Saturday, November 28, 2020


      Throughout the recent months, the United States has seen a well-coordinated attempt by certain interests aimed at the complete overthrow of Constitutional Government. True, these interests have been chipping away at our Sovereign Rights for the last few decades---since the late 1980s, at the very least. The gravity of the situation has more or less obligated our site here to focus nearly exclusively on fighting the Coup d'Etat. 

     While engaged in this battle, I've tried not to delve too much into questions like 'How we got here' or 'How did they gain this degree of power?' We really have to focus on stopping these dirtbags and work on undoing the damage later on. The President has won some opportunities for a fair hearing in the Courts; and a few State Legislators are finally stepping up and challenging the Electoral College in their States. As much as I regret to say this, if we fail to stop the Democratic National Committee from seizing control of the Presidency, our chances of survival as a Constitutional Republic are very small. If this happens, the last guardian of Western Civilization is going to be Russia: a country that only recognized the Rights of Man about 200 years after our Constitution was ratified. But we can't get distracted with futuristic scenarios any more than with historical ones at this point in time. 

   Blogger Citizen Tom, however, asked a good question on his recent post, Did They Even Care if They Got Caught? which is a relevant topic that I've wanted to write about for some time. Here it is, in context: 

   NW: "Of course they don’t care: there’s never been any consequences for anything they’ve ever done. Sure, occasionally a celebrity or a CEO or two and maybe a political operative or two will get sacrificed for public opinion; but as soon as the story disappears from the news cycle, the ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card gets played and it’s business as usual."

  CT: "That observation raises a question. How do we define the people we are calling 'they'?"

   "They" are hard to define, and "they" make it so intentionally; because an elusive definition gives the appearance of a baseless conspiracy theory. The postmodern Academia, Inc. and the Corporate Media have more or less conditioned the general public to laugh off 'conspiracy theories' despite the fact that men have conspired to take over governments (including ours) throughout time. Here we've defined "them" as the internal enemies of individual rights and refer to them in terms used commonly as The Deep State; the Elites; and more recently as the Insurgency. This modern incarnation of old anti-American movements had its origins in Maoism of the Vietnam War Era. Following the Left's humiliating defeat in 1980 and 1984 Elections, it became clear that their Long March strategy had failed; and they began to devise non-Democratic ways of taking and holding power more permanently. To that end, they formed coalitions with other anti-Reaganite, anti-populist, and anti-American forces. Namely, this included the moneyed Aristocracy who resented equality (i.e.,the RINO Republicans); disenfranchised political fanatics and arrogant academic supremacists; international financial cartels; foreign aristocracies greedy to regain their power; as well as organized crime. It took on its formal hue with George Bush Sr, proclaiming "a kinder, gentler America" under the auspices of a "New World Order." Soon, "the torch was passed" to the Clintonistas; the Bushmen returned again later on; we were bamboozled after that with "the audacity of hope" and we were supposed to turn the affairs of State over to Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush for another round in 2016.

   These are the elements of the modern Deep State which operated from the mid- 1980s to 2017. During this period, "they" controlled the top of American society through unwritten rules and internal understandings between themselves for common purposes. 

    The 2016 Election set "them" back again; but it ought to be obvious from the events of 2020 that "they" are no longer a loose confederation but an actual organizational effort at work. We've done several articles on some of the major players in the Coup---but still I'm admittedly not quite certain where the actual top level of this group is. Now, of course, anyone who subscribes to any major religion understands who is ultimately at the bottom of it all.

       However, leaving aside his sooty highness for now, the hierarchy appears to follow this general pattern:

        1. The Dupes: those without the intelligence to question the Elites or the courage to resist. They can be counted on to do as they're told; and make up the population of drones needed for labor and general conformity in the proposed New Order. The Little People; the Uncle Toms, the NPCs, etc. make up this class. 

       2. The Enforcers: also not a group noted for their intelligence: they are however noted for their rapacity and perpetual state of anger. They answer to so-called 'activist leaders' and their 'job' (though they universally hate the term) is to enforce Political Correctness and social change. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Anarchists, Communists, street bums, and career criminals make up this element. Under the New Order, they probably will become the new police and security forces---much as Hitler intended for his SA and SS units historically. 

       3. The Propagandists: barely one level above the first two groups, this group is the public face of the Rebellion. They promote the Elites' agenda through their near-monopolistic control of Mass Media and Public Education. Through popular culture and entertainment, fake news, junk science, and academic sophistry, they attempt to give a veneer of respectability and credibility to the Elites' abominable programs; as well as framing these usurpations as New Normals that everyone who's 'in' is following. 

      4. The Robber Barons: this is level where we start to see some actual power. These are politicians and smaller financial oligarchs who've carved out some political or economic territory for themselves during the coup. Insurgent governors and mayors who've assumed absolute power over their respective states and cities, the Biden Campaign, and CEOs of corporations which have taken control of essential services and amassed large market shares this year make up this group. They are not at the top of the pyramid, but they control armies of bureaucrats and vital functions. This group also includes foreign-run mobs like MS-13 and others. 

