Tuesday, May 31, 2016


      Five days after the European Union implemented further economic sanctions against Syria, Russian relief agencies delivered 16 tons of humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees on Monday. The aid was distributed to a Displaced Persons Camp outside Alamen, Syria which houses survivors of the bloody massacre committed in Zara on May 12th.

      Russian Colonel Sergei Ivanov, who co-ordinates humanitarian aid shipments from Hmeimem Air Base stated that besides foodstuffs and other necessities, Russia has deployed a field medical unit to the area.

     Allied forces retook Zara early last week and liberated some of the hostages kidnapped by the moderate rebels. On May 12th, terrorist forces affiliated with Al-Qaeda entered Zara and committed a house-to-house, street-by-street slaughter of the inhabitants. The US media has ignored the story, and Western powers have blocked UN condemnation of the massacre.

     Which brings up the interesting question of EU sanctions. With nearly every Syrian household decimated by Jihadist barbarians and mass-graves being discovered all over the countryside, the reason the EU adduces for blocking economic aid to Syria is truly paradoxical:

        "The EU will continue targeting the regime and its supporters as long as repression continues...The EU will step up its political role...aimed at reaching an agreement on a genuine political transition in Syria."

       The only conclusion one can draw from this is that the EU insists on maintaining sanctions until Assad---who is fighting and defeating the Jihadists---surrenders to the Jihad. Who else is Syrian government repressing and to whom could it transition power unless it be the Jihadists? The same EU---which refuses even to acknowledge the Zara Massacre occurred---is evidently so subordinate to US/Wall Street interests that it turns a blind eye to ethnic cleansing and outright war crimes simply to satisfy Washington's fanatical scheme to spread Cultural Marxism to the Middle East. 

        These European leaders should give some serious thought as to whom they follow. The US Media today had nothing to say about the sufferings of the Syrian people, but was flooded with outrage over a gorilla shot in the Cincinnati Zoo---shot to protect a little boy, incidentally. A culture which considers apes more valuable than human beings is not liable to stand by Europe in a time of crisis. Europe needs to understand that Syria's present could easily become their future. And in such a crisis, will the US treat Europe the same way? Or should they look to Russia---a culture which comes to the aid of their fellow-man?



    One of the benefits of a monopoly is that a monopolistic organization can sell its inferior products simply by generating discussion and controversy about them. This especially easy for the US Media Cartels. They can generate ratings for both their news and entertainment venues by fomenting as much social dissention as possible.

    ABC launched a such a controversial program in March called The Real O'Neals. This show is allegedly a comedy about homosexuality in a traditionally Catholic family; but of course, its real purpose is to ridicule Catholics and promote the Gay Mafia. Now, The Real O'Neals is floundering badly in the ratings in spite of being propped up by interest-group dollars and media sympathy. Such a narrowly-focused theme is bound to run out of plots soon.

    The show was predictably doomed to failure when Dan Savage got involved. For those not living on the West Coast: Savage is an anti-Catholic bigot, Code Pink activist, and tabloid writer from the gutters of Seattle. In a city where Communists are elected to the City Council and which boasts of being both the most gay-friendly and marijuana-tolerant  major city in the US, Savage is considered a great cultural icon. In a venue like Seattle, Savage is considered above criticism; in America at large, not so much.

     Now, before the show aired in March there was some public outcry from Catholic quarters about it, which naturally only inflated the egos of the Hollywood Cross-burners.

     It's entirely predictable that the American media-- heavily funded by Wahhabi Moslems and the Gay Mafia, with a good percentage of Scientologists, Moonies, and New-Agers thrown into the mix, would enjoy insulting Christians publically. But what is genuinely annoying about these kinds of media ventures is this: every time some self-styled artiste decides to cash in on Christian-bashing, his effete comrades in the media fall all over themselves praising his great courage.

     How much courage does this kind of production actually take? What generally happens whenever the media offends American Christians? Well, there are some blog posts, some petitions get circulated; maybe a boycott or two get organized; some Cardinals will shake their heads and issue statements of regret---but that's about it. Overall, anti-Christian media productions really don't require much courage. And that's the whole point of them.

     So, we would like to offer a challenge to the Media Elites.

      In January, economic sanctions were lifted from Iran. Americans are now free to travel to and do business with that country. So the challenge is: why don't you media elites go to Iran and demonstrate your courage by publically blaspheming Shia Islam? Here are some suggestions:

      1. Mr. Savage and friends can run a theater in downtown Tehran and produce a comedy about a traditional Shiite family whose kids 'come out as gay'. That would certainly cause some social controversy.

      2. Authors and illustrators can buy bookstores and sell material lampooning Islam. Chester Brown, author of Mary Wept could sell underground comics depicting Mohammed's mother as a prostitute and argue that the Koran is all about goddess-worship and ritual sex.  Since Brown, by his own admission, doesn't worry about offending Christians, he shouldn't have an issue with offending Moslems.

       3. You could open comedy clubs in Iranian cities and send stand-up comedians from the US to do skits ridiculing the Ayatollahs and laughing at Shia as a Bronze-Age superstition. We're certain that the Iranian public would be buzzing about irreverent humor like that.

       Meanwhile, we here will be placing wagers how many minutes would elapse between the Grand Opening of these venues and the arrival of the Iranian National Guard. But then the Hollywood Elites would have genuine satisfaction in courageously standing up for their beliefs for a change.   

Hollywood Laughs all the Way to the Bank

Monday, May 30, 2016


      While the Ameroboobs are spending Memorial Day in hookah lounges and gay bars---mourning over the death of a gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo---it may be time to reflect on some military leaders who built the United States in generations past. The American military today is nothing but a ghost of its former self, of course. While we still maintain a few technological edges, today's military has essentially gone the way of most other once-great American institutions. In other words, just another politically-correct cesspool designed to promote Cultural Marxist goals.

