Tuesday, October 26, 2021



    While the rest of the Western World continues its headlong plunge in despotism and degeneracy, and the Ameroboobs occupy themselves with drugs and distractions, the rest of the world outside of the Great Reset's clutches have been seeking solutions. One I've been watching over the last week or so has been the annual Valdai Conference held in Sochi, Russia. President Putin spoke at the summit, his speech was about 30 minutes followed by a long question and answer session. Personally, I can't even three minutes of any American politician, but with Putin one can handle three hours easily.

    It was refreshing watching a real leader again, and one who offered actual ideas instead of more Newspeak. It was noteworthy how few masks were seen in the crowd. While we in the West have been locking down even harder, countries like Russia and China have long ago reopened.

     Though President Putin did speak of the so-called Pandemic, it was also noteworthy that he used the past tense. Russia had less than 1,000 confirmed COVID deaths, and never mandated a Vaxx or a Passport. Of the 'crisis' itself, Putin pointed out that all crises present a time of both danger and opportunity. He quoted the Russian proverb: "use your mind to fight danger and your experience to find opportunity." That we are in a time of change, can't be denied, Putin stated, but the global Pandemic proved that top-down models no longer work. His general thesis was that global issues depend upon the strength of sovereign nations and the families and cultures which uphold them.

    "We need to work together to address global problems, as nations, regardless of our ideologies," Putin said. "But again, those are just words. In reality, we are seeing the opposite and the Pandemic has bolstered the negative social trends in the world that had started some time ago. It's actually becoming worse: the idea that you only care about yourself and your own interest is becoming ingrained more and more. Actually, it's being conspicuously shown everywhere, that you only care about yourself...but a time will come when international stability will be just as important as domestic stability.

  "When I said that we shall base our approach on 'healthy Conservatism' several years ago, the international situation was not as hot as it is today. Even now we're seeing that this healthy, natural Conservatism is being threatened and destroyed: the very fabric of reality has broken down. We're not talking about freezing the current state when we talk about Conservatism. We are talking about relying on time-tested traditions; on helping our nations maintain good birthrates, keep priorities and set goals which achieve the maximum well-being of a nation. It also involves not accepting and not inviting extremism in any way...we remember from our history that the price we pay for unbridled change is very high; that sometimes it leaves behind moral ruin upon which nothing can be built."

    It was indeed refreshing to hear a political figure call out the fake Conservatism that is rife in the West right now. Conservatism in this culture doesn't approximate the ideal of reliance on time-tested traditions. Conservatism here means a sort of separation between ideals confessed in public and deeds done in private. 

   From the Clinton Co-Presidency onwards, the Whacko Left Wing has pushed the false philosophy that "the personal is political." The Right seems to have gone the opposite direction; where the political becomes irrelevant when personal gain is involved. That attitude does nothing to advance the state of society.  

   "We have seen many proposals and concepts promoted over the last decade that the concept of 'government' is an anachronism, that it is no longer viable, that it is an obstacle to prosperity. But as I've said before, the people who liked to say that were people who advocated breaking up borders and using their competitive advantage to influence others. But once it turns out that someone was more successful than the rest; they immediately closed down borders...and of course we saw that even when sovereign states opened their borders to them, there was no actual development."

   Likewise, it led to no actual development here either---aside from the fact that wealth has been transferred on a scale never before seen to the point where private power holds more influence than lawmaking bodies. They've achieved by runaway inflation and fake 'deregulation' which selectively eliminated competition. And today Conservatives are having to face the fact that their own greed and indifference to its effects on others led to this situation. But the Right isn't alone in its responsibility:

  "Some believe in the U.S. that reverse discrimination; that altering your own history; or denying such basic things as 'motherhood' and 'fatherhood'; or even biological sex is something good: a process towards positive change. That's their business to make these decisions in their own country, but we Russians have a different opinion...they have a right to think so there; let's see how successful they are with that. But what they are proposing is not even new---we've seen in our own history that the Bolsheviks of the 1917 Revolution wanted to change the traditions of our society, to go so far as to abolish the idea of family. And incidentally the Bolsheviks were completely and utterly intolerant of the opinions of others. I think that should remind you of what we're seeing in the West. In fact, what we are observing there are the practices which we wish that we had left far in the past.

   "Sometimes what we see as a way out only exacerbates the problem. Our history in Russia shows that. In the new world it's very important to have a foothold on your culture for your history and your traditions...things that are alien to us should not be accepted and we should not allow others to dictate to us what we should be culturally, politically, or economically."


