Friday, May 6, 2016


  Today is the unofficial holiday called 'Cinco de Mayo'; which is actually celebrated with more fanfare in the United States than in Mexico. In Mexico, it commemorates the 1862 Battle of Puebla, wherein General Ignacio Zaragoza defeated Maximilian's forces. Maybe the holiday gained more currency here because Zaragoza was born in Texas and was related to some of the defenders of the Alamo. But who knows...

    Zaragoza is on the Mexican $500 bill, showing that Mexico honors its patriots more than we do ours.

     Recently, some politicians have seized on the idea of constructing a border wall between the US and Mexico; something like the Berlin Wall, only a larger scale. The idea has been around for a long time. The City of San Diego constructed a wall between itself and Tijuana back in the 90s, but the later discovery of an elaborate tunnel system built underneath caused any further efforts to be laughed off the political landscape.

      But now, the Border Wall is back. To be honest, the hardest thing to understand is why Mexico opposes it. Mexico has a lot of problems, but not nearly on the level we have. Mexican schools actually educate people; the family is still strong; there are no so-called 'gender wars'; the Church is still respected; business is encouraged; political correctness is nonexistent; their news media actually investigates stories and informs people; Moslems aren't being allowed into Mexico to set up terror cells---in short, Mexico is culturally a lot like we used to be.

       Proponents of the Border Wall point to groups like La Raza as supposed evidence of evil Mexican designs on the country. La Raza is, in fact, made up of 2nd and 3rd generations of Hispanics who have been educated in Left-Wing American universities. They point to drug trafficking across the border as a problem---although the high demand for such products in the United States might actually be indicative of a more serious problem on our side. They point to the Drug Cartels in Northern Mexico; the Mexicans respond by pointing to things like Operation Fast-and-Furious and the notorious corruption of ICE agents, facts which Americans prefer to ignore.

        Americans also ignore the fact that most illegal drugs aren't coming from South America at all. Most of it is either produced here or smuggled in from Asia. Instead of spending billions on building a wall, it might be a better idea to beef up security at our ports. At last report, only two percent of cargo coming to the US is properly inspected. Why sneak across the border when you can sail right into an American port and have a 98% chance of not getting caught?

        Of course, the Trump Card of the Wall's supporters is the claim that illegal immigrants are stealing American jobs and putting a drain on the welfare system.

       The US Chamber of Commerce found in 2013 that over half of illegal immigrants were paying withholding taxes; and estimated that as a group, illegal immigrants actually pay more taxes than they take in welfare. Now, certain ethnic groups of native-born Americans actually cost more in welfare than they pay; but it's politically incorrect to mention that, since black lives matter.

      As for them stealing American jobs, the idea is absurd. The reason immigrants are taking American jobs is because:

       1. Their culture instills in them a work ethic---ours does not.

       2. Their culture rewards initiative---ours does not.

       3. Their culture encourages them to develop job skills---ours does not.

       Think about it for one moment: if all illegal aliens left tomorrow, who seriously believes that all the ghetto trash, the street bums, and the fork-bearded hipsters pontificating in salons are suddenly going to rush in and fill their jobs? Or, more to the point, what employer would want them to?

       Therein lies the irony: basically what politicians on the Right are saying is that Americans are entitled to jobs which doesn't exactly strike one as a Conservative position. And that's because it's not a Conservative position.

       Conservatives believe---or used to believe--- in free enterprise. That is, people competed for jobs and the best qualified got them. That's why Ronald Reagan---the last real Conservative to hold Executive Office here---dealt with the 'immigration crisis' by granting a national amnesty in 1986. Reagan also believed in tearing down border walls. But like the Communist Party of East Germany, the Right today wants border walls and job entitlements.

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