      The US military has been in decline since the 1990s. Regardless of the merits of the war, the 1991 Persian Gulf War was, from a practical standpoint, really the swansong of the Pentagon. It was the last time American soldiers engaged in direct war against a capable foreign force. But the cultural rot also began under Bush Senior and has reached its nadir under Obama. Bush was the first to employ the military as a means of exacting personal revenge (as in Panama and Iraq); or as a welfare organ (as in Somalia).

      But prior to the modern era, the US military earned the respect of people both here and abroad. Since President Washington established the US military in 1794, American military philosophy always centered on the concept of a small, but professional regular army with a citizenry who would rise to swell its ranks and fight in an emergency. American men therefore had both a sense of pride, and an active stake in, military matters. Foreign leaders too were amazed both at the spirit of Volunteerism in the ranks and the innovative tactics and the willingness to take risks evinced by American leaders. 

     Volumes have written about the heroic deeds and innovative tactics of American soldiers and sailors---now relegated to the dustbin of history by the Academic Mafia, who despise all past American leaders as dead white males. For 200 years, these Dead White Males civilized an entire continent and brought down Imperialists, Secessionists, Nazis, Communists; and chastised other forces who abused Americans abroad. Our ancestors understood that Freedom was something worth fighting and dying for; to wit,


War of Independence: 25,000 killed; 25,000 wounded.
War of 1812: 15,000 killed; 4,505 wounded.
Mexican War: 13,283 killed; 4,152 wounded.
Union, US Civil War: 364,511 killed; 281,181 wounded.
Indian Wars: 1,100 killed; 1,025 wounded.
Spanish-American War: 2,446 killed; 1,662 wounded.
Philippine Insurrection: 4,196 killed; 2,930 wounded.
World War 1: 116,516 killed; 204,002 wounded.
World War 2: 405,399 killed; 670,846 wounded.
Korean War: 36,513 killed; 92,134 wounded.
Vietnam War: 58, 209 killed; 153,303 wounded.
Gulf War: 294 killed; 1,143 wounded.

       These levels of sacrifice could only have been produced within a culture operating under an entirely different set of principles than America operates under today. One of the proudest boasts of the US military used to be: We turn boys into men. The Pentagon, like the Public School System, hasn't followed that procedure in decades. In fact, the stated purpose of both these institutions to eliminate masculinity from their ranks as thoroughly as possible. And the policy has 'succeeded' too: witness that US Marines---once the elite of the military---now kneel, cry, and apologize to military forces like the Iranian Coast Guard who traumatized our brave men and women in uniform by frowning at them and shaking their fingers.

           Now, our forefathers' sacrifices mean nothing to the modern Ameroboob, whose life revolves around getting sex, doing drugs, and cashing in. Sacrifice is for suckers; by contemporary American logic. Of course, it never dawns on the Ameroboob that his attitude has produced a military which now thinks along the same lines and, to say the least, is not going to be especially useful if a national emergency a la World War 2 appears again.

           And, unfortunately, it may very well come that. Logic dictates that a nation unwilling or unable to defend its sovereignty isn't going to maintain that sovereignty very long. And once some ambitious foreign dictator decides to put his jackboot down on some American necks, we'll all see how well deconstructing America's Culture of Masculinity really worked.



Sunday, May 29, 2016


        Obama's Rainbow-Coalition Military suffered some embarrassing setbacks in the Middle East and is launching a media smear-campaign against Allied forces in retaliation. Now, American Media Cartels have been giving a big buildup to the Pentagon's re-entry into Syria and Iraq (although discreetly not mentioning that neither government wants them there). With the Jihad rapidly collapsing, despite US foreign policy experts' previous assurances that the Alliance would fail, Washington is desperately trying to jump back in at the last moment and claim victory.

         General Stanley Vogel illegally entered Syria last week from Jordan---where CENTCOM was banished to after being evicted from Iraq---and inspected the new units of the Syrian Democratic Force. This group was formerly known as the Free Syrian Army, and were Obama's original proxies organized to overthrow Assad. Comprised of Syrian Army deserters, escapees from Syrian prisons, smugglers and white-slavers, and others of similar character, the FSA had a few sporadic victories until the Russian Expeditionary force regained air superiority. They then retreated into Turkey amidst some US congressional furor over the billions of dollars the FSA cost, to no purpose.

         The pink-bowtied Pentagon chief, Ash Carter, dispatched arms and an unknown number of LGBTQ-friendly Special Forces as advisors to Turkey. Augmented by soldiers from Saudi Arabia and Dubai posing as rebels, the newly-christened SDF was pronounced by Vogel to be ready for action.

          The SDF invaded Syria last week. Despite an almost unbroken 5-month string of military defeats, the broken and demoralized ISIS forces quickly routed them, capturing positions and equipment and complicating matters for the Allies. Some Syrian lawmakers have proposed issuing an arrest warrant for Vogel; on the grounds that he entered Syria illegally and sabotaged the war effort. 

           Meanwhile, Iraqi Army successes against ISIS forces in Fallujah were being reported by the US media as the outcome of American intervention. The Iraqi government has taken great offense to these reports. Iraqi General Mohammed Al-Hatab issued a public statement asserting:

            "The so-called Coalition does not have an active partnership in these operations and the Iraqi Air Force is the main force in this war." General Hatab said. "In spite of the Coalition's procrastinations, the operation to liberate Fallujah is proceeding well, based on the strategy and the timeline."

            Shunning the Pentagon, Baghdad also brought military advisors from Iran to assist in the Battle of Fallujah. One Iraqi official noted that, "unlike the Coalition forces, Iranian commanders have proven their capacity to defeat ISIS; and even the US military bowed before them and acknowledged their power."

            Stung to the quick by these embarrassing developments, the American Media Cartels have embarked on a new round of Iran-bashing. Paid pundits are predicting that Iranian presence in Fallujah is part of some Shiite plot to incite a civil war between Shias and Sunnis. This in spite of the fact that Shias and Sunnis (and Christians) have fought successfully side-by-side as brothers against the Jihad in Syria. The Wahhabi Moslems are the sect perpetrating the Jihad; although the Media Cartels never bother drawing this distinction.