     5. High Finance: at this level are men who control literally trillions of US Dollars in wealth. Some of these characters are well-known figures like Bill Gates, George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Bezos---others operate behind shadowy financial cartels like Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street. These three criminal enterprises financial groups alone control $17 trillion in assets. These gangs also operate NGOs and charitable foundations as fronts for planning and experimenting with their objectives. 

     The 5th rung of the ladder has been as far as my research has been able to go; although I'm strongly suspicious there is at least a 6th. There is foreign influence involved in this as well, though to what extent, I'm not certain. The Arabian and British Royals definitely have their fingers in the pie. The Great Reset was the admitted theme of the most recent World Economic Forum. This is further proof of orchestration at very high levels. The WEF outlined a plan based on the writings of its founder, Dr. Klaus Schwab. Schwab is pretty clearly the ideologue behind the coup: but probably not its actual leader

    So, to answer our friend Citizen Tom's question: I guess that the best answer right now is that "they" define themselves. "They" are organized, powerful, well-financed, ruthless, and fanatical. And the bottom line is that we have to stop "them" before it's too late. 


Some Links: Due to the current crisis, information has been flowing at a faster rate than one blog can possibly follow in detail. I've decided for the foreseeable future to add links to stories which readers might find valuable as a regular feature. 

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Thursday, November 26, 2020


   Despite near-zero coverage from the Media Establishment, ongoing hearings are being held in Pennsylvania---site of some of the deepest allegations of voter fraud. The Insurgent Governor of the State---whose dictatorial rule was overturned by a Federal Court---is impotent from stopping the Republican majority in the State Legislature from pursuing the course of justice. 

   So today, a story began popping up in the Comments sections of various sites involving testimony given during a hearing in Delaware County, Pennsylvania---the West Chester area. After considerable searching, I found the story referenced in a passing fashion in a snotty op-ed published on WWMT-3 in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The article, which was headed with the telling title, Trump Repeats Claims of Fraud while Biden Calls for Unity, portrayed the President grasping at straws, listening to the Pennsylvania Hearings with a small cadre of fanatical loyalists. The author, James Rosen, is a long-time journalistic hack notorious for publishing in Left-Wing echo-chambers; and he had this to say:

  "Mr. Trump, seated in the Oval Office, dialed into the cellphone belonging to another of his attorneys, who held the device up to Giuliani's microphone so the attendees could hear the president's unscripted, often rambling ten-minute monologue. 'This was an election that we won easily,' the president said. 'We won it by a lot.' On the live video stream of the hearing offered on the website of the state lawmaker who presided over it, Sen. David G. Argall (R-29), chair of the Pennsylvania Senate's Majority Policy Committee, spectators in the hearing room could be seen applauding the president's defiant words...the hearing contained testimony, at least superficially credible, from seasoned Republican poll workers in the Keystone state who alleged wholesale violations of standard election night protocols. Gregory Stenstrom, a Navy veteran and data scientist from Delaware County, testified that he observed a 'forensically destructive' process on election night that should call into question anywhere from 100,000 to 120,000 votes."

   This jackass went on to praise the 'statesmanlike calls for unity' spilling out of Biden's office---as if allegations of over 100,000 stolen votes was no big deal. Also, it should be pointed out that Gregory Stenstrom is not just some software programmer from the Navy, and is a little more than just a 'data scientist'. He happens to be the CEO of Marque Star Corporation---a technology company that he built from scratch in 2011 and has a 'proprietary software system'. The company specializes in streamlining electronic data processing. According to his Linked-In profile, Stenstrom was former Chief Computer Scientist for the Navy's Seawolf  program, British Aerospace, and NASA. He was a consultant for 22 years and Chief Technology Officer for several major corporations across the world. It should be noted that Stenstrom is also a professional deep-sea diver who, while in the Navy Reserve, led an underwater demolitions team---there's a little more to this guy's credentials than Rosen would have us believe. 

      While we're on the subject of pusillanimity, it seems that video footage of Stenstrom's testimony are becoming a little scarce around the Internet. I was able to collect a few fragments of what he told the Committee.

     “As of today, 47 USB cards are missing and they’re nowhere to be found… I was told personally that these cards that were uploaded…they didn’t update the vote live in real time. They only uploaded about once every 2 or 3 hours. I demanded they updated the vote so I could see what the result was and it was 50,000 votes — and as a computer scientist, an American and a patriot it doesn’t matter who those 50,000 votes were — I’ll tell you they were for Biden.”

    As I understand it, modern voting machines utilize a USB transmitter that communicates electronically with the 'Cloud;' meaning that they both record and report votes at the same time. Now, at least 47 of these cards are missing in one Pennsylvania county. Listen further to Stenstrom's testimony:

  "A man who was not a part of the process walked into the vote tabulation center with baggies of USBs. I objected: I said this person is not being observed, he’s not a part of the process that I can see, and he is walking in with baggies which we have pictures of and we have submitted with our affidavits and he was sticking these USBs into the machines. I personally witnessed that happen over 24 times – we have other witnesses who saw it including Democrat poll watchers.” 

