Thursday, May 26, 2016


        The Southeast Asian welfare state known as The Philippines has a new president, Rodrigo Duterte, who has already made some controversial statements even before being sworn in.

        Now, Duterte is no stranger to controversy; as mayor of Davao, he was nicknamed The Punisher. Some human-rights groups suspected him of allowing death-squads to operate and committing acts of torture. During the campaign, Duterte did promise to bring back the death penalty and empty Filipino jails with it, "and start dumping their bodies into Manila Bay." he added for emphasis.

         The Western Media Cartels have been gushing over Duterte's victory, comparing him to Donald Trump and praising his tough law-and-order stances. Among other reforms, Duterte plans to ban public smoking and alcohol consumption; impose a nationwide 10 PM curfew on children and suppress other antisocial behaviors. Another proposal is to allow police to shoot suspected criminals on sight.

         Not to say that Duterte doesn't bend the rules a little himself. He's an admitted serial adulterer and once commented on the rape of an Australian missionary: "Was I mad that she was raped? Yes, that's one of the reasons. But she was so beautiful, as mayor I should have had her first."

         The Obama Administration who, along with their confederates in Tokyo, were largely responsible for Duterte's upset victory called his election"A testament to the vibrant democracy in the Philippines."

         Aside from his thuggishness Duterte is, in a predominantly Catholic country, outspoken in his contempt for the Catholic Church and his endorsement of the Rainbow-Pride Agenda. This naturally appeals to the effete American Left, as does Duterte's promise to include members of the Communist Party---who worked as enforcers for his death squads in Davao---in his cabinet. He's also already extended an olive-branch to Jihadist separatists and this, too, pleases the Beltway.

          Duterte is also a huge proponent of birth control and wants to limit the size of Filipino families. He also predictably passed gay-friendly laws as mayor of Davao, and once famously remarked: "If I obey the Ten Commandments or listen to priests, I would not be able to do anything as mayor."

           Most importantly to Washington and Tokyo, Duterte plans to make the Philippines a more aggressive player in their mutual designs against China. Duterte has proposed massive military buildups "in the eventuality of war with China" and has toed the Washington-Tokyo line in regards to Nansha. He has gone a step further and implied that he would take the initiative and confront China alone, if Western powers should show insufficient resolve.

             Now, none of this should be surprising. The passive-aggressive US policy of installing thugs to act as proxies for their economic and cultural imperialism has been going on since the Clinton years, though Obama has exceeded both of his predecessors in this type of policy. Al-Qaeda in Syria; Neo-Nazis in Ukraine; the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya; Criminal Hoods in Brazil; and now this prize package in the Philippines. Like all these others, Duterte has nowhere near majority support in his own country.

             And the Duterte Administration is liable to produce about the same results as the others. One of the radical flaws in US foreign policy is that our leaders simultaneously want to act as a Superpower while avoiding any of the risks or responsibilities involved in being one. This, unfortunately, has become a standard behavioral pattern among Americans in general. The Americans want proxies who take all the risks (while they reap all the benefits), and this rarely ever works out in actual practice. Russia and China learned from the Cold War that proxies don't work; hence with their more dynamic modern leadership they've humiliated the US repeatedly on the world stage and built respect among other peoples.

              And in the end, it will all accomplish nothing. The Philippines are in no position to challenge China, even with American and Japanese help. But the Filipino people will suffer. Not that any of that will matter to the somnambulant American public. So long as foreign affairs don't interfere with the drug supply, internet porn, or the bottom line; the public here won't care very much.


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