            And that should not surprise anyone. The Wahhabi governments of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait all own considerable stock in the US media and are big players on Wall Street. The Wahhabis also run groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) who act as advisors to the US government. US CIA Director John Brennan is a Wahhabi convert and US defense contractors like Halliburton and Xe are headquartered in the Wahhabi emirate of Dubai. The fact that Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban are also all Wahhabis is shrugged off by Ameroboobs as a mere coincidence.

            It should also be noted that, unlike the Pentagon, Iran is in Fallujah by Iraqi invitation.

           Spokesmen for the Iranian government agree. "The Corporate Media fabrications don't hold water any more." one stated to Fars News, "The remarkable thing about them is that they are only designed to support ISIS, slander the resistance, and defame the victory...Our commitment to the security of Iraq and the region is unshakable now and in the future. We are fighting the good fight, whatever the cost may be. The good fight is never about alleged Iranian aggression and hegemonic designs. It is about people. It's about getting them out of terrorism, humanitarian catastrophe, and social disintegration."

         As Americans prepare to celebrate Memorial Day, maybe we should reflect that our own military once stood for the same values. But today, our military stands for Left-Wing Political Correctness at home and against the forces fighting for Liberty abroad.



     Following up their successful tests of the Eastern Cosmodrome late last year, the Russian Space Agency announced today that manned flights to the Moon would be possible by the year 2025, on a yearly basis. A new type of spacecraft, the Federation is scheduled to be put into production this Summer, and ready for final testing and deployment within five years. It will replace the Soyuz spacecraft currently in operation.

      The Eastern Cosmodrome and the Federation Project are watershed moments in world space exploration. The new technology will allow 4-6 cosmonauts the ability to carry both men and cargo to the Moon, as well as to the International Space Station. It can operate autonomously for up to 30 days, and up to one year while docked at the Space Station.

     Plans are also underway for upgraded version of the Space Station.

     Russian congresswoman Irina Yarovaya pointed out that the new Cosmodrome represents "the new spirit of modern-day Russia." She added that an estimated 80,000 new jobs were created by the project.

     Speaking of the moribund American space program, Miss Yarovaya added: "Hollywood fantasies are not being realized, and the Pentagon is shedding tears about it. Our way is different both in space and on the ground...they cannot talk to Russia from a position of strength. Never before has the world had a greater need for moral decisions and creative victories."

      Miss Yarovaya has a point. The United States has not launched a manned space flight in five years and is obligated to beg Russia for transportation to the Space Station. NASA is compelled to import rocket parts from the rump-government in Ukraine---which have had high failure rates including several launch-pad explosions. Aside from a few deep-space probes and satellite technologies, the US has had no innovative development in space travel since the 1980s.

       But we can nonetheless rest assured that all NASA facilities will have gender-neutral toilets by 2017.

        Russia's decision to build the Cosmodrome in the Far East indicates pending co-operation with China---another country taking the conquest of space from American hands. China is currently on schedule to complete a manned space station of its own by 2020. This follows an announcement that China will land a research drone on the moon by 2018.

        General Zhang Yulin, Commander of China's Space Station project stated that plans were already underway to exploit the space between Earth and the Moon. General Zhang noted that lunar resources could be harnessed to build a solar energy plant in space---which could operate at nearly 25 times the efficiency and at a fraction of the cost of Earth-bound systems.

       Zhang stated that the technological potential of Chinese space penetration is practically unlimited. "The future of China's manned space program is not a Moon landing, which is quite simple, or even the manned Mars program, which is quite difficult; but continual exploration of the Earth-Moon Space, with ever-developing technology."

       Meanwhile, Ameroboobs hope to expend resources in building a border fence: something China accomplished in the 14th Century.

        Does it matter to Americans that we are losing (if we haven't already lost) our position as leaders in Space research? Not really. None of the candidates bother to talk about it. We are not the same people we were in 1957, when the USSR launched Sputnik and America rallied to pass the Russians in space technology. Today, the BRIC space programs look like this:

While America's Space Program looks like this:



Saturday, May 28, 2016


     Allied forces reported yesterday that Zara, Syria---site of a massacre perpetrated last week by Obama's moderate rebels, was retaken. Twenty women and children kidnapped and removed by the Al-Qaeda forces were liberated by Allied commandoes.

      Al-Qaeda forces entered Zara at dawn on May 14th, firing rifle-grenades and bazookas into homes. They broke into houses, murdered the inhabitants and gunned fleeing civilians down in the streets. An unknown number of women and children were kidnapped.

     The terrorist forces are known to take women and children prisoners to Jihadist safe havens in Turkey, where they are subsequently sold to international slave-traders.

      Captured Jihadists in Zara---with that loyalty and courage so characteristic of Wahhabi soldiers---reportedly disclosed the whereabouts of the hostages when offered the firing squad as an alternative. The Wahhabi sect is especially noteworthy for this type of unselfishness and charity: always allowing their brothers in the Jihad the privilege of obtaining the Crown of Martyrdom ahead of themselves.

       Syrian sources report that the hostages were unharmed.

       The Syrian ambassador to the United Nations called for a resolution condemning the Zara massacre, which has so far been obstructed by the US, UK, France, and the Neo-Nazi government of Ukraine.

        In other war news, Iraqi media reported the capture of a wanted ISIS leader---responsible for atrocities against the Yazidi Christians---who was attempting to flee across the Turkish border disguised in a Burkha. Allied forces in Iraq have also moved into the environs of Fallujah, a major ISIS stronghold. Some 20,000 Iraqi soldiers, supported by Kurdish militias and Chinese military advisors are preparing the final assault on the city. Fallujah has been under the ISIS jackboot since 2014.

       In Syria, Allied forces entered the outskirts of the strategic city of Deir Ezzur, in a battle now that has raged now for two weeks. Deir Ezzur is key to the upcoming assault on Raqqa, the ISIS capital and terrorist forces are desperately hold it at all costs, including Kamikaze-style suicide bomb attacks and employment of civilian human shields.