  Yet another specimen of baseless allegations of widespread fraud. This is what the Media Scum tells you isn't at all relevant to the Electoral outcome; and tells the Ameroboobs to listen to late-night self-styled comedians and get their information from them instead. 



    Media vermin like Jimmy Kimmel and James Rosen know full well that these baseless allegations of widespread fraud are in fact true; and more and more of the truth is leaking out every day. 

     “I personally observed USB cards being uploaded to voting machines by the voting machine warehouse supervisor on multiple occasions. I saw this personally. I brought it to the attention of the deputy sheriff who was there stationed as a senior law enforcement officer and I brought it to the attention of the clerk of elections... In all cases the chain of custody was broken.It was broken for the mail-in ballots, the drop box ballots, the election day USB card flash drives, in all cases they didn’t follow any of the procedures defined by the Board of Delaware County of Elections."

    This is the problem with big conspiracies: it's hard to keep them a secret. People see. People hear. People talk. And the more who see and hear things being suppressed by the Corporate Media's mouthpieces, the more they are inclined to want to talk. "The fraud and corruption can no longer be ignored. It was too widespread to cover up." said Rudolph Guiliani as his legal team arrived in Gettysburg to hear further testimony. 

   Remember here that Stenstrom's testimony concerned one county. Our previous articles on arrests for voter also concerned activities in single counties. When Liberals squawk that there's no way that millions of votes could have been stolen---think of the thousands we're finding in single counties and how many counties there are in the U.S. Yes, it is possible. And it needs to be exposed and the DNC---who was very likely the instigator of these crimes---needs to be proscribed under the RICO statutes and its leaders brought to justice. 


Tuesday, November 24, 2020


     There have been a flurry of interesting articles lately around the Insurgents' attempt at a hostile takeover of the United States. So some may wonder why I would feature a piece by CNN---one of the sleaziest tabloid-level gutterballs in the news industry? There's two reasons: one to show graphically what kind of trash the average Ameroboob is stuffing into his empty skull. The other is because there's actually a valid point buried between the lines. 

    At the end of the article, I'll publish some Brain-Bleach links for readers disgusted with even two paragraphs of CNN schmaltz. 

    "President Donald Trump's struggle to deny the results of the election is now up against an existential threat: a rapid succession of states due to certify their election results before the critical date of December 8. Certification is usually just a formality. But the process has taken on new importance this year as Trump's legal team has sought to delay the finalization of results -- a strategy aimed at denying Joe Biden his due victory in the Electoral College which votes December 14. The idea is that if there's no certification, then Republican-run state legislatures in a few key states -- especially Michigan and Pennsylvania -- could appoint pro-Trump slates of presidential electors, even though Biden won the popular vote in those states. 

   "The entire scheme revolves around December 8. That's the 'safe harbor' deadline under federal law. What that means is that when Congress tallies the electoral votes in January, it must accept electors that were certified before the deadline. If a state missed the deadline, then Congress can consider disputed slates of electors.So Trump's subversion efforts become impossible if key states certify their results before then -- but the whole election remains in play if Trump's team can push certification past the magic date. All of this chaos drummed up by Trump's team might not go anywhere. But it has turned the usually procedural process of states certifying their results into a drama that, at a minimum, allows doubt about the validity of the election to spread -- and, at the extreme, gives Trump an unexpected opening to maneuver his way into keeping power. It's unlikely, but Trump has surprised everyone before."

     Paul Leblanc, the ignoramus who wrote this most unbiased and objective report, seems to have forgotten that the Electoral College of 2016 was subject to criminal threats and other acts of Leftist thuggery when there no acts of fraud or legal issues even involved. And they are at it again: they're employing threats and intimidation to force States to certify their dubious results for Biden. Early on in the Coup, George Soros was caught trying to bribe Attorneys-General in many States and cities---which implies that the plot to steal the Election wasn't just some spur-of-the-moment idea. Anyone who's seen Rudolph Guiliani at a press conference lately can read in his face that even that battle-hardened old warrior is afraid to come out in the open. Just yesterday, President Trump publicly defended GSA Director Emily Murphy for being forced into complying with Team Biden's demands. Biden will have to refund the U.S. Treasury if he loses anyway. 

    Between the lines, however, we can read that the Whacko Left isn't exactly feeling secure that this November sealed their success. The Certification Deadline is rapidly approaching and they're starting to spin the Trump Stole the Election gig already. The new fake 'pandemic lockdowns' are part of the same plot. They are not confident of a Harris-Biden win; and they know full well that the extent of their crimes could well be exposed before December. 
    But as Pat Buchanan and Newt Gingrich have pointed out, the Trump Administration needs to start presenting some of the evidence to the public and getting these cases moving through the Courts. The same clock running against the DNC gang-bangers is also running against us. The MSM blackout of Election Fraud is going to take time to circumvent. 
   Now, as promised, some good reading (and watching): 
  Freedom Through Empowerment: What's it All for Anyway?
 Bjorn Bull-Hansen: The Great Reset 


Sunday, November 22, 2020


       As further evidence of the 'groundless' and 'baseless' allegations of widespread voter fraud in the U.S., the Los Angeles County Sheriff announced last week the arrest of Carlos Montenegro and Raul Arevalo on 41 counts of voting related crimes. 

