppose will do the right thing, but these days I'm not taking anything for granted. They're going to be under intense political pressure to cheat Justice---and only two of them need to fold. 

    Political Pressure. By this I mean every means of bribery, threats, extortion, harassment, and psychological torture that our enemies can dream up in their evil imaginations. We need to call a spade a spade here. 

    Which brings up an interesting topic. Blogger InsanityBytes recently had a good article up titled Compro-Matic, which itself is a good read; but in the comments which followed, an obnoxious Liberal troll took exception to how I worded a comment. He didn't exactly specify what offended him in particular; but I suspect it was this phrase:  

   " The propagandists of the so-called ‘New Left’ like to portray themselves as ‘progressive’ and ‘innovative’: They mock Conservatives as ‘old boomers’ and spout off about ‘dead white men’; and laugh at faith as ‘the ideals of Bronze Age bigots’ but the Reality is that they are embracing ideals that our forefathers escaped from. What actually motivates them is a hatred for Civilization and Progress. ‘The Great Reset’ is about resetting society alright: it’s about taking us back to prehistoric levels of social interaction. The Strongest ruled; human beings sought the ‘safety’ of the herd, and survival at any cost was the highest value in life."

   I suspect this because it's hitting too close to the truth for the Left. The Left likes to play semantic games by disguising their horrible policies with nicer-sounding terms, or by redefining paradigms and controlling the narrative, as their handlers on Madison Avenue term the tactics. (Which in itself sounds nicer than the term subterfuge which also defines such tactics). 

   Before the American educational system collapsed into PC darkness, we used to learn back in elementary school that names don't really hurt anybody. Who doesn't recall back---probably pre-Kindergarten---when some mean kid would call us some nasty word and we'd run home in tears believing that it was so. Such things are normal for small children (even though modern Liberals continue to do it as adults). Whoever was the maternal figure in our lives would teach us that calling somebody something didn't make them that thing; and only one's character and actions made us what we were. 

   The reason small children behave this way is because they are acting upon a very primitive instinct. This is also why when I said that 'resetting society' was taking us back to prehistoric levels of social interaction. Our barbarian ancestors nearly all believed that words carried within themselves an intrinsic power. Civilization developed that belief into good grammar and polished rhetoric. The negative turn it took among savages was a belief in magic. 

   Savages believe that the intrinsic properties of an object or the character of an action can be changed by a formulation of certain words. Some Greek myths tell of this even happening by accident. People could change into animals, trees, and rocks and back again just by saying the right words. 

  Now, in our supposedly enlightened postmodern age, people are taught to walk on eggshells lest they say something that offends somebody. A racial slur; a sexist remark can bring down the wrath of entire social media communities. Nobody bothers to ask why; in fact asking why is more socially dangerous than making the remark in the first place. Fanaticism and intolerance are deeply linked to this type of superstition and ignorance. 

  The same type of delusion is employed trying to change evil actions into good ones by renaming them, and vice-versa. Abortion, the murder of unborn children, doesn't become a noble act by calling it a reproductive right. Homosexual perversion doesn't become a glorious lifestyle by calling it gay equality. Boys can't change into girls by saying that that's how they identify. Stolen elections are still fraud and a crime against Democracy and merely terming them baseless allegations don't make them any different. 

  Learning the right use of language and learning how to disregard magical thinking is part of growing up for an individual and part of evolving as a society. A society that has degenerated to this level is as unfit for self-government as a toddler is for making adult decisions. And that is just the hard truth whether Liberals like it or not. 

  And by the same token, an influenza outbreak doesn't become a global pandemic just because UN bureaucrats get bribed to call it one. People aren't nonessential workers just because some petty despot in a State Capitol says they are. Man-made climate change, systemic racism, gender neutrality----these are all hoaxes. None of them really exist. Face-masks, questionable vaccines, 'contact tracing', and 'social distancing' don't make us any safer regardless of how much we believe they will. True, a society needs to evolve and change by discarding outmoded ideas; but it needs actual facts to base these changes on. Otherwise, we're ripe for enslavement by impostors just like our ancient and mediaeval ancestors who were taught to live in fear and that questioning the 'Established Order' was the most dangerous thing that they could do. 

    Vacuums left in society by the downfalls of Classical Education, responsible journalism, and Organized Religion are responsible for the rise in our national struggle with this issue. Ignorance and illiteracy fueled by academic sophists, media-manufactured hysteria, and hollow Churchianity have laid a social powder-train ready for Political and Economic Opportunism to appear on the scene and light the fuse. People have warned for years that the avenues of education, information, and moral teachings were corrupted---and we were met with yawning indifference. Now, in December 2020, the Barbarian is at the gate.  Nine American men and women---not all of whom are even reliable---are standing between our survival as a Republic and The Great Reset. 



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  1. Colorado needs investigating too.

    And you're right about hoaxes.

    The politicians CREATE the problems - not create but FABRICATE the problems, and then present themselves as the solution.

    It's wearing very thin. So thin that Trump was able to win in 2016, and that frightened them.

    So they fabricated a new hoax.

    Trump won the 2020 election too, so they had to improvise (poorly) and commit blatantly obvious election fraud.

    I'm at home alone. I wish i could take a survey of ordinary people and see how many believe what.