      Also, the Armenian ambassador to Syria announced his government's proposal to aid in the rebuilding of Palmyra. On Thursday, 56 truckloads of humanitarian aid organized by Russian relief agencies were delivered to recently-liberated villages in Western Syria.


       Obama was in the Japanese Empire today and causing controversy all along the way by visiting the memorial at Hiroshima. Akihito and the Imperial Cabinet were hoping to extract a formal apology for defeating Japan in WW2; but Obama only apologized in every symbolic way conceivable without actually saying those words. Now, the Tojos have never apologized for starting WW2, or any of the atrocities they committed during the war, or given up wartime territorial claims, or renounced the Cult of the Emperor. In fact, the spirit of The Master Race of Asia is very much alive and well among the Imperial leadership. It never actually went away after 1945; the Japanese aristocracy lost face in their defeat and, under the Shinto Code, await the day when they can avenge their disgraced ancestors.

        None of this ever discussed in contemporary America, mostly because Japanese Zaibatsus are heavily invested in Wall Street, the American media, academic endowments, and have extensive political lobbies. Like Saudi Arabia and the other Wahhabi sheikdoms, the Japanese Empire's financial clout shields it from criticism in the United States.

         Now, the Empire encourages (i.e., bribes) the Academic Mafia over here to engage in considerable historical revisionism about the WW2 Pacific Theater. The US deployment of atomic weapons in August, 1945 is an especially irritating subject to them; being the direct cause of Japanese defeat.

         However, some well-meaning writers in Christian circles have criticized the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is nothing new; every major advance in weaponry brings forth the same concerns. In 12th Century Europe, the crossbow was proscribed by Pope Innocent II as a weapon of mass destruction. And similar movements have arisen following the US Civil War and WW1.

          One writer, The Thinking Housewife, has taken a position on this subject that has excited some controversy, especially in the Manosphere. Now, we believe that the authoress is sincere, and we admire anybody who takes and defends an unpopular position through commitment to principle. But we certainly cannot agree that the United States has any obligation to apologize and publically repent of the attack. There had been some debate in a previous article, none of which made a successful defense for President Truman's decision.

          It should be remembered that war is always the last resort for defense in a civilized society. The fact that we are an uncivilized society today and use the military for immoral purposes is no reflection on the state of society in the 1940s. Pearl Harbor was attacked the day before a peace treaty between the US and Japan---a fact often overlooked by historical revisionists.

         She quotes one Mike King, who says: "Because our American egos and Christian morals cannot cope with the reality of American-caused genocide, we fall easy and willing victims to rationalizations for Hiroshima and Nagasaki."

         The fallacy in this line of reasoning comes from a lack of understanding the nature of wars and why they are fought and how they are won. Wars are not won by tears and good intentions. The reason why, in more civilized eras, war was a last resort was because leaders understood what war basically is. War is simply a calculus balancing the loss of human life against the number of lives which will be saved. Understood in that context, we see why civilized countries do not desire war. President Truman, defending deployment of the bomb flatly stated that he would have been morally culpable if he allowed Americans to die instead of using it.

         Now, it is no argument to claim that this was genocide because there were civilian casualties. The President is obligated to defend and save American lives. If civilians in a hostile country are killed collaterally to that end, then their deaths are justifiable. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not targeted for the purposes of killing civilians, but because they had military significance.

         She quotes four points from King; all of which are historically wrong. He claims at first that the war was 'unjust and could have been stopped by Roosevelt or Truman at any time.' We suppose so; the US could have ended the war by surrender at any time. It is difficult to understand how the US, attacked the day before a peace treaty was to be signed, its Pacific territories overrun, Hawaii attacked, the US mainland threatened and heavily infiltrated with Japanese agents was unjust in declaring war.

           King argues that Japan was on the verge of surrender through the intervention of the USSR. That was not true; the Japanese were trying to prevent Russia from entering the war. And contrary to what King asserts, the Japanese well knew of the terms agreed upon at Yalta. The Japanese had contingency plans to fall back into their territories in Korea and Manchuria if they lost the mainland; Russian entry into the war would have prevented that maneuver.

           King makes the astonishing assumption that Americans targeted civilians whereas Japan restricted itself to military targets alone. The Japanese military's barbarity was well-established before the war: they reduced Korea and Manchuria to slavery; annihilated entire Chinese cities and rounded up and tortured European colonials and missionaries. They suppressed Christianity everywhere they held power. They wantonly murdered prisoners of war, such as the Bataan Death March.

            Things like atomic bombs exist because there is evil in the world. President Truman was correct. When there is an armed collision between Civilization and Barbarism, Civilization must use every means at its disposal to defend itself. Truman even warned the Japanese that America had greater weapons and would use them. Hiroshima was destroyed by a single bomb and Japan still refused to surrender. Nagasaki finally brought them to their knees.

             Barbarians do not respond to reason, they understand only force. If sacrifices have to be made, then better to sacrifice them than those fighting for freedom. In an ideal world, there would be no war; but that ideal can never be reached until the world becomes wholly civilized. Until then, Civilization needs to be defended both with the weapons necessary to defend it, and leaders willing to use them in its defense.


Friday, May 27, 2016


       With the Pentagon busily purging every last vestige of manhood  from military ranks, and the US military  reeling under a string of recent humiliations, many men long to see what America's defenders once looked like.

       And, as these features aim to highlight positive portrayals of masculinity, against the negative stereotypes proffered by both the Male Feminists and the Game/PUA poseurs haunting the Manosophere, this week we are going to recommend one of the most popular WW2 dramas in television history, Combat!.

      Combat! aired on ABC from 1962-1967, near the end of television's Golden Age. It was an hour-long program following the exploits of a rifle squad in K Company, from the Normandy Invasion to the German surrender. The story followed Platoon Sergeant 'Chip' Saunders and his friend and Commander Lieutenant Gil Hanley as they battled to complete their missions against often challenging odds.

       Saunders' and Hanley's characters were remarkable in that they were clearly typical American men whose leadership abilities, heroism. and highest qualities were brought out of them by the emergencies of the war. We will focus on Saunders in particular, because he was featured in most episodes. We're not given much of his background, other than he came from some industrial city in Ohio, and had brothers serving in other theaters. His outstanding quality is leadership.