   "The two were charged with one count of conspiracy to commit voter fraud, eight counts of voter fraud, four counts of procuring and offering a false or forged instrument and four misdemeanor counts of interference with a prompt transfer of a completed affidavit. Montenegro faces an additional 10 counts of voter fraud, seven counts of procuring and offering a false or forged instrument, two counts of perjury, and five misdemeanor counts of interference with a prompt transfer of a completed affidavit."

   The authorities aren't certain how many fake ballots these two generated, but they've accounted for "more than 8,000" so far. 

      In case you didn't hear about this on those great Conservative Media outlets, NewsCorp and Newsmax, you're not alone. As nearly as I can tell, the only place that reported it was Fox26News in Fresno. The police didn't say which party those thousands of votes went for, but I'll bet we can guess. Considering that recounts in the Golden State have flipped three House seats (so far) to the GOP that the Media called for the Democrats, it's a fair supposition that Montenegro and Arevalo weren't fanatical MAGA-types. 

    Knowing California like I do, it's hard to say that 55 Electoral votes were stolen from Trump; but it's also hardly a secret that voter fraud in that state is rampant. So nobody really knows. I well remember the 2018 Senate Race where polls showed the Republican candidates had a combined 42% of voter support; but after their Convention, the nominee achieved only 8% in the primaries---and failed to qualify even for a place on the ballot. The Election ended up between an incumbent Democrat and some Green Party whacko.  

   In the 2020 Elections, let's look at California's vote totals compared with the next three largest states.

    California: 11 million for Biden (63%); 5.9 million for Trump (34%).

    Texas: 5.8 million for Trump (52%); 5.2 million for Biden (46%).

    New York: 4 million for Biden (56%); 3 million for Trump (42%).

    Florida: 5.6 million for Trump (51%); 5.3 million for Biden (48%).

  Now, how is a 30% margin of victory in a state the size of California even possible? These numbers defy common sense. Texas, New York, and Florida all have similar demographics; yet the margins were between 4 and 14%. Also it's noteworthy that California has 22 million registered voters: their numbers reflect an 82% voter turnout. 

   True California went Democrat by a similar margin in 2016. But look at the total votes: Clinton won about 5 million out of almost 9 million votes cast. So there were twice as many votes in 2020 and the results were the same? Again, this doesn't make logical sense. It's possible---on paper---but certainly looks suspicious.

   During the course of this voter fraud investigation, I don't think that the GOP should be hasty in writing off states like California as 'solid blue states'. That blue coating seems to be wearing thin in a few spots. 


Thursday, November 19, 2020


    With the Corporate Media busily trying to cover up a stolen election and fan new COVID hysteria, important news stories often get overlooked. The sad news came to us this morning that another one of my boyhood sports heroes, Paul Hornung, passed away this weekend at the age of 84, after a bout with Dementia. He was the third of Green Bay's powerhouse team of the 1960s---following Bart Starr and Herb Adderley---to pass away within the last year. 

   In the interests of full disclosure here, Hornung's star playing days were a little before my time. I came to know him after he'd retired and moved into the broadcast booth. To be honest, he was one of my favorite announcers---never being shy about saying what was on his mind and a thoroughly knowledgeable commentator besides. A few old highlight films later and reading his bios, and I was hooked. He was a guy I could relate to, and wanted to be like. In those days, of course, we didn't have the Internet: but luckily I had an uncle with a VCR and a library with access to tapes of old Packers' games. I rather shamelessly tricked the old gentleman into an hour's use of his device (a VCR was something of a luxury item back then) a day pretending it was for schoolwork (which technically it was---just for extracurricular schoolwork). 😇 

   I studied Hornung's techniques and moves since I played the same position(s). Hornung could run, throw, catch, and kick with equal skill. I never quite made it to his level, many guys do? 

     Speaking of scoring, Paul Hornung set the NFL record for most points in one season (176) in 1960. This record stood for 46 years: but remember that the NFL played 12-game seasons in 1960 and 16 when the record was broken. 

   “Paul could score five touchdowns in a game, kick half-a-dozen extra points and fields, and throw the ball, and probably coach if he had to. He had a great combination of brain and body.” said his teammate, guard Jerry Kramer. 

  Besides being a 'triple threat' on the field, I admired Paul Hornung because he embodied---and excelled at---three things that it takes to be a man: physical prowess, intelligence, and a moral code. 

  “Any situation you put him in he said the right thing, did the right thing,” Kramer said. “He was a principled guy, too. He had some weaknesses. He had an affection for the ladies that was powerful and fun. He enjoyed himself. I went to the Derby with him a couple times, had sensational times. Anywhere you went with him it was fun and great to be there.”

