Monday, May 16, 2016


    The US Navy announced this weekend that Commander Eric Rasch was disgraced and relieved of command after a four-month investigation. Rasch was the executive officer commanded Coastal Riverine Squadron 3, a unit assigned to the Persian Gulf. It was personnel under Rasch's command whose poltroonery in front of the Iranian Navy made the American military an international laughing-stock for months to come.

    Commander Gregory Meyer, Rasch's superior officer is also being investigated. According to the Navy Times, "officials believe that a navigational error, along with some baffling errors in judgment on the part of the crew, led to their capture. Officials have suggested that the crew may have been taking an unauthorized shortcut through Iranian waters to meet up with a US Coast Guard vessel for refueling."

     To those who've followed the decline of the American military over the last two decades, the errors in judgment are not baffling at all. When a country dumbs-down its schools, emasculates its young men, and lowers military recruitment standards to the bottom of the barrel; why is anybody surprised when its military personnel do stupid things or act like cowards? The only surprising thing is that incidents like these don't happen more often.

        Now, daring to criticize our brave men and women in uniform in the US is tantamount to blasphemy, in spite of the fact that they've proven themselves to be complete schlepps for the last two decades. Lt. Commander Hossein Salami of the Iranian Navy---an actual military man---stated to the Iranian press that: "The Marines were crying when they were being captured, but they felt better after the IRGC forces treated them with kindness. The Americans humbly admitted our might and power, and we freed the Marines after we were certain that they had entered our waters unintentionally."

          Americans should be ashamed that the Boy Scouts of 50 years ago were tougher than the US Marines today. They should be, but they likely won't.

From this:

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