        This is important to emphasize, because contemporary Manospherians present us with a caricature of The Manly Alpha Leader. Saunders is a stark contrast to the image they portray. A genuine leader of men is one whom other men are willing to follow and whom they respect. Men do not follow leaders into battle based on the leaders' ability to seduce women. They follow men whom they respect because of the leaders' ideals and actions.

        As we saw in the recent controversy over the marriage video, most Gamers are taking the feminist position that male sacrifice is unnecessary and that women should be the ones defending society. Part of leadership, though, involves responsibility. Saunders and Hanley are both men who take responsibility seriously; and understand that a worthwhile achievement  involves personal sacrifice. This is a recurring theme in most Combat! episodes. Saunders often has to make men out of boys by teaching them the value of responsibility and sacrifice.

         This is because, contrary again to Game doctrine, men---as defenders and protectors of a culture---function best as a team. The objective, which in this case was winning a war and defending freedom, is never lost sight of by Saunders. In one episode, Saunders has four raw recruits in his squad. One cocky recruit who goes his own way, nearly compromises the mission and gets killed by the Germans. After recovering the mission, Saunders sees the other recruits gathered around the body and orders them to resume the patrol. They look at him dumbfounded, and Saunders says: "What do you want me to do, preach a sermon? He didn't follow orders, now he's dead. That's all the sermon that needs to be said."   

        What both Gamers and Male Feminists fail to realize is that personal responsibility and self-sacrifice to a goal higher than oneself is inseparable from Masculinity. One of the Game gurus, who styles himself God's Voice, argues that male reproductive capacity is the highest form of manhood. This, of course, is no different than the Feminist position that men are only valuable as sperm donors. When men internalize such nonsense, we end up with soldiers breaking out in tears in front of foreign armies. Contrast that type of manliness with Sgt. Saunders who, when his patrol was captured, immediately went to work organizing an escape.

           Gamers, likewise, preach a debased form of individualism where the ostensible goal of becoming a Manly Alpha Leader is to be envied and praised by other men. That view obviously defeats the entire purpose of leadership which is to set standards for other men to rise up to.

             Combat!, in spite of its appearance during television's waning years, is well-produced and well-scripted and has a high degree of historical accuracy driving it. ABC brought in advisors from the US Army and Veterans of Foreign Wars on its production. The Germans speak German, there are no anachronisms either in props, dialogues, or attitudes. K Company was a fairly accurate depiction of Army life on the Western Front in Europe. A number of episodes were directed by Hollywood veterans as well. There are numerous battle scenes---much better performed, actually, than modern Hollywood depictions.

               In spite of Combat!'s popularity, growing Left-wing media antagonism towards the military in the Vietnam Era brought about the show's cancellation in 1967. It quickly became something of a cult classic and still has a small, but loyal following.

               Most Combat! episodes are available on Youtube and other public-domain sites and a DVD set of all five seasons is also available. A highly recommended series for those wanting to get a good picture of our cultural heritage.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


        The Southeast Asian welfare state known as The Philippines has a new president, Rodrigo Duterte, who has already made some controversial statements even before being sworn in.

        Now, Duterte is no stranger to controversy; as mayor of Davao, he was nicknamed The Punisher. Some human-rights groups suspected him of allowing death-squads to operate and committing acts of torture. During the campaign, Duterte did promise to bring back the death penalty and empty Filipino jails with it, "and start dumping their bodies into Manila Bay." he added for emphasis.

         The Western Media Cartels have been gushing over Duterte's victory, comparing him to Donald Trump and praising his tough law-and-order stances. Among other reforms, Duterte plans to ban public smoking and alcohol consumption; impose a nationwide 10 PM curfew on children and suppress other antisocial behaviors. Another proposal is to allow police to shoot suspected criminals on sight.

         Not to say that Duterte doesn't bend the rules a little himself. He's an admitted serial adulterer and once commented on the rape of an Australian missionary: "Was I mad that she was raped? Yes, that's one of the reasons. But she was so beautiful, as mayor I should have had her first."

         The Obama Administration who, along with their confederates in Tokyo, were largely responsible for Duterte's upset victory called his election"A testament to the vibrant democracy in the Philippines."

         Aside from his thuggishness Duterte is, in a predominantly Catholic country, outspoken in his contempt for the Catholic Church and his endorsement of the Rainbow-Pride Agenda. This naturally appeals to the effete American Left, as does Duterte's promise to include members of the Communist Party---who worked as enforcers for his death squads in Davao---in his cabinet. He's also already extended an olive-branch to Jihadist separatists and this, too, pleases the Beltway.

          Duterte is also a huge proponent of birth control and wants to limit the size of Filipino families. He also predictably passed gay-friendly laws as mayor of Davao, and once famously remarked: "If I obey the Ten Commandments or listen to priests, I would not be able to do anything as mayor."

           Most importantly to Washington and Tokyo, Duterte plans to make the Philippines a more aggressive player in their mutual designs against China. Duterte has proposed massive military buildups "in the eventuality of war with China" and has toed the Washington-Tokyo line in regards to Nansha. He has gone a step further and implied that he would take the initiative and confront China alone, if Western powers should show insufficient resolve.

             Now, none of this should be surprising. The passive-aggressive US policy of installing thugs to act as proxies for their economic and cultural imperialism has been going on since the Clinton years, though Obama has exceeded both of his predecessors in this type of policy. Al-Qaeda in Syria; Neo-Nazis in Ukraine; the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya; Criminal Hoods in Brazil; and now this prize package in the Philippines. Like all these others, Duterte has nowhere near majority support in his own country.

             And the Duterte Administration is liable to produce about the same results as the others. One of the radical flaws in US foreign policy is that our leaders simultaneously want to act as a Superpower while avoiding any of the risks or responsibilities involved in being one. This, unfortunately, has become a standard behavioral pattern among Americans in general. The Americans want proxies who take all the risks (while they reap all the benefits), and this rarely ever works out in actual practice. Russia and China learned from the Cold War that proxies don't work; hence with their more dynamic modern leadership they've humiliated the US repeatedly on the world stage and built respect among other peoples.