   "Any 'New World Order' should be based on sovereign states and underline the importance of sovereignty...it shouldn't be based on imposing your own values others by calling them 'universal values.' Obviously, when a real crisis comes, there's only one universal value: and that is human life, and each nation must decide for itself how to protect human life based on its culture and traditions and its history.

   "We understand that without close cooperation many of the current global issues cannot be addressed or resolved. But we also have to be real. Many of the wonderfully-worded slogans about addressing change and addressing problems that we've heard since the late 20th Century will never be implemented. Global decisions require national sovereignty to be transferred to international bodies on such a scale that nobody's going to do that. " 

    And that is why, in these dark times, there is hope. Though Western Civilization seems bent on self-destruction, there are others out there---major powers at that---still holding firm.

   "After the end of the Cold War, certain parts of the World felt that they were the 'winners' that they had reached the proverbial Olympus but now they feel that they are losing ground and they are trying to fight this change but it's impossible...The crisis that we're dealing with is a conceptual one; it's of civizational nature. This is a civilizational crisis; a crisis of approach, a crisis of principles which define the future of humanity on this planet."

    The Regime, of course, has been taking counter-measures; reimposing sanctions against Russia, establishing the AUKUS Defense League, attempting to expand NATO hegemony into the the rump-Ukraine and fomenting strife in Belarus. They have also revived Obama's failed Asian Pivot to contain the NWO's other major threat, China. Their mistake is believing that every race of people is as eager to sell themselves as Americans are; or that all societies are as weak as America's. Their hubris is their Achilles' Heel. 

    We'll have some future articles about some of these efforts abroad to push back. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021


     If anyone's been much attention to the Controlled  Opposition  Conservative media lately, they've doubtless encountered stories about some vulgar chants and booing and hissing directed at our Head-of-State at various public functions. Just a year ago, of course, these same crowds were chanting "Orange Man Bad" and "Black Lives Matter" but that fact hasn't seemed to have affected the optimism on the Right that the RINOs are about to come back into power and save the world. 

      The main reason that none of this anger or disapproval of the Junta is going anywhere is because it's not a unified movement with any specific grievance. I would wager that the majority of those could care less that Americans are losing our Rights at an exponential speed and plunging headlong into dictatorship. They're mad because the Junta's policies are starting to affect them personally. Let's look at some of these groups in the news lately:

    1. Landlords: our illustrious governor recently extended the State Eviction Moratorium, and (small and midsized) landlords are going bankrupt because the State is also sitting on Federal Relief Funds. These guys have been all over the local Media with their complaints. But I seem remember that these same people supported so-called Growth Management which prevented new construction and kept property values high. They also didn't mind taking Section 8 Housing which enabled them to inflate the rental property prices to the maximum the market would bear. Where was all their concern for affordable housing, or the people priced out of the market? Forget the 'American Dream': "I got mine, screw you." was their attitude---now they're going down and their investments are going to get swallowed up by the likes of Honeywell or Berkshire-Hathaway. 

  2. Airlines: So some airline workers went on informal strike last weekend. These people were perfectly OK with turning over their industry to TSA bullies; cutting services, and enforcing mask-mandates and whatever other means of cheating consumers they could find. I don't recall them ever shutting down in solidarity with other workers whose jobs got exported to China; for that matter, they didn't seem to care very much when the Loyalty Vaxx was being imposed in other business sectors. They didn't care when the Elites began composing secret 'no-fly lists' or requiring identification papers to travel---despite both those things being unconstitutional. I guarantee that if the Junta granted them from the Vaxx Requirement that they would go right back to enforcing all of these injustices; as long as they're secure, who cares? That probably won't happen however, they'll likely all find themselves replaced.

  3. The Medical Profession: is also experiencing a number of recent walk-outs. When Obamacare was passed a decade ago, a few resigned in protest; but the majority adapted themselves to the New Normal of working under the thumb of Big Pharma and the Insurance Cartels. Since that time, they've doled out Opioids despite knowing that addiction rates and overdoses were climbing; they recommended abortions despite knowing that these procedures were damaging and that the fetal tissue was being trafficked; they went along with all of this 'homo equality' nonsense despite knowing that it was all a lie; they went along with supporting the Scamdemic despite knowing that the tests were flawed; they knowingly inflated Scamdemic death-figures; and they knowingly gave out vaccinations that they knew to be untested and potentially unsafe. It was all no problem while the cash was rolling in; but the Regime demands that they take their own medicine; and suddenly it's an issue. Like the airline pilots, they'll soon discover that the Regime considers them expendable.

