Wednesday, December 30, 2020


      When the year 2019 closed, there was great hope for the coming year. President Trump had been making good his promise that "the forgotten among us would be forgotten no more." We'd seen the greatest expansion in job creation since the 1980s. The U.S. was moving on track to become Energy Independent by 2025. We were investing in space and global exploration and research again. Taxes and regulations were being slashed. The Opioid Crisis was being turned back; gangs were being put down and inner-city crime breaking up. Religious Freedom and the right of conscience was being restored. Endless wars were winding down. Corporations were moving industries back to the U.S. from offshored locations. Deep Statists and financial criminals were finally being held accountable for their crimes.

      And then a bunch of scumbags showed up and offered the American people a chance to go back. To go back to the days when opportunism, selfishness, envy and the Cult of the Victim reigned supreme; when the rule of law and doing the right thing for its own sake were scoffed at. And America took the offer. 

      Yes, America has been weighed in the balances, and found wanting. When it came to choices; accept the values that we stand for of faith and freedom, or the culture of fraud, force, and fear that had defined the previous three decades, we chose the latter. 

     All of this year has based entirely on fraud. A fake impeachment; a phony pandemic; race-riots over a murder that never happened and 'systemic racism' which doesn't exist; all culminating in a stolen election. And then there was the Opportunism: a chance to grab a slice of that government bailout cash; a chance to stab your neighbor in the back; chances to cash in on the plunder of the 'New Normal'. And, of course, a chance for the political and financial Elite to bring us all to a Great Reset, where we finally break the chains of freedom and return to that era of universal peace and love which was feudalism. 

     Americans have proven finally that they prefer lives of drug-fueled drama to the actual success and self-respect that comes from honorable work and belief in an ideal. That's the American Exceptionalism that the Deep State preached and that the American people practiced from Reagan to Trump; and that they and their new Masters in the WEF hope to project across the entire planet. Wherever happiness is to be found, it must be stamped out lest anyone feel offended. 

     There were a few bright spots of humanity which shone this year. Groups like Oath Keepers, Project Veritas, and a few religious leaders and real scientists have spoken up; but their voices have been drown out by the hysteria. A few brave lawyers and political figures have risked their lives and livelihoods by challenging the fake election; but they've been pushed aside by money and the casual indifference of the American public. For the most part, the American public has chosen to join the stampede and run wherever the Tech Lords and the Media Moguls tell them to go. 

    So, at the end of 2020, we've seen the greatest job losses since the 1930s; substance abuse deaths and suicides are skyrocketing again; government has assumed more powers than the Colonial despotism before the War of Independence had; crime is rampant; churches are closing; the Rights of Man trampled on like so much waste-paper---in short, America has chosen to return to the days of tyranny, poverty, superstition, and ignorance which our forefathers sought to overturn or flee from. 

   Thus it's really fitting that New Years' Eve 2020 will be marked with banned celebrations, lockdowns, restricted gatherings (all but for the Elites, of course). 2021 is a year that really doesn't seem like there's much to look forward to anyway. The End of the Year celebrations---such as will actually take place---will look more like funerals than birthdays. That's the sense I got from all of the holidays this year. There was sort of an unspoken feeling hovering over it all that 'this is the last one before---'. Before what? That's what no one wished to say, but all knew instinctively that this was the end. The very fact that we had to hold all of these celebrations in secret was a constant reminder of what is awaiting us all.

    I recall going to a children's birthday party where no other kids were invited for fear of being denounced to the authorities. The children had fun anyway, but halfway, the mother left the room and began crying uncontrollably. She didn't know why she cried; but I knew. So did the other adults present. Her maternal instincts were telling her what kind of world her offspring were going to grow up in. And there was nothing that she could do about it.

      The only 'great reset' the American people are going to get is reset back before the War of Independence---to start with. These bastards will take us all the way back to the Jungle if they aren't stopped. And eventually they will fail. If nothing else, other nations with more pride and conscience than we have will band together for their own survival and take us down, just like the Third Reich had to be taken down. 

     But for now, the lights are going out across America and they're not going to be lit again for some time. Now is the time for Resistance, and reflection on what we once were and how we can get there again. 




  1. As much as I want to protest your dire predictions, I can't - in all honesty - pretend that what is and what is happening is really true. But the human spirit DOES live on; and I have to have faith that my 80th birthday in June won't be a death knell of sorts.... God has worked miracles before!

  2. I feel your hurt. I keep hearing about January 6th. But i keep thinking, "Yeah, January 6th when NOTHING will happen".

    There are ways to fight an evil regime though. But i fear it'd just be replaced by another equally bad one...