Sunday, October 29, 2017


    It's hard to believe, but our site has finished another six months of existence. This last period saw some major progress. The Manosphere's Red Pill Cult took two heavy losses with the exposure and downfall of Robert Fisher---a New Hampshire politician operating the notorious Red Pill Subreddit; and second the universal Internet ban on Andrew Anglin's evil The Daily Stormer. And there's much indication that Churches are beginning to see the danger of male radicalization and take steps to combat it.

      The Trump Administration is draining swamps and restoring American culture. The Deep State elites have been losing ground as the people seem to have found a voice. Trump is also taking on the Opioid Epidemic head-on and breaking up criminal gangs like MS-13. 

       Our readership here has expanded globally. The biggest statistical surprise this six months was a dynamic readership jump in Turkey. President Erdogan has apparently lifted the ban he had on us before---maybe because we praised the way his guards handled the Antifa losers who protested his last visit here.

        National readership is as follows:

1. US
2. Russia
3. Canada
4. Turkey
5. Germany
6. The Donbas Republics
7. Australia
8. Ireland
9. France
10. UK

      The most-read article of the six months was published on September 27th titled Trump Launches Initiative to Close Science Gap. The Trump Administration---mostly through the influence of Vice-President Pence---has recognized that we are in grave danger of losing global leadership in science. In fact, we have already fallen behind Russia, China, and the European Union in several areas. As with the Opioid Epidemic, previous administrations were in denial about the US falling behind in science and technology. The fact that this article was most read is a positive sign that many Americans are getting on board with these initiatives. 

        The second-most read article was published on September 7th, titled Vox Day Howls as he Gets a Taste of his Own Medicine. The hypocrisy and double-dealing of Red Pill cultist Vox Day---especially after the Charlottesville debacle landed a few of his cronies in jail---came back to haunt him. The very tactics he proposed against others were used on him by his disgruntled minions. Actually 2017 has been a disastrous year for Vox and the Red Pills generally. Let's hope that we can make 2018 even worse for them....

        Anyway, we're looking forward to another six months...thank you to all loyal readers and commenters who've helped us grow! 

Saturday, October 28, 2017


      John Horvat of the America Needs Fatima blog wrote an excellent article recently which all interested in social issues should read. He speaks in this article of the need for social safety valves; ways in which people can unite and forget their political differences. The Cultural Marxists have been breaking down these types of institutions for decades. This is especially true on the larger scale with men: all-male institutions and social networking venues have been co-opted by Feminists and homosexuals. But women have suffered too, because women traditionally found a cause outside themselves in the family or community works. These institutions, too, have broken down.

      Some may wonder why something as seemingly insignificant as the NFL protests are actually important. As Horvat notes: "The Left sees these calming safety valve issues as expressions of an oppressive regime which must be overthrown. Even the slightest recourse to safety valve traditions is decried as intolerable oppression that must be eliminated. The Left understands that importance of the safety valve to social stability. That is why they are using safety valve issues to advance their cause."

        Yes---Horvat gets it. He understands what many Conservatives do not: that what is being done in these types of Leftist attacks has nothing to do with the Left's concern for scouting, football, bathrooms, marriage, or 'gun culture'. It has everything to do with destabilizing society.

         Thanks largely to our dysfunctional educational system, most Americans don't understand that fomenting social instability and dividing society through Political Correctness has been a Leftist tactic since Karl Marx' day. The purpose of doing so---as practically all Marxists have said openly---is to create such social chaos that the tyranny of Communism seems desirable and benign to a populace desperate for law and order. The first modern Communist government came about in the short-lived Paris Commune of 1871 after the humiliating French defeat in the Franco-Prussian war and the chaos that ensued in Paris afterwards, for example. Most Marxist and Socialist regimes came into power in such ways.

         Horvat also makes this prescient point: "Pressures build in such a climate and can lead to radical social shifts. Indeed, life becomes impossible without social safety values."