   Hornung was born in Portland, Kentucky (now incorporated into Louisville) during the worst days of the Great Depression, two days before Christmas, 1935. His father abandoned Paul and his mother, Loretta, in 1939. It wasn't easy being a single mom in 1939, but Mrs. Hornung proved herself up to the task. She was a devoted Catholic and took her son to Sunday School, looked out for his education in general, and encouraged his enthusiasm for athletics. Unlike today's heroic single mothers, Loretta Hornung understood that women can't turn boys into men without male help: and she got the best help she could through priests, teachers, and the (then) positive role-models of team sports. 

   Paul went on to letter at Flaget High and soon drew the attention of numerous college scouts. His mom made her last executive decision and Paul chose for Notre Dame. 

      Paul majored in Business at Notre Dame and also joined the Army Reserve. Notre Dame didn't have an especially good team during the mid-1950s, but Hornung's play was so outstanding he became the only Heisman Trophy winner in history (1956) to play for a team with a losing record. In 1957, he was a 1st-Round draft choice for the Green Bay Packers---another team that was struggling. By 1960, the Packers were contenders.

     Hornung stayed active in the Army Reserve, but when the Packers went to the NFL Championship in 1961, his Army Leave-Time for work had expired. President Kennedy---as Commander-in-Chief---personally granted an extension of Hornung's Leave for one week to play in the game. And the Packers routed the favored New York Giants 41-0. In that game, Hornung scored 19 points---a Championship record which stood for 56 years. Imagine a guy who wins an NFL Championship one day and is in the field with an infantry platoon the next! 

    His other football accomplishments are well documented. In some of the footage I recall watching of him, he once scored five touchdowns against the Cleveland Browns on a field knee-deep in mud. In those days before climate-controlled domed stadiums the Fall weather in places like Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, and New York could get a bit challenging to say the least. But that's another admirable trait about Paul Hornung: despite being one of the highest-paid players in the NFL, he wasn't above getting in the dirt and getting the job done. 

      Another thing I liked about Paul Hornung was that he was man who enjoyed celebrating his successes and never apologized---like so many do today---for not being a loser. Jerry Kramer recalled: "Hornung, Max McGee, Ron Kramer, and me once drove to Milwaukee and ended up at a large dance hall with at least 500 in attendance that night. At one point, a man got on the microphone and said hello to and introduced the Packers' players in the crowd. Then he asked if Hornung wanted to come on stage and sing. I was appalled the guy put Hornung on the spot like that by asking someone who’s not a singer to perform in front of that big a crowd. But Hornung responded, 'Hell yeah,' bounded to the stage and danced while belting out an old 1930s standard, 'Goody Goody,' I said ‘Holy ----, this guy can do anything, everything,'" 

     Naturally, a man like this was bound to incite the envy of a certain class of poseurs; one of whom was NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. Rozelle was strictly a hustler and a failed athlete himself who even in WW2 was relegated to serving on an oil scow in the Navy. Rozelle hated excellence and outstanding manhood all his life; and in 1963 was trying to standardize the NFL teams into a presentable 'package' that TV advertisers would support. He suspended Paul Hornung in 1963 on a padded charge of illegal gambling which equally envious elements in the Media backed. This, despite the fact that there were suspicions in certain quarters that Rozelle owed his own position to more than a few connections to some Las Vegas betting interests. 

    At any rate, Rozelle's scheme to discredit Hornung backfired, and public pressure forced Rozelle to eat crow and reinstate him in 1964. The Packers went on to win two more NFL Championships and the 1st Super Bowl before retired in 1967 due to an incurable neck injury. And the jealousy continues to this present day: witness the snotty obituary penned by some PC nobody; and that the scumbag mayor of Louisville has even denied a public service for the hero under pretenses of the Scam-demic. 

   Hornung was twice married; his current wife (of 41 years) survives him. Besides his work in sportscasting, Hornung was active in the Louisville Community---especially with Catholic Charities.  Louisville radio host Terry Meiners said: “He could always make people laugh and comfortable, and it didn’t matter if he was talking to some world famous athlete or the nuns in the west end who work at the Catholic Charities. Hornung continued to donate to Catholic Charities over the years, giving back to his old neighborhood.He always sent money to the nuns in the west end had money so they could distribute food and clothing to the poor people because that’s the neighborhood where he group up."

   In 2004, Hornung was involved in another controversy after explaining live on an ESPN interview that Notre Dame had gone downhill as a university because "We can't stay as strict as we are as far as the academic structure is concerned because we've got to get the Black athletes. We must get the Black athletes if we're going to compete." This indiscreet (though factually accurate) observation drew down greater public outrage than university dumbing-down of Admissions Standards did, and Notre Dame has continued its decline along with the rest of American Academia. True to form, Hornung never apologized for the statement. After being diagnosed with Dementia, Hornung began investigating the NFL's long-standing cover-up of play-related injuries mostly designed to cheat former players of healthcare costs. He became an activist on behalf of his brother players up until his death. 

