Sunday, May 29, 2016


        Obama's Rainbow-Coalition Military suffered some embarrassing setbacks in the Middle East and is launching a media smear-campaign against Allied forces in retaliation. Now, American Media Cartels have been giving a big buildup to the Pentagon's re-entry into Syria and Iraq (although discreetly not mentioning that neither government wants them there). With the Jihad rapidly collapsing, despite US foreign policy experts' previous assurances that the Alliance would fail, Washington is desperately trying to jump back in at the last moment and claim victory.

         General Stanley Vogel illegally entered Syria last week from Jordan---where CENTCOM was banished to after being evicted from Iraq---and inspected the new units of the Syrian Democratic Force. This group was formerly known as the Free Syrian Army, and were Obama's original proxies organized to overthrow Assad. Comprised of Syrian Army deserters, escapees from Syrian prisons, smugglers and white-slavers, and others of similar character, the FSA had a few sporadic victories until the Russian Expeditionary force regained air superiority. They then retreated into Turkey amidst some US congressional furor over the billions of dollars the FSA cost, to no purpose.

         The pink-bowtied Pentagon chief, Ash Carter, dispatched arms and an unknown number of LGBTQ-friendly Special Forces as advisors to Turkey. Augmented by soldiers from Saudi Arabia and Dubai posing as rebels, the newly-christened SDF was pronounced by Vogel to be ready for action.

          The SDF invaded Syria last week. Despite an almost unbroken 5-month string of military defeats, the broken and demoralized ISIS forces quickly routed them, capturing positions and equipment and complicating matters for the Allies. Some Syrian lawmakers have proposed issuing an arrest warrant for Vogel; on the grounds that he entered Syria illegally and sabotaged the war effort. 

           Meanwhile, Iraqi Army successes against ISIS forces in Fallujah were being reported by the US media as the outcome of American intervention. The Iraqi government has taken great offense to these reports. Iraqi General Mohammed Al-Hatab issued a public statement asserting:

            "The so-called Coalition does not have an active partnership in these operations and the Iraqi Air Force is the main force in this war." General Hatab said. "In spite of the Coalition's procrastinations, the operation to liberate Fallujah is proceeding well, based on the strategy and the timeline."

            Shunning the Pentagon, Baghdad also brought military advisors from Iran to assist in the Battle of Fallujah. One Iraqi official noted that, "unlike the Coalition forces, Iranian commanders have proven their capacity to defeat ISIS; and even the US military bowed before them and acknowledged their power."

            Stung to the quick by these embarrassing developments, the American Media Cartels have embarked on a new round of Iran-bashing. Paid pundits are predicting that Iranian presence in Fallujah is part of some Shiite plot to incite a civil war between Shias and Sunnis. This in spite of the fact that Shias and Sunnis (and Christians) have fought successfully side-by-side as brothers against the Jihad in Syria. The Wahhabi Moslems are the sect perpetrating the Jihad; although the Media Cartels never bother drawing this distinction.

            And that should not surprise anyone. The Wahhabi governments of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait all own considerable stock in the US media and are big players on Wall Street. The Wahhabis also run groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) who act as advisors to the US government. US CIA Director John Brennan is a Wahhabi convert and US defense contractors like Halliburton and Xe are headquartered in the Wahhabi emirate of Dubai. The fact that Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban are also all Wahhabis is shrugged off by Ameroboobs as a mere coincidence.

            It should also be noted that, unlike the Pentagon, Iran is in Fallujah by Iraqi invitation.

           Spokesmen for the Iranian government agree. "The Corporate Media fabrications don't hold water any more." one stated to Fars News, "The remarkable thing about them is that they are only designed to support ISIS, slander the resistance, and defame the victory...Our commitment to the security of Iraq and the region is unshakable now and in the future. We are fighting the good fight, whatever the cost may be. The good fight is never about alleged Iranian aggression and hegemonic designs. It is about people. It's about getting them out of terrorism, humanitarian catastrophe, and social disintegration."

         As Americans prepare to celebrate Memorial Day, maybe we should reflect that our own military once stood for the same values. But today, our military stands for Left-Wing Political Correctness at home and against the forces fighting for Liberty abroad.


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