Tuesday, May 24, 2016


     Another argument brought up in the American immigration debate centers on the belief that immigrants cannot, or will not, assimilate into American culture. Now, no one outside of the deranged Cultural Marxists believes that American Culture is not in deep decline. And even the Left believes it, though they believe the decline is a positive thing. The question before us, in light of the US elections, is: are immigrants contributing to this cultural decline?

      Let us do a brief comparison. In the last article on this topic, we showed that immigrant labor has a stronger work ethic than domestic Americans. Now, let us see some demographics:

       1. The percentage of the population identifying as Christian is 23% higher in Mexico than the US.

       2. The divorce rate is 55% lower in Mexico than the US.

       3. Abortion is illegal in Mexico: homosexual 'marriage' is not recognized in most Mexican states. Mexico does not have no-fault divorce.

        4. The out-of-wedlock birthrate in Mexico is 30% lower than the US.

         So, it would seem that on traditional issues like faith and family, Mexico is a bit ahead of the United States. And contrary to popular belief, the rate of drug addiction is much higher here than in Mexico.

         Immigrants used to assimilate into American society. Why are they no longer doing so? Critics point to groups like La Raza, a radical group seeking an independent Latino state within the US. But La Raza is run by American nationals of Hispanic decent, not recent immigrants.

          We do not see immigrants destroying entire cities (unlike Black Lives Matter or Occupy Movements). We don't see them desecrating churches and harassing Christians (unlike Code Pink and the Gay Mafia). Immigrants aren't overthrowing university administrations or breaking up political rallies. What do radicals like La Raza have in common with these groups?

           The answer is that all of these people are products of taxpayer-funded American public education. The simple fact here is that today's immigrants are not part of the Great Melting Pot because they are taught not to be part of it.

            It is only common sense that if our society pays teachers, professors, and administrators to preach Cultural Marxism instead of Americanism; tolerates academic institutions whose stated purposes are to celebrate diversity and ethnic studies, what does anyone expect such educational systems to produce? Patriotic Americans who believe in American traditions?

             As we've seen from the statistics above, most immigrants have a predisposition to embrace the values that Americans once universally held. They are being deterred from it by the American academic establishment and a population utterly unwilling to hold it accountable.

               The problem of alien cultural non-assimilation is yet another problem of Americans' own making. In the past, when we had parents who actually took responsibility for their children's education, we had immigrants easily assimilating into our culture. Today, the public schools don't even teach the native-born how to be Americans.

                But try and tell that to the Ameroboob, and he responds with the knee-jerk phrase: "Oh yeah? Well if America sucks so much why do they all want to come here?" This is because our schools no longer teach geography or mathematics. If they did, he would know that there are approximately 10-12 million Mexicans in the US and 110 million still living in Mexico. In other words, they don't all want to come here. And they probably don't want to come here because things like faith, family, culture, and schools that actually function are important to them.

                 It's a shame that those things aren't important to us as well.  


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