              And in the end, it will all accomplish nothing. The Philippines are in no position to challenge China, even with American and Japanese help. But the Filipino people will suffer. Not that any of that will matter to the somnambulant American public. So long as foreign affairs don't interfere with the drug supply, internet porn, or the bottom line; the public here won't care very much.



     The Daily Caller ran this news story which, as if we needed any further evidence, shows us the all-time low to which the Ameroboobs have sunk our once-great culture:

      "Individuals living in New York City can choose from a minimum of 31 different gender identities, many of which allow them to fluctuate between some version or combination of male and female identities. Businesses that don't respect and accommodate an individual's chosen gender identity risk six-figure fines under new rules implemented by the City Commission on Human Rights."

      15 years after the 9/11 Attacks, the Twin Towers still haven't been rebuilt, but New Yorkers are struggling with an apparent epidemic of Gender Identity Disorder.

      This is the very kind of thing which occurs in a nation populated by drug addicts. A recent study showed that the United States, though 5% of the world's population, consumes 89% of world Amphetamine production. It has actually reached the point in the United States today where mandating unisex public bathrooms has become a national issue because Ameroboobs can't even decide between two options anymore.

       The Gay Mafia even went so far as to issue a publication with the ominous-sounding title The Gender Identity and Gender Expression Legal Enforcement Guide and are no doubt sending out their enforcers to make certain all NYC businesses are gay friendly or else.

        There was actually time in history when New York was a respected and admired city both here and abroad. Americans used to call it The Big Apple. New York was the city; the center of American culture, education, commerce, and media; the place you lived in if you wanted success. New Yorkers took pride in the fact that their city was something that everyone wanted to be a part of; in fact being from New York was once something of a social distinction here.

        When one thought of New York; one thought of American cultural icons: the Statue of Liberty; Broadway, the Boardwalk, 5th Avenue, Coney Island, Times Square, the Empire State Building, the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers; Little Italy; if it wasn't in New York, it wasn't anywhere in America.

         But that was then, this is now. We don't look to New York anymore when we want to see good people doing good things. We have to look beyond our shores for things like that; though formerly New York's Ellis Island was the destination for foreigners seeking a better life.

          Oh well, such is yet another New Normal.

                                           Big Brother is Watching in the City that Never Sleeps

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


     We hadn't intended to write a sequel to the controversial Prager University video Be A Man, Get Married, but the Game Cult won't let the subject rest. Blogger Insanity Bytes brings their hypocrisy to our attention.

      The Gamer she critiques praises a 'response' to Prager and Wilcox, given in an abominable video by someone calling himself T**d Flinging Monkey. That alone should drive our readers to ask why we even need to discuss this, but such is the culture we live in, where monkeys are presumed to be more intelligent than humans.

       As a public service, we have sat through the agonizing 15 minutes of Mr. Monkey's farrago, to spare our loyal readers unnecessary torment.

        The thing that is striking about Mr. Monkey's 'argument'---aside from the expletives he employs in nearly every sentence---is its unabashed narcissism and egomania. His whole argument seems to revolve around the idea that somehow marriage is a form of slavery and imposition on his freedom. Mr. Monkey, where have we heard that before?

        Oh, yes. From the Feminists. It's the Feminists who argue that marriage is oppression and motherhood is slavery. Mr. Monkey and his admirers in the Game Cult simply reverse the genders (as they usually do). Game is really nothing more, and never has been more, than Male Feminism.

        "Under what circumstances does sacrificing yourself for another person benefit you?" Mr. Monkey protests"If you can live the lifestyle you want then you're rich...but if you earn more money in a year just so that you can take care of other people doesn't even make any sense."

         Isn't this exactly the sentiment expressed by most Feminists? All that Mr. Monkey needs to add is that 'a man needs a woman like a fish needs a bicycle' and the parallel would be complete. The bulk of his entire 'response' revolves around economics; it seems, in his mind that it is grossly unfair that men should sacrifice to provide for and protect a wife and children. In fact, he compares this to chattel slavery on several occasions.

         Recall that this profanity-laden diatribe is held up by a professed Christian leader as a rational response to the Prager University video. Now, in our previous article on The Marriage Strike we addressed some of the flaws in Prager and Wilcox' arguments. But to condemn their approach as somehow heretical while praising Mr. Monkey's as the more holy one illustrates the mindset of the Game Cult perfectly.

          Mr. Monkey leads off by claiming that men are avoiding marriage and that women are desperately trying to marry. In our earlier article, we exposed that myth but it is worth repeating here. The only US marriage demographic that has increased steadily for the past 30 years are marriages between American nationals and foreign women. Additionally---though never admitted---most American dating sites are overwhelmingly populated by men.
So how can it be argued that men are avoiding marriage?

         The writer whom Insanity Bytes criticizes makes this crafty statement: "They are selling marriage and fatherhood as a rite of passage into manhood...less obvious at first glance is what they are not selling. They are not encouraging marriage to promote sexual morality."

        Note again the economic references here. But that aside, marriage is not about promoting sexual morality. Which is why Wilcox and Prager don't mention it.

         Marriage is about spiritual bonding. The Game Cultists, as gender supremacists, only see marriage (as the Feminists also do) as a vehicle for regulating sexuality. They believe, as part of their creed, in an absurdist doctrine called Hypergamy. This is a belief that women have a biological instinct to engage sexually with high-status males and have no capacity for fidelity. According to this doctrine, they always crave a better man than they have. So naturally, marriage to the Gamers is simply a matter of controlling female sexuality.

         Spiritual bonding implies a complementary relationship, which Game denies on the basis of Alpha Male superiority. They also deny feminine capacity for love and fidelity, hence a marriage, by their definition, can only exist for the sake of (their interpretation of) promoting sexual morality.