  WAVE 3 News Sports Anchor Bob Domine said:  “Like Muhammad Ali, Lenny Lyles, like so many other huge stars from our city, Paul was right there with them and he always carried himself with a certain stature, but he was always kind and gentle and caring...He was never too big or too in the spotlight to take those he knows and cares for in mind.”

      "Bright, aware, funny, passionate,” concluded Jerry Kramer, who joined Hornung in the Hall of Fame last year. “Just a hell of a guy. I just enjoyed the hell out of him. I always felt lucky to be wherever the hell we were together. Wherever the hell we happened to be, it was always fun to be with Paul. (He) always had a little more personality and a little more depth than you expected.”

     Thanks for all you gave us, Paul. Resquiescat en Pace; you've no doubt moved on to a better place. 

Saturday, November 14, 2020


      From our friends at Balladeer's Blog:

'While assorted legal issues are still working their way through the courts, especially regarding any certification of votes, today is the day across the United States for Trump Marches regarding the tainted 2020 election. 

STOP THE STEAL SITE.      PROTECT THE  VOTE SITE.   MILLION MAGA MARCH ON WASHINGTON  (Other locations are available for those who can’t join us in DC).    JOE CHEATED SITE


Hat tip to HocusPocus13 for the info below:

DEFEND DEMOCRACY RALLY Tomorrow Sunday November 15 DC 10am

For information #BrandonStraka   #walkaway

       Our friends at Oath Keepers are also on the move. 

     These events are designed to show support for the legitimate U.S. President, as well as bringing awareness of the crisis through the MSM smokescreen. Whether you're able to attend or not, be especially wary of false-flags. Remember that our enemies are not above staging incidents. I'm not saying that one will happen; but it's not unknown that these rats will do such things. 

     It's supposed to be sunny and around 60 today inside the Beltway, so a few tailgate parties might be in order too. Nothing infuriates Liberals more than watching others having fun!

Friday, November 13, 2020


   Since it's beginnings as a cultural movement in the 1960s, Western Liberalism has rivaled International Terrorism as the greatest threat to free peoples everywhere. Both have the same basic spirit at their root: hatred of all things good; envy of success; and irrational fear of the future. Both seek to supplant freedom and establish terrorist states which allow the leaders of these movements to project their own neuroses and psychoses upon entire populations. While the International Terrorist attacks with direct force, the Western Liberal uses more subtle means. Through disinformation and miseducation, they weaponize the human mind.

 Most Americans have seen the dark events of this year 2020 coming for a long time, but have chosen to live in denial about it. As our liberties have eroded, the American public has surrendered them with little or no resistance. The Left intended to initiate its final solution to the Conservative Question under Hillary Clinton. But having failed at the polls, the Left tried seizing power first through legal means, and---this year---through criminal ones. 

   An influenza outbreak which rather suspiciously led to a panicked reaction by Chinese officials was seen as way for the Left to advance their agenda in the one way which has always worked for them: create a panic here and then count on the combined selfishness, stupidity, and greed of the average American to do the rest. And it worked, too. Not since Obama's push for Homo Equality have we seen Americans fall for such a stupid idea without even bothering to question whether or not there was any truth to it.

   Over half of our States became outright dictatorships: forcing people into house arrest, bankrupting millions economically, suspending nearly all individual Rights--- in direct and blatant violation of Article IV:4 of the U.S. Constitution."The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government." To all of this, the Ameroboob passively acquiesced, even to the point of donning a Badge of Shame.

   Then came the
Summer of Hate when the Elites got to field-test how eagerly we would swallow the myths of 'Systemic Racism' and 'White Guilt'. Younger Americans were already primed to believe these lies through the public schools, which their parents did absolutely nothing to protest for the last 2-3 decades. Now, five minutes of serious thought would show anyone with a still-functional capacity for reason that collective guilt of any kind is intrinsically based in racist prejudice; hence anyone preaching 'white guilt' is also logically a racist. But again, even though systematic racial discrimination has been outlawed in the United States since 1953, it's considered socially expedient to believe that it's ongoing and the greatest threat to our nation. Only four years ago, the U.S. had a Black President, but everyone seems to believe that fact is somewhat irrelevant.

    Today we're at the point where the Left has engaged in one of the most blatant acts of Electoral Fraud ever committed. Their slavish hirelings in the Corporate Media not only are denying that fraud even occurred; they've even declared the Insurgent candidates victorious before the Election has even been officially certified. Are Americans bothered by this? Not really. They're already trying to work the angles.


    The sad truth is that it is our culture---not our system---that is corrupted. The Trump Administration made considerable progress in turning things around; but the events of 2020 have shown us that the damage was more extensive than many of us realized. 

