Saturday, May 21, 2016


     The Neo-Nazi crackpots who run what's left of Ukraine came out with another proclamation that embarrassed its supporters in the West. As Europe celebrated Europe Day this week, Ukrainian Parliamentary Chairman Andriy Parubiy proudly announced that Ukraine was not only an integral part of Europe, but historically responsible for European Civilization.

      "It's a special day for Ukrainians...We are a state that stood at the foundation of European Civilization. Ukraine was one of the states which created Europe as a phenomenon, a civilized area."

       These kinds of claims are not new coming from the Poroshenko regime. Valery Bebik, one of Ukraine's top scholars and vice-president of Ukraine University once published an article in the official state newspaper claiming that Jesus was a Ukrainian.

       "We have established the facts," Bebik wrote, "that question the official Church's version of the ethnic origin and Biblical chronology of the life of Jesus and historical epoch forming the basis of when Christianity was established. It is evident that Christ lived 3,000 years before His canonical birth and spoke the Coptic language, which is linguistically close to the ancient Ukrainian language."

         Another diadem in the Ukrainian academic constellation offered this as collateral evidence: "The pictures on Egyptian pyramids show that Egyptian queens were blonde women with blue eyes, just like many Ukrainian women. One is also struck by the fact that the Trident, which is currently a national emblem of Ukraine, can be seen there too."

         Last year, the Ukrainian government produced a historical documentary asserting that ancient Ukrainian engineers constructed the Black Sea and that mediaeval Ukrainians developed the first submarines.

          This group came into power in 2013 in a coup engineered by Wall Street and the Obama Administration---the object of which was to seize control of the Black Sea and Russian oil ports. The pattern was the familiar one seen in Libya, Syria---and now Brazil---import a 'revolution' and install a pro-Western puppet. In Ukraine, a motley force of Nazi Skinheads and Radical Moslems overthrew the elected government, installing oligarchs Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk as the populist leaders.

           The plot failed when Crimea---the most valuable province in Ukraine seceded and reunified with Russia. In retaliation, the Nazis began a program of ethnic cleansing against the Russian population. The ethnic Russians resisted and established a new country in the industrial and agriculturally-rich East Ukraine, the Republic of Novorussia.

            So, the Wall Street freebooters were left with nothing but a resource-poor and impoverished rump of a once-productive country to show for their efforts; although they have profited handsomely off the anti-Russian sanctions Obama forced upon the EU.

           And American taxpayers coughed up $5 billion to set up the phony revolution and have spent billions more since to prop up the Ukrainian government. All the money that could have been better spent on building our own collapsing infrastructure instead subsidizes Neo-Nazis with delusions of grandeur who have engaged in Crimes Against Humanity.

             But this will all be ignored by the Ameroboob, because the media has him convinced that Russia was the aggressor in all of this. With our own water treatment plants failing and utility costs becoming unaffordable; Wall Street and Washington are stuffing their pockets building such infrastructure in Ukraine. And the Ameroboob is satisfied that we're sure showing them thar Russkies while he pays with higher taxes, unsafe water, and higher electric bills.

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