          However, Love and Faithfulness are spoken of in different terms in the New Testament. They are reflections of a relationship between Man and God; which a marriage is also supposed to reflect. What does it say about a sect that denies love and fidelity? The answer should be obvious.


       The Iranian news media reported this morning that Instagram had, without explanation, suspended the account of Maj. General Qassem Soleimani. General Soleimani is commander of the Iranian Expeditionary Force operating in Syria against al-Qaeda and ISIS.

       The suspension comes a day after General Soleimani gave this interview to the press.

        Iranian commentators noted that Instragram and other similar social networking services have been routinely employed by Jihadi terrorists as a recruiting tool, in spite of Instagram policies. We have seen this, too, in the United States where Anarchists and the Progressive Left employ social networking to foment civil unrest and riots in places like Ferguson and Baltimore; as well as to disrupt political rallies or spam their opponents' websites.

       The Obama Administration and their confederates on Wall Street have been putting considerable pressure on social networking sites to muzzle foreign sources critical of their policies. There is even legislation pending before Congress to set up a new federal agency specifically designed to counter so-called foreign propaganda. Of course, the Washington/Wall Street interests are quite selective about who gets targeted under these proposals.

        Instagram is part of the vast financial empire controlled by media mogul Mark Zuckerberg.

        Supporters of General Soleimani have set up a new Instagram account on his behalf. His previous account had over 320,000 followers.

What Instagram Keeps Behind the Curtain



Tuesday, May 24, 2016


      The Russian Ministry of Defense announced today that their Expeditionary Force has bagged an estimated 28,000 Jihadists, about 1/3 of ISIS' total force, since landing in Syria last fall. Aleppo is almost liberated and Allied forces are now converging on the ISIS capital. On the Eastern Front, Iraqi forces---who've replaced the incompetent Pentagon with Chinese military advisors---have retaken all of Western Iraq, and are storming the last Iraqi ISIS stronghold in Fallujah. Caliph Baghdadi, ISIS' Supreme Commander, has fled to whereabouts unknown. 

      Meanwhile, the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon and their NATO toadies have been more or less relegated to the sidelines. Ejected from Iraq, the Pentagon's 'Central Command' is now headquartered on an insignificant base in Amman, Jordan.

       Realizing that ISIS is doomed and the Allies have shown them up, the Obama Administration is desperately trying to save face and salvage some dignity from their humiliating performance. So, over they weekend they dispatched one of their operatives, a bespectacled social worker in a General Grant costume named Stanley Vogel, to the outskirts of Raqqa to meet with Kurdish Militia commanders. The ostensible purpose of this visit was to get permission from the last Allied force with which the Pentagon has a presence to allow the USAF to participate in the assault on Raqqa. In other words, 'General' Vogel was negotiating for a photo-op.

       The Kurdish leaders deferred the decision to Allied High Command, who haven't yet given a response. Some Syrian congressmen have suggested issuing an arrest warrant for Vogel since he entered the country illegally and violated international military protocols. President Assad has yet to comment.

         Col. Elias Ebrahim, a Syrian military analyst spoke with Allied news agencies. "The US has repeatedly deceived Kurdish fighters in Syria by offering inadequate assistance to them." Col. Ebrahim said, "This has taken place with the intent of delaying the Kurdish forces' attacks on Raqqa while the Kurds are outside the Gates of Raqqa."

          Ebrahim noted that ISIS is heavily-armed with American-made weapons including Humvees, TOW missiles, and small arms. He suggested that the real purpose of Vogel's visit was to negotiate the surrender and withdrawal of ISIS fighters from Raqqa to save them for a future offensive against Assad's government, as the US recently did with the Aleppo ceasefire.

           "In the meantime, US warplanes dropped leaflets over Raqqa on Thursday, warning 'civilians' to leave the city as soon as possible." he noted.

            This is how pathetic the Pentagon has really become. A year ago, Obama was demanding so-called 'Regime Change' in Syria and presuming the right to violate a sovereign nation's borders militarily at will. Now they are reduced to begging militias for cheap political theatrics while the real defenders of freedom move on towards victory.



          One would have assumed that an official visit from the Vatican's highest ranking person of color to Washington, DC would have been a cause celebre among the effete American media. Cardinal Robert Sarah, a native of the Republic of Guinea, arrived in Washington to speak at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast last week. Several high-ranking politicians and media figures were present to hear His Eminence's remarks on Social Justice in America. But the story went by with scarcely a mention because, well quite frankly, the Cardinal began telling the truth.

       "Nowhere is religious persecution clearer than threat that societies are visiting on the family through a demonic so-called gender ideology." Cardinal Sarah said, "which is a deadly impulse that is being experienced in a world increasingly cut off from God through ideological colonialism."

        This ideological imperialism of which the Cardinal speaks, is directly related to the American media. Media is the US' leading export---responsible along with pressure from the Beltway and Wall Street---for proliferating American cultural rot throughout the entire planet.

        "While many Christians across the world are suffering persecution from governments or groups like ISIS, violence against Christians is not only physical; it is political, ideological, and cultural." the Cardinal pointed out. "This form of religious persecution is equally damaging, yet more hidden. It does not destroy physically, but spiritually."

       The Cardinal is correct again. If the level of anti-Christian bigotry now practiced in the United States were perpetrated in another country, there would be an international outcry. But, with American media dominant in most of the world, the bigots here get a free pass.

        "The Church's teachings on marriage, sexuality, and the family are under extreme pressure, in the name of Tolerance." Cardinal Sarah stated, citing homosexual so-called 'marriage' and the ridiculous Bathroom Wars as examples.

         Cardinal Sarah also pointed out that Ameroboob moral torpidity is largely to blame for this persecution. "We witness what Pope Francis calls 'globalized indifference.'  Faithfulness requires Catholics to be courageous when speaking the Truth."

          But Truth is something that Ameroboobs are not interested in hearing, because as Cardinal Sarah, says, facing the truth requires courage and personal responsibility. And with the American media heavily bankrolled by Wahhabi Moslems and Atheistic Cultural Marxists, the truth is not likely to have much voice in America.