  4. Educators: What needs be said of them? They were content to look the other way when their colleagues were being purged and blacklisted for refusing to teach Politically-Correct propaganda. They've basically gone along with every form of corruption, perversion, and useless mandates that have been thrust upon them---including supporting unions which helped elevate the Junta into power. Something like 40% of people in this profession send their own offspring to private schools while vigorously opposing School Choice for everybody else. Their attitude towards the Vaxx Mandate is essentially the same; it should be mandated for everybody else. 

   If these protesters really believed in what they were doing, they would be networking and organizing Parallel Economies and setting up systems outside of the Junta's reach. But---like most Americans today---they're only in it for themselves, and the majority will cave in once they realize that nobody has their backs---just like they looked the other way at people who took a stand or got purged out of their positions before them. They thought they could game the system; once they'd consumed the smaller fish, the bigger ones are coming for them; and that's all that this 'protest' really amounts to. Too many Americans thought that they could game the system only to discover that they're getting beaten with a new set of loaded dice. 

  Americans need to realize that we reached a Point-of-No-Return last January. The Regime has no intention of relinquishing power; they don't care about popular approval---they want proven loyalty or at least cooperation in both Government and Big Business. Disengage, disunite, disconnect: that is the only way we can effectively live without surrendering our autonomy as humans at this point. 



Monday, October 11, 2021


    About a week ago, InsanityBytes joined the ranks of many Bloggers have decided to take a break from fighting against the tide of Political Correctness. I can't really blame her; the 'tide' has turned into a tsunami. Here, for example, are the headlines I saw just this morning:

"London police to take ‘no further action’ on sex abuse allegations against Prince Andrew after review."
"American Marines told to leave Russia or face the law after elite embassy guards stagger out of Moscow bar with ‘stolen’ backpack."
"Consumers will have to get used to increasing food prices, as pandemic-shaken economies and the global energy crunch have placed an enormous burden on the world’s food producers, Kraft Heinz CEO Miguel Patricio has warned."
"DC Comics’ Superman is now bisexual, and a forthcoming issue features a romantic encounter between the Man of Steel and a male reporter: superhero’s woke makeover causes controversy,"

   Elites escaping Justice; bragging about they intend to plunder the populace even more; while Trash Culture has taken over the Marine Corps and the Justice League of America. All in one morning, too: it's hard to top that level of discouragement. 

   But in a lot ways, the recent news about the WCJD Case has had a 'centering' (as my younger friends say) effect. I keep thinking about a scene from a favorite movie, 1961's Judgement at Nuremberg. Based on a true story, this film was about the trial of four Nazi judges who were involved in the judicial murder of an innocent Jewish man. A recurrent theme running through this deeply philosophical film, was "what is the death of man against the millions who perished?" The WCJD story brought to mind this line from the verdict in that movie: "Let it be known that this is what we stand for: justice, truth, and the value of a single human being."

     "The value of a single human being." That is what it all comes down to the end. Our faith, our civilization, our Constitution: all of these things revolve upon that point. When life no longer has value; when Narcissism and Hypocrisy become mainstream---then there are greater consequences, as as another short clip from the film explains.

      So, this Sunday, I didn't attend our local church, but watched an inspiring sermon on Youtube from a prelate in the Serbian Orthodox Church. I've already felt considerable friction with our local bishops over the way that that notorious flexibility so characteristic of the postmodern Right has resurfaced in the Church around the Scamdemic. Many leaders of the Church shamefully turned a blind eye while corrupt politicians locked down churches---i.e. issued an Interdict, which only the Church has a right to do---as well as supporting vicious regimes like Australia in their blatant violations of Human Rights. 

    Such prelates have always been around, and always been a menace, but several others were defying the Color Revolution. The situation took a turn for the worse when the Loyalty Vaxx was rolled out; and not only because the Vaxx and its accompanying 'passport' is a political---not a medical---position. Big Pharma regularly trafficks with Abortion Mills and uses fetal tissue to make its 'vaccines.' It's no ethical argument to claim that the Vaxx saves lives---even if it actually did. Organ harvesting from Chinese political prisoners save lives too: that doesn't justify trafficking in such merchandise.

   So there have been a number of recent news stories surfacing about statements from Pope Francis on the Vaxx and Vatican policy. To be honest I hadn't paid much attention to any of that because practically nothing that the Media ever says about Francis is true and he rarely makes a statement that isn't twisted or taken out of context. Thus, I'd see headlines about Pope Francis making some statement on the Vaxx or the Scamdemic, shrug and move on. 

  But last week, this story came out. 

  "Three Swiss Guards have resigned ‘voluntarily’ from the ceremonial Vatican force, while several others have been suspended after the Holy See ordered the troops to get vaccinated against Covid-19 without any religious exemptions... all Swiss Guards had been ordered to get a jab 'to protect their health and that of the others they come into contact with as part of their service,' the unit's official Lt. Urs Breitenmoser told AP... 