          He touches on a point which we have brought up often relative to Men's Issues. In fact, most of the issues which Horvat mentions are deliberately and specifically aimed at men. The Boy Scouts, the Military, professional sports, all-male clubs, politics, first responders, etc. were all constructive ways for men to assert themselves in constructive ways and make a difference. These avenues have been closed by Political Correctness. Even statues of heroes are torn down; men's literature is removed from schools---and most degrading of all, men are being forced into unisex bathrooms: as if even relieving themselves is some act of 'patriarchal oppression'. Fathers and husbands are considered irrelevant in marriage. 

          Men are psychologically designed---by God or Nature---to defend and maintain a society. In the Old Testament, God's first command to Adam was to "defend the Garden and maintain it." This is a man's natural calling and the greatest fear of any male is  failure and insignificance. As an example, recently I observed two city street-bums fighting over who got a position on the sidewalk for begging. That's how strong the fear of insignificance really is in males---even in that degraded condition, one bum couldn't stand the thought of being a lesser bum than the other. 

         When men are shut out of constructive ways to assert themselves, it follows that they're going to take destructive paths. Some stop fighting and become male feminists or part of LGBTQ/Liberal culture. Others join cults like the Red Pills and pretend to be 'Alphas'. Others turn on society and become mass killers or join gangs like Antifa or Al-Qaeda. Many turn to crime. Many also turn to drugs, alcoholism, and suicide. 

        Nature is always going to take its course, whether would-be social engineers like it or not. But what course it takes depends upon us as a society. As Horvat says, it's a mistake to believe that an election, or an economic stimulus, or legislative action will turn things around. To undo 3-4 decades of cultural destruction, we are going to need some systemic social changes. 


Friday, October 27, 2017


       The San Francisco 49ers, an NFL team which managed to go from producing national icons like Joe Montana to producing social dregs like Colin Kaepernick within a single generation, is reportedly donating a half-million dollars to gun control and anti-police activist groups. After the announcement, Jed York, the team's owner huffed indignantly to fake-news outlet ESPN that people were "painting him as a Leftist." 

       But it actually doesn't take too much paint. Open Secrets shows that York donated thousands during the last election to Hillary Clinton and to Democrat California Senator Kamala Harris. York himself is related to the DeBartolo family, who founded the team. He is one of several trust-fund babies who make up much of the NFL leadership in whom generations of inbreeding has taken its toll. He was appointed by his mother to head the 49ers in 2008. Sports Illustrated writer Michael Rosenberg wrote in 2014 that York's leadership "has created a culture which encourages selfishness, weakness, and back-stabbing" within the 49ers organization. 

      Needless to say, York is completely supportive of NFL players protesting President Trump and taken to social media to egg the protests on even further. It's not surprising either that York favors disarming citizens and disabling police. The 49ers have numerous players who've spent a lot of time in jail since York took over. Former San Francisco end Aldon Smith---the most frequently arrested player in NFL history---was also a 49er. Aside from Smith, 10 other San Francisco players have run afoul of the law since 2009. 

        Most recently, these crimes include assaulting a 70 year-old man and domestic violence. Others include DUI and drug offenses. In 2014, corner-back Chris Culliver ran over a cyclist while speeding and threatened a witness with brass knuckles. There's some real high quality folks with whom York associates. 

         It's hard to believe today, but once the San Francisco 49ers were the epitome of excellence. They had a reputation of being a tough, 'blue-collar' team who won games without a lot of grandstanding and celebrity hype. The aforementioned Joe Montana once scored five touchdowns in a single game despite having a broken rib-cage. 

        But that was then and this is now. Today the 49ers are the epitome of Trash Culture---just like the rest of the NFL. 



Thursday, October 26, 2017


    Prior to the 2016 Election, how many of us ever thought we'd see the day again when Government officials would admit wrongdoing and propose restitution for the aggrieved citizens? Well, it's happened. Today Attorney-General Jeff Sessions offered an out-of-court settlements for two class-action lawsuits. The lawsuits were brought by representatives of hundreds of non-profit organizations---mostly affiliated with the 'Tea Party' and other populist-conservative groups---who claim that they were unfairly targeted for special scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service at the Obama Administration's orders. 

