Saturday, May 14, 2016


     Elements of the Radical Left are engaging in yet another hostile takeover of an American academic campus; this time in Washington State. The pattern is the same as elsewhere: a collection of dirtbags who were accepted into Seattle University because they represented both diversity and a cash cow for greedy administrators are in revolt. Backed by Seattle street thugs and Leftist interest groups, they've taken over some administrative buildings. To the applauding local media, they're doing photo-ops; rolling off their lists of demands, like unrolling sheets of toilet paper---which is all that any of their demands are actually worth.

       It's not surprising that this latest uprising---completely orchestrated like all the others---would target a Jesuit-run university. Like all major cities on the North Pacific Coast, Seattle is a vipers-nest of anti-Catholic bigotry and Bolshevik-style radicalism. This is a city which has Communists on the City Council and a monument to V.I. Lenin in a public square; so one can see the operative mentality prevalent there. We'll certainly not see protestors shot down and hauled off to prison, as happened recently not far from Seattle in Burns, Oregon. In Burns, the protestors were predominantly white Christians who were protesting what they saw as unconstitutional policies by the US government. That kind of thing simply can't be tolerated in today's America. 

         Some on the American political Right are fuming over this latest outbreak of anarchism, but why should they? This event, and others like them, were entirely predictable. For the last several decades, the Ameroboob sat on his hands and did nothing while elements of the Far Left purged Academia of traditionalist elements. They voiced no objection as schools became dumbed-down; controlled and regimented by PC thought police; classical education pushed out of curricula; standards dropped; drugs overprescribed; grades inflated---from that, what did the American public expect was going to happen? Was destroying the educational systems and its standards supposed to produce excellence?

         No, the American public wanted equality of outcome in education, instead of excellence. And they were willing to pay hyperinflated prices for it, too. The Academic Mafia was only too eager to cash in, by giving the American public the kinds of schools it wanted: national champion sports teams and illiterate student bodies. Under such circumstances, overthrowing university administrations and campus riots were bound to happen.

           The American educational system is now so dysfunctional that its existence is probably more damaging to society than beneficial. Should there be public schools? Of course: they work well in most other countries. But why do they work well there and fail here?

            Politicians will tell us that American schools are failing because of lack of funding---even though foreign schools do better at a fraction of the price. Others will say that immigrant groups are the problem---though foreign countries like Belgium and Canada seem to do well in spite of having two official languages. And let us not forget that American schools were once internationally competitive---on lower budgets and with large immigrant populations.

            The truth that no one wants to face is this: foreign schools are doing better because parents in those countries take a proactive interest in their children's education and hold school authorities accountable. American parents are not doing that at all. They're evading their responsibilities and blaming everyone except whom they should blame: themselves.

             But no US politician or pundit will ever dare speak the truth. The truth in today's America means facing reality and taking responsibility and voters don't anybody who would tell them that.

             It used to be said that "Our children are our future." Take a good look at the campus revolts, the street riots, and the disruptions at political rallies. Because the future has arrived, and that is what it looks like. All the money poured into Academia over the last three decades and all the parental control that Americans passed on to Educrats has borne its fruit in places like Seattle University.

             And one thing that Americans will soon learn about the future: what you neglected to do in the past made your future what it is.



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