  "Since October 1, all residents, employees and visitors must provide a valid health certificate – the so-called Green Pass used in Italy and other EU states – to enter the city state grounds. There are no religious exemptions, except for those specifically invited to attend Mass 'for the time strictly necessary for the rite.'”

  This came across as hard to imagine, but the Order came directly from Cardinal Bertello, who is the civil head of the Vatican State. Pope Francis authorized the decree:

  "In the audience granted on 7 September 2021, the Holy Father stated that it is necessary to ensure the health and well-being of the laboring Community while respecting the dignity, rights, and fundamental freedoms of everyone; requested that the Government issue this ordinance to adopt any suitable measure to prevent, control and combat the health emergency public in progress in the Vatican City State and in the areas referred to in Articles 15 and 16 of the Lateran Treaty, in the context of their specific legal borders;"

  Let us see if we can sort this out. 

1. "No religious exemption". Or, Right of Conscience---which the Church has championed over the years. The Church has defended the rights of medical and insurance personnel to opt out of supporting the Abortion Industry. They have fought for the Right of adoption agencies and catering services to reject recognizing homo 'equality.' But now, they refuse the Right of Conscience to those who reject the Loyalty Vaxx?

2. "The Green Pass." This from an institution that has preached accepting refugees and immigrants as a national duty. "Turn not away the stranger." is a favorite saying of Pope Francis. Yet, now we're being told that we can be turned away from the Holiest shrine in all of Christendom unless we carry papers proving our submission to the New Order. 

3. "Invitation-Only Masses for the Unvaxxed." I just have to ask: how is this even remotely Christ-like? When did Jesus turn people away for not having official papers from the EU? I seem to recall that Jesus approached the sick---as well as welcoming children, fallen women, and pagans to speak with him. It's hard to imagine that this is the same Pope Francis who reinstated the Apostolic tradition of foot-washing. 

   Recall that the pictures above were taken inside a prison, a home for the elderly poor, a refugee camp, and a home for the disabled, respectively. The Pope should also recall that the man who's throne he now occupies was rebuked by God Himself in a vision for refusing communion with Gentiles. It's the Brahmins who have a Caste System---not us. 

   4. "Respecting the dignity, rights, and fundamental freedoms of everyone." Apparently though this doesn't include anyone who loses his livelihood because he stood on a little thing like principles. 

   Francis adopted his name in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, who held his mission to assist the poor. How does this Pope honor St. Francis by supporting a Regime whose stated goal is reach 70% compliance before locking out (or locking up) the remainder? Think of this: 1/3 of people in Christian nations reduced to poverty or slavery. Would St. Francis be proud of that? 

  Where is the value of single human being in our Church right now? 

   I realize that some are going to argue that Francis and the Curia are acting in their capacity of national rulers and that the Pope hasn't pronounced ex cathedra that these rules are binding on all Catholics. I argue that he may as well have. He has, through the agency of human law, imposed upon Catholics a policy contrary to the Church's own teachings. If he had an opinion on the Loyalty Vaxx different from ours, it wouldn't matter. But this is translation of political opinion into concrete action: action that adversely effects human lives; specifically Christians who are going to be most impacted by it. 

  “Man has the right to act in conscience and in freedom so as personally to make moral decisions.”---the Catechism.

  “Man must not be forced to act contrary to his conscience. Nor must he be prevented from acting according to his conscience, especially in religious matters."---Declaration from the 2nd Vatican Council.

  And let us add this observation from Bishop Sheen: "It should be obvious that those who set up arrangements with Planned Parenthood or other abortion facilities to receive the remains of aborted children, so that they can be used in programs of experimental research, are doing something that cannot be justified under any principle of Catholic teaching. The direct cooperation between the parties in this matter sullies the hands of those who receive the fetal materials and makes them cooperators in the evil of abortion." 

 Contrast this with the official statement of our more 'flexible' US Council of Catholic Bishops: "Given that the COVID-19 virus can involve serious health risks, it can be morally acceptable to receive a vaccine that uses abortion-derived cell lines if there are no other available vaccines comparable in safety and efficacy with no connection to abortion. If it is possible to choose among a number of equally safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines, the vaccine with the least connection to abortion-derived cell lines should be chosen.iv If a vaccine with no connection to abortion-derived cell lines is not readily available, vaccines that used such cell lines only for testing would be preferable to those that use such cell lines for ongoing production. Such choices may not be possible, however, especially in the early stages of vaccine distribution. In that case, one may receive any of the clinically recommended vaccines in good conscience with the assurance that reception of such vaccines does not involve immoral cooperation in abortion."