      Sessions hasn't released the amounts of the Settlements as of yet. But he had this to say: "It is now clear that during the previous Administration, the IRS began using inappropriate criteria to screen applications for 501(c) status...The IRS' use of these criteria for heightened scrutiny was wrong and never should have occurred. It is improper for the IRS to single out groups for different treatment based upon their names or their ideological positions. An entitlement to a tax exemption should be based upon the activities of an organization and whether or not they fulfill the requirements of the law---not the policy positions adopted by the members of the group nor the name they choose to reflect those views. There is no excuse for this conduct. Hundreds of organizations were affected by this conduct, and they deserve an apology from the IRS. We hope that today's settlement makes it clear that this kind of abuse of power will not be tolerated."

       There isn't much to add to this except a round of applause. If anyone still doubts that the Beltway culture is changing, this should dispel such doubts. 

         Today's settlement is also important for the legal precedent it establishes. By extension, this should also call into question all acts of discrimination based on ideology; such as is reportedly being done in college admissions. At any rate, this is a huge victory rejecting anti-Conservative bias in the bureaucracy itself.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017


        On Monday, President Trump righted a decades-long oversight by awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to Captain Gary Rose for his heroic services during the Vietnam War. Captain Rose himself was in attendance. A presidential aide gave this statement to the Corporate Media, which promptly buried the story:

         "From September 11th to September 14th, 1970; while his unit was engaged against a much larger force deep in enemy territory, then-Sergeant Rose ran repeatedly into the enemy line of fire to provide critical medical aid to his wounded comrades, using his own body on occasion to shield a wounded American soldier from harm." (As a side note here: the North Vietnamese routinely used to shoot wounded Americans to draw other soldiers like Sgt. Rose out into the open where they could also be shot.) "On the final day of the mission, Sgt. Rose---although wounded himself---voluntarily exposed himself to enemy fire while moving wounded men to the extraction point, loading them onto helicopters, and helping to repel an enemy assault on the American position. As he boarded the final extraction helicopter, intense enemy fire hit the helicopter causing it to crash. Again, ignoring his own injuries, Sgt. Rose pulled the helicopter crew and members of his unit from the burning wreckage and provided medical aid under fire until another helicopter arrived."

          Therein is quite a contrast both to today's military personnel and to what passes for masculinity today. Rose didn't need to read Red Pill blogs to tell him how to be a man---he simply was one. Rose is a hero to be sure and thoroughly deserved this long-delayed recognition. But this what defines a man---not the number of his sexual conquests; but how he behaves when the chips are down. Surrounded by a gang of Communist savages, Rose's only thought was for his fellowmen. He didn't run for a safe space as Generation Snowflake would do; nor he decide to save his own skin and leave the chumps and suckers to their fate as most Manosphere writers would advise. 

           In a recent post, we discussed how our contemporary culture is failing men. As recently as 1970, we were producing men who rescued people from burning helicopters under fire; today we produce males who beat up girls at White Power rallies. Let us just say for now that the latter's behavior is more reminiscent of the Viet Cong's than of American forces' during that conflict. 

          How did our culture's attitudes shift so radically in one generation? Cultural Marxism, which is rooted in the same kind of envy and narcissism that prevailed in North Vietnam, is largely to blame. The draft-dodgers and drug-addicts who evaded military service during the 1960s and 1970s hid out in universities and later graduated into Academia, the Media, and Government. The Left-Wing domination of our Cultural Elites and the political divisiveness of our society can be traced straight back to the Vietnam War Era. 

          We don't have to go many years back to the root of the decline, and thus the problem is not insolvable. But we do as a culture need to be made aware of the impact that our social decline has had on men. As President Trump said to Captain Rose during the ceremony: "Your will to endure, your love for your fellowman, your devotion to your country inspires us all. Nations are forged out of the strength and patriotism that lives in the hearts of our heroes." That is the attitude that we need to build in men again today. 


