Monday, November 2, 2020


      A generation or so ago, when Hollywood still did things for the public good, it and the Kennedy Administration pooled their resources and produced a half-hour film called The Red Nightmare. It was shown both on television and in movie theaters and was a huge hit nationwide. What it depicted was an average American husband, father, and worker who "took his rights for granted" and one night dreamt of awakening to find his community under Communism control. Despite its age, the film still lives up to its title. My own review of it a few years back reads that "it's like taking a dose of strong coffee for sociopolitical lethargy. The horrors of life in a society where Individual Rights no longer exist are depicted as vividly as any real-life nightmare." 

   Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States. How fair this Election is going to be is anybody's guess. It comes down basically to one side who wants to stay the course of reforming and rebuilding our Republic and another determined to impose its New Order upon us---and ultimately the world---at any cost. 

  I referenced the Red Nightmare film because several Conservative pundits have spoken of the threat of An America under Biden. Though these writers mean well, the truth is that there will be no 'Biden's America' should the Enemy win tomorrow. Joe Biden is an old Democratic Party apparatchik whose political impact in the US has had no significance since the 1990s. He was chosen by the Insurgents because he represents a legitimate political party in the public mind and was the only candidate who could campaign as at least a somewhat traditional Democrat. Once he's elected, he'll have served his purpose and will likely move on to his next role as a 'martyr' a la Lincoln and Kennedy. 

   What we will see with an Insurgent victory is an immediate wiping out of all the gains we've made during the last four years. The Scam-demic and the fake race-riots should have taught us all what to expect if the Left steals this Election. Lockdowns, house-arrests without Due Process, seizures of key industries, travel restrictions, wearing distinctive marks, etc. will move from so-called Emergency Orders to a Way of National Life. 'Quarantines' will become Concentration Camps. Churches will be closed and the Swamp Creatures that Trump has locked up will be released to run even more draconian and ideologically-based schools and so-called 'community policing' (i.e. a secret police). 

   Listen, dummies: and try to let this sink into your thick skulls. This isn't some whacked-out Internet Theory, these are the Elites' own stated goals and they've even dedicated considerable time and money to put their dystopian schemes into actual practice. True, the Elites lie about a lot of things, but they're very proud of what they intend to do (and are doing). Contact tracing, gun control, internet censorship, speech laws, travel permits, economic dictatorships: that's what you're going to submit to for supposed 'security' and 'equality'. Narcotics will be freely available---in fact, their use even encouraged---but tobacco, alcohol, and even the foods you wish to eat will be highly restricted, if not banned outright. 

  And don't imagine for a moment that the Elites have forgotten about demolishing traditional families and gender roles, even though out of necessity such topics had to be dealt with quietly during the Scam-demic. The Elites' long-term goals in supporting things like Feminism and Homo Rights is merely a transitional step until the Family is destroyed and can be replaced with Hillary Clinton's It Takes a Village model of raising NPCs in state-run asylums 'care centers.' Hillary's plan is, in turn, based on the degenerated theories of a mad scientist named B.F. Skinner who died in 1990. Skinner was an obvious crackpot, but intelligent enough to build a significant cult-following of Liberal academics, technocrats, and social-workers. An electoral win for the Left tomorrow will put his loony disciples back in control of social policy and education. 

    Anyone else who still want to pretend that this could never happen in a Democracy, take a good look at Australia because this is our planned future:

   "At time of writing, the state of Victoria is facing perhaps the developed world’s most oppressive and mean-spirited overreaction from the government in response the COVID virus. Police in riot gear are forcefully clearing out farmers marketsharassing elderly women for sitting on a park bench, snatching infants in strollers from fathers, and fining people for catching a bus without a ‘work permit.’ In the modern town of Ballarat, a pregnant woman in her pajamas is handcuffed and arrested in her own home over a Facebook post promoting a peaceful protest, in a town not even under the severest level of lockdown. She was charged with ‘incitement’ similar to a terrorism charge, and could face 15 years in jail. People are being threatened with fines for merely ‘liking’ a Facebook post. Meanwhile parliament has voted to suspend itself, giving dictatorial powers to the Premier under a so called “state of emergency”. The people are under an 9:00 p.m. curfew, and are only allowed out of their homes to exercise for two hours a day in their local neighborhood." (Foundation for Economic Education, Oct. 2020). 

     Part of the reason that America needed Trump in the first place is because---for far too long---we elected and tolerated these Deep-State Scum even though we knew full well what they were and what they would do. Their losses in 1980 and 2016 have taught them the incompatibility of Constitutional Democracy and their Authoritarian agendas. If they return to power in 2020, they will institute measures to insure that they will never be voted out of power again. 

    This is what we're facing; and why 2020's Election is so important. The Corporate Media has tried to dupe the public into believing that this is a contest between Trump's and Biden's personalities. The reality is that it is designed (by the Left) to be merely another step in the Revolution they launched with the Impeachment, the Scam-demic, the orchestrated riots, etc. 

   If our side emerges victorious tomorrow, the battle isn't by any means over. I don't know what the Insurgents have up their sleeves as a contingency plan in case that should happen; but whatever it is, it's no good. The one thing we can be certain of is that they have no intention of gracefully accepting defeat. The President seems to have some foreboding of what it will involve.

   However, we'll counter whatever the Left has planned. The important thing now is to keep a sharp eye on tomorrow's events and results. 



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