   What's especially sickening about all of this is our Republic survived successive attacks for two centuries; the Church withstood them for two millennia; and Civilization withstood them for twenty millennia---and for what? So that a handful of fanatics with money could buy the whole system out. 

  Banksters like Gould were ahead of his time; I doubt that he could have pulled that off during the 19th Century, but I also have no doubt that his woke successors both can and will. "I got mine: sux to be you!" ought to be the official slogan of his whole era. Hitler once threatened to send troops into the Vatican and have Pope Pius shot; Brezhnev ordered the assassination of Pope John Paul. Today we have a Church that will look the other way at wholesale poisoning of entire countries, actually faithful people who are being reduced to destitution, and the horrid traffick in murdered babies---on the condition that if they behave themselves the New World Order might let them keep their positions and bank accounts. 

  Once a Government, a Society, or a Church has turned this corner; that they no longer respect human life---then nothing else they say or do has any morally binding significance. The underlying principles of these institutions haven't changed and the so-called 'leaders' have no authority to change them. Four young people permanently crippled by Big Pharma; a young woman found dead by a highway 40 years ago; three Swiss soldiers unjustly disgraced---these are things that matter. Until our Society gets back to the fact that caring for one's neighbor is a moral duty, we're in for a very difficult future. 

  And hopefully Pope Francis will someday recall his own words:

Friday, October 8, 2021


     So, I took a short vacation from blogging; but will be back fairly soon. The breaking WCJD news and the end of White Boy Summer seemed a good time for a respite. There hasn't been any updates on WCJD yet, we'll keep following the story, though. One thing that's been clarified is the timeline has to when everyone was notified. As we now now, WCJD was identified months ago but her parents have asked for privacy. Carl Koppleman said on the FB page yesterday that the parents weren't notified until shortly before we were. I should have suspected that when he said in the initial report that "not all of her relatives have been notified."

    It's not normal police procedure to postpone notifying the family like that; but---well, let's just say that there was a reason why we were attempting to get the Investigative Jurisdiction changed. Maybe in hindsight, our post before the announcement had an impact after all?

  WCSO Deputy: "Hey Boss! This guy just said that he was going to take us to Court!"

  WCSO Sheriff: "Oh, that's right! We haven't notified anybody yet. Better get on that today. Hyuk-hyuk-hyuk-hyuk." 

   Ahhhhh...Just the thought of never dealing with those people again makes me want to take another vacation. 

  Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Social Media trolls. There are other stories besides WCJD's that we're involved in; and stories like these seem to attract people like that. I haven't closely followed the Gabby Petito Case, but if you read the MSM, you can't escape it. To sort of summarize: Gabrielle Petito and Brian Laundrie were a couple of Zoomers who decided---without much forethought---to take a roadtrip from Florida to someplace. The trip was fraught with a lot of drama and finally ended up in the Grand Tetons when Laundrie returned home minus the damsel. He disappeared shortly thereafter himself, and Gabrielle was found deceased in the mountains.

 That's as much as we actually know; but that hasn't stopped armies of Cyber Bullies from jumping into the whole situation and disrupting things as much as possible. They're even pushing Gabby Petito merch; they'd surrounded and besieged the home of Brian Laundrie's parents; tying up police resources; getting into fights with the neighbors; and at last report were marching on his grandparents' home in North Carolina. That ridiculous character Dog the Bounty Hunter has even grabbed a spotlight and it's all very shameful that this happens. We're not talking about nice people here. 

   It's just an unfortunate fact of our postmodern Culture that there's no good way to deal with these people if you're unlucky enough to get on their radar screens. In the pre-Internet days, they were there too; it's just that editors and producers in the Legacy Media back then knew who the cranks were and could filter them out. Today, they can form their own communities and go on the offensive. If you try to ignore them, they get louder; if you confront them, they get encouraged. Humor seems to work against them with some effect, since that's a character trait that most trolls lack; but again, in some situations, humor isn't an appropriate response either. 

  I only that WCJD's family isn't discouraged from disclosure because of some of the online treatment their daughter received. Not all of us were like that, there were people who cared for her gravesite; worked on the case, and volunteered their talents, like Carl, by making new composites at their own time and expense. Others even took personal risks; tips came in, for example and her killer(s) have never been found---those people could be reading those very tips and take a dislike to someone saying things too close to the truth. 

 Friend of our blog, vlogger and novelist Bjorn Bull-Hansen posted a 15-minute video recently on the subject of Cyber Bullies and it's worth watching.