Monday, October 23, 2017


   After a little over three years, the ISIS Caliphate went down in final defeat yesterday with the fall of their capital, Raqqa. Raqqa was the last major city held by the ISIS gang. Iraq is now totally liberated from ISIS control and Syria is 95% free. 

      Most military sources predicted that the Battle of Raqqa would be a protracted and bloody fight like Aleppo or Fallujah. Instead, it was probably the most anti-climactic battle since the Battle of Atlanta during the US Civil War in 1864. Raqqa went down with very little resistance and not even to Allied Forces; but was overrun and occupied primarily by Peshmerga (Kurdish) militias. There are unconfirmed reports from the Kurds that only about 650 ISIS fanatics defended the city at its end---based on enemy casualty-counts. 

        President Trump issued a congratulatory statement to the Peshmerga leaders, whom the US more-or-less alone supports. The Peshmerga followed up on their victory by capturing a nearby oilfield from ISIS. Some Allied leaders fear that Trump is planning to follow Obama's cockamamie scheme to create a Kurdish State, but these fears are probably groundless. The Kurds are probably accumulating territory as a bargaining-chip in the postwar reconstruction. 

        As for Raqqa itself, the scene is a tragedy. The city is such terrible condition that it's really questionable whether or not rebuilding is possible. The pictures are a graphic illustration of what Wahhabi fanaticism and Western Liberalism actually accomplish.

         The following are images of the same neighborhoods circa 2012:

       The city previously held approximately 225,000 inhabitants and had one of the largest Christian populations in Syria, numbered at around 30,000. As of this writing, the Peshmerga have reportedly found 7 Christians still alive after three years of ISIS rule. 

        Whatever the geopolitical fallout from the Fall of Raqqa will be, the important issue is that ISIS is dead. Only a few years ago, Obama and General Mattis fled from Iraq and RINOs like Senator Lindsay Graham were cowering at the prospects of ISIS invading South Carolina. They grossly underestimated what a more virile population than what inhabits the Beltway Swamp can actually do. 

          True, ISIS operatives have fled and will create other disturbances in other parts of the world. But their base is gone; most of their leadership is dead; and their numbers significantly reduced. The Fall of Raqqa was the organization's final lethal blow and it will never---it must never---be allowed to rise again. Like other terrorist regimes, ISIS' invincibility was an illusion and as of today, they have passed into history. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017


      So there was another incident lately at an Alt-RINO rally in Florida. During a speech by Richard Spencer, some gunplay occurred in the crowd and three yahoos were jailed as a result. No one was injured in the incident, although it caused considerable panic. According to authorities, the trio was taunting some counter-protesters with Nazi salutes and slogans; words were exchanged and then the guns came out. 

         The Miami Herald reported the suspects' names as Tyler Tenbrink, and the Fears Brothers, William and Colton, all from Texas. They are a thoroughly Red-Pilled lot; William Fears refers to himself on social network sites as "the charismatic leader of a White breeding cult." He and Tenbrink were hobnobbing with the other Alphas up in Charlottesville during the riot last August. And like many of the other Red Pills, the trio are no strangers to jails. 

          William Fears also describes himself as an 'Internet Troll'. He boasted to the Corporate Media that he was radicalized by reading Red Pill sites. Although he didn't specify which sites, the fact that he was arrested in June for a violent confrontation with Oath Keepers is strongly circumstantial evidence as to which ones. He was also jailed in 2009 for kidnapping a young woman at knife-point and also served time for drugs, trespassing and assault. 

            Tenbrink has been spotted at several Neo-Nazi and Alt-Right events in between his "extensive" jail terms. The most recent was another Felony Assault in 2014, meaning that the firearm he wielded in Florida was illegally possessed. 

            We see here once again specimens of radicalized men such as ex-President Bush spoke of this week. When we read their interviews and writings, Tenbrink and the Fears Brothers spout most of the Red Pill talking-points common on Manosphere websites. As a society, we need to do some serious soul-searching as to why these radical movements are appealing to so many.

            Ex-President Bush spoke of defective education; President Trump has elsewhere stated that the breakdown of family and religion are responsible. Pope Francis has addressed the issue too, pointing out that young men are losing their moral compass. All of these are true to some extent. 

