Sunday, December 13, 2020


       So, we've all heard by now, the U.S. Supreme Court caved in even faster and more radically than anticipated to subvert justice. Seven of them---including all three of the Justices appointed by the President---sold out to the Insurgency by refusing even to hear evidence of electoral fraud. I wonder what their thirty pieces of silver were? I suppose it doesn't really matter. In the New America, truth and justice are whatever the Tech oligarchs and their MSM hirelings decide to call it. Mountains of testimony, video footage, and audio recordings are just that---they mean nothing other than baseless and unfounded allegations presented by a President who stubbornly refuses to accept defeat. 

    Between now and January 20th, Americans will have their last six weeks as a Constitutional Republic, and even our last (legal) Christmas and New Years celebrations before the Sun sets on our Democracy and the New Order assumes full control. 

   The New York Post today had a rather poignant story about a trend in the once-great city of New York called 'Last Suppers'. People are enjoying the formerly ordinary past-time of meeting and dining out for what looks like the final time. The Elites already have plans in place to rebuild our cities---and these plans don't include small businessmen or entrepreneurs. 

   Doesn't it make us all feel proud that we sacrificed our Lives and Liberties for this? Don't preach about stolen elections. The stolen election was made possible by Americans' continued refusal to fight for their freedoms or stand up for the rights for the last 30 years or so. The so-called 'Conservative leadership' contributed to this malaise. How many times did we hear out of the mouths of the likes of Sean Hannity that Conservatives "focus on the things that matter" and that we "want just to be left alone." That concentration on themselves while others all around them were losing their livelihoods cost the entire culture. Too many Conservatives took the attitudes of, "I got mine" and "it doesn't affect me," and wrote off people trying to sound the alarm by saying "we don't want to be seen as extreme!" Guess what? The Enemy is coming after yours and plans to affect you quite significantly; and those of us whom you turned your back upon aren't there to have your back anymore. 

   Two vlogs I follow were shut down just this week on Youtube (a subsidiary of the same conglomerate operating Sidewalk Labs. Incidentally, the site that hosts this blog is also a subsidiary of that same oligarchy, and we've been getting shadowbanned on Google---another of their subsidiaries---since at least June and getting trolled by spooks now, sent by God-Knows-Who. We're not even a major voice among those fighting for the last vestiges of liberty; and I can't even guarantee we'll be allowed to keep publishing. The corporate conglomerate controlling Google, Youtube, Blogger, and Sidewalk Labs is Alphabet Inc., run by Eric Schmidt, a member of the WEF and one of the top ringleaders of the Coup/Great Reset. Schmidt controls $300 billion in assets, but doesn't want you to own anything. 

   “I think the real question as the internet becomes more important in people’s lives is what is the right regulation, not whether there should be [regulation] or not.” ---Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and major orchestrator of the Coup.

  “The challenges we face demand an unprecedented alliance between business and government.”---Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft and henchman of Bill Gates. 

  In case anyone still thinks that the Elites don't intend to control us down to the level of our diets, just remember that before restaurants were banned in New York, Left-Wing fanatic Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned them from serving several items. Ed Murray, a homosexual pederast who was formerly mayor of Seattle imposed a tax on sweetened beverages. Restaurant owners nationwide of course rolled over for these usurpations---heck, even a few profited by moving in on their ruined competitors. Now they're nearly all wiped out, and wondering 'how did we get here?' Sidewalk Labs, BTW, is headed by one of Bloomberg's former top advisors.

   Don't worry, though, the Supreme Court will never allow private property to be outlawed, right? Except that they already already set a precedent for doing that back in 2005. That occurred at a time, incidentally, when Republicans controlled the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Nobody did anything about it then, nor since. And they can't control what we eat or drink, right? Well, let's hear it straight from the horse's mouth:

  The questioner {at a 2019 debate} noted that some countries have changed their dietary guidelines to reduce the consumption of red meat. "If elected...will you be supporting change in dietary guidelines, and then how will you plan on implementing the changes so that people effectively change their diets?" she asked.

"Yes," {Kamala} Harris responded, saying it should be "a real priority at the highest level of government" to address healthy eating, "because we have a problem in America...I think that there has to be also what we do in terms of creating incentives that we will eat in a healthy way, that we will encourage moderation, and that we will be educated about the effect of our eating habits on our environment, and we have to do a much better job of that. And the government has to do a much better job of that."

   Not to worry everyone. There will plenty of new angles to work in the New Order, at least until the Big Boys at the top decide to cut you out of the picture.

    That's America today and has been for too long: cashing in on the corpses of their neighbors and getting along with the powerful until strong enough to stab them in the back. The Land of Opportunity long ago became the Land of Opportunism and it's really small wonder that SCOTUS followed the herd and looked out for themselves just like everybody else does. I would say that their 7-2 decision reflects about the same ratio of chiselers and cheats to honorable and noble men and women in our society right now. And once the Great Reset gets going, we'll see that dynamic played out in spades.


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  1. Yoo depressing for words, NW. I am NOT, by nature, a pessimistic person; but this year has tested me like no other - and, frankly, I don't want to live to see the first spades of dirt hit our American coffin.....