                                        The Ameroboob Marches on in Blissful Ignorance


     Another argument brought up in the American immigration debate centers on the belief that immigrants cannot, or will not, assimilate into American culture. Now, no one outside of the deranged Cultural Marxists believes that American Culture is not in deep decline. And even the Left believes it, though they believe the decline is a positive thing. The question before us, in light of the US elections, is: are immigrants contributing to this cultural decline?

      Let us do a brief comparison. In the last article on this topic, we showed that immigrant labor has a stronger work ethic than domestic Americans. Now, let us see some demographics:

       1. The percentage of the population identifying as Christian is 23% higher in Mexico than the US.

       2. The divorce rate is 55% lower in Mexico than the US.

       3. Abortion is illegal in Mexico: homosexual 'marriage' is not recognized in most Mexican states. Mexico does not have no-fault divorce.

        4. The out-of-wedlock birthrate in Mexico is 30% lower than the US.

         So, it would seem that on traditional issues like faith and family, Mexico is a bit ahead of the United States. And contrary to popular belief, the rate of drug addiction is much higher here than in Mexico.

         Immigrants used to assimilate into American society. Why are they no longer doing so? Critics point to groups like La Raza, a radical group seeking an independent Latino state within the US. But La Raza is run by American nationals of Hispanic decent, not recent immigrants.

          We do not see immigrants destroying entire cities (unlike Black Lives Matter or Occupy Movements). We don't see them desecrating churches and harassing Christians (unlike Code Pink and the Gay Mafia). Immigrants aren't overthrowing university administrations or breaking up political rallies. What do radicals like La Raza have in common with these groups?

           The answer is that all of these people are products of taxpayer-funded American public education. The simple fact here is that today's immigrants are not part of the Great Melting Pot because they are taught not to be part of it.

            It is only common sense that if our society pays teachers, professors, and administrators to preach Cultural Marxism instead of Americanism; tolerates academic institutions whose stated purposes are to celebrate diversity and ethnic studies, what does anyone expect such educational systems to produce? Patriotic Americans who believe in American traditions?

             As we've seen from the statistics above, most immigrants have a predisposition to embrace the values that Americans once universally held. They are being deterred from it by the American academic establishment and a population utterly unwilling to hold it accountable.

               The problem of alien cultural non-assimilation is yet another problem of Americans' own making. In the past, when we had parents who actually took responsibility for their children's education, we had immigrants easily assimilating into our culture. Today, the public schools don't even teach the native-born how to be Americans.

                But try and tell that to the Ameroboob, and he responds with the knee-jerk phrase: "Oh yeah? Well if America sucks so much why do they all want to come here?" This is because our schools no longer teach geography or mathematics. If they did, he would know that there are approximately 10-12 million Mexicans in the US and 110 million still living in Mexico. In other words, they don't all want to come here. And they probably don't want to come here because things like faith, family, culture, and schools that actually function are important to them.

                 It's a shame that those things aren't important to us as well.  


Monday, May 23, 2016


   Our beloved leader, Barack Obama is on his way to visit the Japanese Empire amidst a series of humiliations for both governments. Obama hasn't bowed to Imperial demands (yet) and apologized for President Truman's decision to win WW2.

   But both leaders are having problems in the region.

   Obama is reeling from a string of recent military humiliations at Chinese hands. Three times in the last month, American naval and air forces have been chased away from Chinese territory, and this morning a US reconnaissance plane nearly collided with an airliner off the coast of Korea. Iraqi forces, now augmented with Chinese military advisors are clearing their country of Jihadist forces while the Pentagon can't even get permission to do photo-ops in Iraq anymore.

   Akihito and his camarilla aren't faring much better. Their censorship of the Japanese press has been internationally exposed, as well as their cover-ups of the damage caused by the Fukishima nuclear disaster. And their hopes of building a united coalition against China were thwarted when Thailand agreed to sign a mutual defense pact with China.

     As if these things weren't bad enough, yet another crisis broke out in Okinawa. Okinawa is a country jointly occupied by Imperial Japan and the United States; the former ruling its civil government and the latter maintaining a large military base there. Last weekend, a US defense contractor was arrested for the rape and murder of a 20 year-old Okinawan girl---stories which are not uncommon there---leading for further calls for the US to leave the island and for Okinawan independence.

       Protestors swarmed around the US base last weekend and the Pentagon commander there, one Lawrence Nicholson, laconically offered his heartfelt prayers and condolences to the outraged Okinawan populace.

      When one considers that America's frontline brave men and women in uniform break out in tears in front of the Iranian Coast Guard, or that US Army officers like Major Nidal Hasan go berserk and shoot up military bases, it is not difficult to imagine what sorts of dregs get stationed in a backwater base like Okinawa.

       A similar incident occurred just two months earlier when a US sailor was arrested for the rape of a Japanese girl in a Naha hotel. The most infamous incident occurred in 1995, when some of the few, the proud, the Marines gang-raped a 12 year-old.

      Since 1972, when joint US-Japanese occupation of Okinawa was ratified, there have been 26 murders, 129 rapes, 394 burglaries, and 25 arsons linked to American military personnel, according to Okinawan authorities.

      Catherine Fisher, an Australian journalist who was raped by an American defense contractor in 2002, was among the protestors.

       "They need to stop trying to cover up these cases." Fisher said "And each time it happens, the US military and the Japanese government say, 'we will make sure this never happens again'. But it just keeps happening."

       Okinawans have also been protesting a proposal to move the US base to an ecologically sensitive part of the island and to force Okinawans to pay for the project. With nearly 90% of Okinawans against the base relocation plan, the governor was forced to order its temporary suspension.

        With the Empire suppressing Japanese media and its deep financial connections within the American press, very little news is forthcoming from this troubled island. Yet there is a growing independence movement among the Okinawan people, though split by different political aims. Yet it is to be hoped that Okinawans can find the unity to throw off the Western yoke and forge their own way in freedom.

                                         US and Japanese Officials React to Okinawan Protests