              The problem that we really need to address is how we, as a society, discriminate against men and have been closing all avenues for healthy masculine expression. The Boy Scouts and the Military have been pushing men out and allowing girls and homosexuals in. Sports have become corrupt; the business field encourages gender-competition, as does the media. Even marriage has become so anti-male---at least on a legal and social level---that many men eschew it altogether. 

              We need to reverse these kinds of social trends. Men are biologically and psychologically built for achievement and their energies need to be channeled into socially constructive ends. Our society though is bent on deconstructing masculinity; i.e. social emasculation. If men don't find outlets in constructive ways, the gangsters, the revolutionaries, the cultists, and others like them will offer them plenty of less constructive outlets. And it's not too hard for them to recruit men when so many males have come to believe that Civilized Society has turned their backs on them. 

             Enlisting in radical movements, however, because what is needed is faith and patience. Faith that things can be turned around and the patience to do so. But as a society, we need to be doing much more. 


Saturday, October 21, 2017


    Former President Bush delivered a speech on Thursday outlining some of the issues that he feels currently face our society. It wasn't long before the Corporate Media picked various pieces of his speech out of context and used them to attack President Trump. Bush's speech said nothing about President Trump; and in fact, much of what Bush said was in agreement with the current Administration. 

       The fake-news outlets have been focusing on a particular section of Bush's speech which in actual context warned that the polarizing politics in the European Union should not become normative here. Bear in mind, these remarks followed a nationalist victory in Austria just a few days before and also that Bush is a supporter of the European Union:

       "America is not immune from these trends. In recent decades, public confidence in our institutions has declined. Our governing class has often been paralyzed in the face of obvious and pressing needs. The American Dream of upward mobility seems out of reach for some who feel left behind in a changing economy. Discontent deepened and sharpened partisan politics. Bigotry seems emboldened. Our policies seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication."

        All of this is true: but the Media leaves out the most important qualification: Bush admits that these trends have been continuing for decades. In fact, many can be traced back to the Administration of his father. The Clintons played largely on these divisive themes to win the 1992 elections. And doubtless Bush well remembers the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories circulated by the Whacko Left from 2001 onward. 

         Right after this paragraph, Bush adds the following, which the Corporate Media discreetly ignores:

          "There are some signs that the intensity of support for democracy itself has waned, especially among the young, who have never experienced the galvanizing moral clarity of the Cold War, or never focused on the ruin of entire nations caused by Socialist Central Planning. Some have called this 'Democratic Deconsolidation'. Really, it seems to be a combination of weariness, frayed tempers, and forgetfulness."

         Does this sound like an attack on Trump's policies? When has Trump ever advocated 'Socialist Central Planning'? 

          What Bush is addressing here is an issue that we've spoken of several times ourselves: the radicalization of the young. Especially on both the Far Left and the Far Right---which, as correctly noted---are not American ideals at all, but imports from the political sewers of Europe. Europe has a history of Communism and Fascism: we do not. These old theories are being resurrected by malcontents over there and funneled into the United States to gain American sympathy (and money) for them. George Soros is not an American. And we've also shown that neither are the leaders of the American Far Right. Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Matt Forney, Paul Ramsey, and Vox Day are in regular contact with European radicals and some of them have also relocated to Europe.

          "We have seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty." Bush continues, "At times it seems like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than the forces binding us together. Argument turns too easily into animosity. Disagreement escalates into dehumanization. Too often, we judge others by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions---forgetting the Image of God that we should see in each other."

            Isn't this the very root of Trump's Make America Great Again agenda? The idea that we should be American again and not playing Identity Politics?

            Bush goes onto advocate strengthening American defense, reclaiming global economic leadership, and educational reform---all things that Trump is also advocating. While some of Bush's and Trump's specific policy approaches differ, their general goals and sentiments seem to be fairly closely aligned. 

            "Our democracy needs a media that is transparent, accurate, and fair." Bush concluded, "Our democracy needs religious institutions that demonstrate integrity and champion civil discourse. Our democracy needs academic institutions that are examples of truth and higher learning."

