Saturday, May 28, 2016


     Allied forces reported yesterday that Zara, Syria---site of a massacre perpetrated last week by Obama's moderate rebels, was retaken. Twenty women and children kidnapped and removed by the Al-Qaeda forces were liberated by Allied commandoes.

      Al-Qaeda forces entered Zara at dawn on May 14th, firing rifle-grenades and bazookas into homes. They broke into houses, murdered the inhabitants and gunned fleeing civilians down in the streets. An unknown number of women and children were kidnapped.

     The terrorist forces are known to take women and children prisoners to Jihadist safe havens in Turkey, where they are subsequently sold to international slave-traders.

      Captured Jihadists in Zara---with that loyalty and courage so characteristic of Wahhabi soldiers---reportedly disclosed the whereabouts of the hostages when offered the firing squad as an alternative. The Wahhabi sect is especially noteworthy for this type of unselfishness and charity: always allowing their brothers in the Jihad the privilege of obtaining the Crown of Martyrdom ahead of themselves.

       Syrian sources report that the hostages were unharmed.

       The Syrian ambassador to the United Nations called for a resolution condemning the Zara massacre, which has so far been obstructed by the US, UK, France, and the Neo-Nazi government of Ukraine.

        In other war news, Iraqi media reported the capture of a wanted ISIS leader---responsible for atrocities against the Yazidi Christians---who was attempting to flee across the Turkish border disguised in a Burkha. Allied forces in Iraq have also moved into the environs of Fallujah, a major ISIS stronghold. Some 20,000 Iraqi soldiers, supported by Kurdish militias and Chinese military advisors are preparing the final assault on the city. Fallujah has been under the ISIS jackboot since 2014.

       In Syria, Allied forces entered the outskirts of the strategic city of Deir Ezzur, in a battle now that has raged now for two weeks. Deir Ezzur is key to the upcoming assault on Raqqa, the ISIS capital and terrorist forces are desperately hold it at all costs, including Kamikaze-style suicide bomb attacks and employment of civilian human shields.

      Also, the Armenian ambassador to Syria announced his government's proposal to aid in the rebuilding of Palmyra. On Thursday, 56 truckloads of humanitarian aid organized by Russian relief agencies were delivered to recently-liberated villages in Western Syria.

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