   We have to give support right now to President Trump and others trying to stop this Election from being stolen. If we lose this round---if the Insurgents take the whole national apparatus of power---then our Democracy will be dead. They've shown us what they're capable of doing, and they've made no secret of what they intend to do. There will be no coming back this time---at least not within the lifetimes of many of us. Civilization is going to be set back about 700 years. Dictatorship will replace self-government. The idolatry of Pseudoscience will replace religious liberty. The magic-words of Political Correctness and Virtue-Signalling will spur pogroms and witch-hunts again. That's all in the near future. The philosophers and pundits of the Left hate everything about Western Civilization and culture and would take us back gladly to the prehistoric savagery of the ape if left unhindered. 

    Granted, in the long run, their schemes will come to nothing; but it's the immediate future with what we must concern ourselves. The suffering and injustice that the Left has imposed on us during their period of ascendancy---circa 1990 to 2016---pales in comparison to what they've wrought in 2020 alone. If they should seize power now, the next decade will become the Red Nightmare that our parents and grandparents fought. 


Wednesday, November 11, 2020


     The vermin in the Corporate Media are trying desperately to create a national 'narrative' that projected Electoral winners are final without need for counting or contesting any results. Now, of course, the Liberals and their Media lickspittles contest and refuse to recognize any election they actually lose---but they count on the fact that Ameroboobs aren't noted for their long attention spans. Otherwise, they'd remember that less than a year ago, there were phony impeachment hearings alleging that President Trump stole the 2016 Election with Russian 'collusion.' 

    The 'narrative' is postmodern jargon for what we used to call a hoax. Unfortunately, since questioning a 'narrative' is considered 'politically incorrect' (another neologism for what we used to call thought crimes), the average American is easily duped (or at least pretends to go along with out of cowardice) any 'narrative' no matter how stupid or absurd it is. "9/11 changed us forever!" "Covid-19 changed us forever!" There is no reason why either of these events could or even should have changed our society drastically---yet they did because people said so, and others believed it without question. 

    The Elites have learned the trick of turning the narrative into 'New Normals'---i.e. translating lies into action. During the last 30 years, Americans have surrendered multiple freedoms believing that homosexuality is normal, but gender roles are imposed; that systemic racism is the greatest threat to our culture even though it's been illegal since 1965; that gun ownership causes crime but drug addiction doesn't; that tiny countries like Serbia and North Korea pose international threats; the list goes on and on. Act first, think later, and cash in on the latest trends: sadly, that is what the real 'New Normal' looks like. 

         Fortunately for the human race, the wisdom of men is foolishness with God; and the Old Testament is replete with stories of men like Noah, Lot, and Gideon and that we serve a God who spares us for the sake of the righteous. Now, the Corporate Media---which serves everything and everyone except God---holds up the lowest scum as national heroes. Witness lately their effusive praise for every vile Swamp RINO who's finally broken with his last vestiges of human decency and rushed to join the Insurgency:

      By the same token, though, the Media dirtbags hate courage, loyalty, and heroism and they've been ignoring all of the real leaders who've been defying their threats of retaliation and rallying around the President and the Legitimate Government. These people are the ones whose character has risen---rather than sunk---because a crisis is what typically brings out true self. We're going to tip our hats to a few:

     Rudolph Guiliani---came to the fore at the beginning and is serving---as a volunteer---to be Trump's legal liaison and de facto Chief-of-Staff to mount legal challenges and investigations to the fraud.

     Robert Barr---the US Attorney-General defied the Bush Gang and sided with Trump. He's ordered all US Attorneys to give immediate priority to investigating electoral fraud claims.

     Sean Reyes---Utah's Attorney-General who is assembling a coalition of States to initiate legal action on behalf of President Trump.

     There are numerous lawyers and firms, as well as State officials who are also risking their lives and liberty to fight for freedom. It's interesting that the majority of legal firms joining the fight are not the powerful members of the Legal Establishment. They are small, traditional firms mostly---the type despised by Law, Incorporated which overwhelmingly favors the Rebellion.

    The same is true of the Media: Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham have stood up---nearly alone and at considerable risk---to the thugs at NewsCorp who've finally dropped their masks and joined outright with the Revolt. Mark Levine---a podcaster and pundit is not backing down despite severe attempts from the MSM and Big Tech to silence his voice. 

   There are others, and we're not alone. As further heroes emerge, we will speak of them---but the Corporate Media and the Tech Titans are employing every means at their disposal to isolate us and make us feel alone. We're not alone. A minority, yes: but a significant one. 

   We must remember that these people---who are fighting for and speaking for us now understand, as we do, that an Insurgent win is the end for most of them. They're under almost constant harassment from Left-Wing thugs and the very real threat of post-election pogroms. This is not a typical US Election where both sides shake hands and one goes off to the private sector for four years. This is between whether we survive as a Constitutional Republic or take the kind of turn toward Authoritarian regimes that Europe took throughout the 20th Century. The American people too, may have to learn the hard way what gaining 'security' and 'equality' at the price of Liberty actually means. 



Monday, November 9, 2020


      The term Black Pill has been floating around for awhile. Most of them are good guys, I listen to a lot of them; but the point of disagreement is that Black Pills have become so discouraged with our system that they don't even support Trump. They think that Trump is a tool of the Deep State as much as Biden is; that Elections are all farces and that who actually runs the country doesn't matter. Generally their grievances with Trump actually center on what he hasn't done. Otherwise, they do a  good job of exposing Deep State vermin, as well as crooks and scams.

    Mersh, at Nightwave Radio, did a podcast on Friday which fairly well summarizes their attitudes towards the Election. Here's what Mersh advised his listeners:

    "I'm not upset about this. I'm not as upset about this as some of the other people are. There are some people who are ruined by this. There are people who are already acting the way the Left did four years ago. I mean, if you're one of these who are worried that Biden is going to sell us out to China---we're already sold out to China... With Republicans controlling the Senate, nothing of Biden's will get through...

  "So I think the way is focusing on your kids, and focusing on your friends, focusing on advancing at life, at your job, advancing financially, getting yourself better off physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually---sharing things like having get-togethers with like-minded friends...and exchange ideas and books and learn from each other....I mean stuff like that is going to stay with you forever. There is so much that can be done that's positive that has nothing...nothing to do with politics."

    That last paragraph, albeit condensed, sounds like Paradise. I totally agree with the value of those things. But what's wrong with Mersh's thinking is that it's based on three false premises that the Black Pills generally share.

    1. They confuse 'Liberal' and 'Conservative' with the two monopolist political parties. The Republican Party Establishment---the Swamp RINOs---are controlled opposition. Just within the last 48 hours, Lindsay Graham, George Bush Junior, and Mitt Romney were already at Biden's feet, bowing to him. 

  2. They assume that winning the White House is the Left's End-Game. This was true of true previous elections (to some extent). The Left, since about 1966, has been following the Maoist 'Long March' tactic of using government to entrench Marxist agendas gradually while supporting takeovers of key institutions. The goal of 2020 is the final conclusion of that Long March. That means, to them, the end of Constitutional Law and the end of the Republic. 

   3. They assume that the Left is actually going to leave them alone in peace. The Left's leadership is made up of neurotics who can't stand leaving anyone alone. In reality, the last three decades of Political Correctness and New Normals ought to be fairly clear evidence of how much the Left actually respects individuality. "The Personal is Political," is a motto that the Left strictly observes when imposing its arbitrary will on the public. 

   No sooner had Biden announced his usurpation than this rolled out of his big mouth, according to reporter Tiffany Layne: "What’s his first agenda item? To make sure all Americans wear masks at all times. According to Joe Biden, he’s going to work with state governments to put his mandate in place. He wants every American to wear a mask the moment they leave their own homes, and to keep them on at all times. And if the state governors refuse, he’ll move on to the local municipalities. In other words, he doesn’t plan to give up on the masks until he’s destroyed autonomy in every corner of the country."

    As we've said here before, the Mask, like the swastika previously, is being worn as a symbol of submission. In dictatorships like California, gatherings are already highly regulated and violating any such rules could result in the loss of 'privileges' like Electricity and Water, along with heavy fines.

         Nobody should blame men for taking the Black Pill. I was on it myself for most of the early 2000s. When Obama and the Clintons ordered the attack on Libya, I couldn't keep silent any more. It's one thing for the American Elites to enslave Americans---who have mostly long lost the moral will to resist enslavement; but it's another to see the same thugs imposing their will upon innocent people in Libya, Ukraine, and Syria. I even supported Obama's campaign promise (though I didn't vote in 2008) to leave Afghanistan and Iraq. 
        In 2020, we face the same situation domestically. True, most of these apathetic Ameroboobs still deserve enslavement. Whatever shortcomings President Trump had, though, he energized a large segment of Americans who've stood with him on his promises to Make America Great Again. These are the Americans who deserve our help, because deep down they are like us. They want the freedom to live their lives, pursue happiness, and eschew politics outside of its proper venues. But to do this, we need political leadership. And right now, we are in a corner and you, our Black Pill friends, are in the same corner with us. 
    I've been pleasantly surprised to see the number of politicians come to the aid of the besieged White House. This is in spite of the fact that the Insurgents already are compiling employment blacklists, and going even further calling for what they call "Truth and Reconciliation Committees." Clinton's former Labor Secretary and current top professor at UC-Berkeley Robert Reich said recently  “When this nightmare is all over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.” Chris Hayes, an MSNBC hack at the same interview piped in, "I agree with the idea of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and it should include people who don’t believe in wearing masks to stop the spread of COVID-19!" 
     The truth is we---all of us ---who believe in liberty have to hang together or hang separately, as wise old Ben Franklin warned his associates. This isn't an Election, nor is it a Selection as some Black Pills say. This is a coup d'etat---an outright attempt not only to overthrow the United States government but to destroy everything upon which that government is based. These Leftist scum not only want to reverse the three years of Trump: they want, by their own admission, to destroy every cultural advance we've achieved since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock to the present. And that's the bottom line here. The Insurgents aren't going to ignore you because you ignore them.