            Thus it can be seen that, once again, the lying media hyenas will distort anything said or done by anyone and employ it to attack the current Administration. Trying to read an attack on President Trump into Bush's speech is absurd. But the Media degenerates thrive on absurdities, which is why growing numbers of Americans are tuning them out altogether. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017


      The Corporate Media---run by the likes of the hypocritical pervert Harvey Weinstein and the satanist Sally Quinn---promote pseudo-scientists who give confirmation bias to the Leftist agenda. The public often wrongly assumes that these charlatans represent all scientists; many of whom genuinely search for answers that will benefit humanity.

        Dr. Paul Hruz, a biologist at Washington University recently published a thesis, which the media ignored, explaining that so-called transgender therapy is junk science and ultimately harmful. Transgender Therapy is being pushed on prepubescent children by perverted social activists as a cure for Sexual Dysphoria. Sexual Dysphoria is a morbid childhood condition wherein a child strongly exhibits psychological tendencies of the opposite sex. The Rainbow Mafia has been recommending---and in some cases actually administering---hormonal treatments and 'counseling' (i.e. homosexual 'grooming') under the guise of Therapy. 

          Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians, agreed with Dr. Hruz' findings. 

         "The use of these types of hormonal drugs is treating puberty like a disease, arresting a normal process which is critical to normal development for kids." 

          This really isn't surprising since psychologists have known since Freud's time that homosexuality is a disease which stems primarily from unresolved conflicts during puberty. Homosexual activists no doubt have traumatic memories of their own puberty and so see it as a disease. 

         As for Sexual Dysphoria, psychologists also have known from the mid-20th Century onward that it is a condition caused by conflicts within the family constellation. It can be reversed with changes in the family; or failing that, with counseling. And many kids simply change their own attitudes.

          Dr. Cretella also stated that "There have never been long-term studies on hormone-repression drugs, and their impact---particularly on children---is unknown. What is known however is that the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and growth disruption associated with hormone therapies used for cross-sex treatment."

          Now we're relatively that nobody reads that in the Corporate Media. But what Dr. Cretella says is not only scientific, but logical. When you have a developing physical body and feed it drugs to counteract that growth physical damage will be the inevitable result. And the fact that these drugs haven't even been tested is even worse. 

          The people who push these drugs on vulnerable children are invariably advocates of outlawing religious counseling for minors---which the Media calls Conversion Therapy. I think that it's simply common sense that anyone who advocates feeding kids narcotics and tries to keep them away from church probably doesn't have the children's best interests at heart. Consider, for example, that the USDA will close down a farm giving unapproved hormones to livestock; but the Rainbow Gang think nothing of giving them to children.

         The psychological after-effects of this kind of 'treatment' are also unknown. "The reality is that there is no science behind this drastic kind of treatment." Dr. Hruz stated. "Without treatment, around 90% of patients outgrow Sexual Dysphoria by their teens and realign their identity with their biological sex."

          Of course---and the reality here is really that these children grow up and begin discovering the opposite sex. How many parents throughout human history have seen their tomboy little girls suddenly turn into Disney princesses about the age of 12 or 13? And it happens to boys too. A lot of anxious fathers have seen their sissy sons turn into the polar opposite in high school. 

         Sexual Dysphoria is an even more pronounced condition than being a tomboy or a sissy. And still 9 of 10 kids overcome it. 

           Hopefully the findings of Dr. Hruz and the support of the ACP will draw the attention of legislators and governmental regulators and these officials will close down these insidious and barbaric practices before more children are harmed. 




Wednesday, October 18, 2017


      Callista Gingrich, wife of the former House Speaker, was confirmed yesterday as the US Ambassador to the Vatican after a 70-23 Senate vote. Mrs. Gingrich is an activist in Catholic causes and has pledged to fight human trafficking and religious persecution in her new post. This is especially important as anti-Christian persecution is now at historically high levels.  The situation is further aggravated by the plethora of anti-Christian bigots in the Corporate Media, who cover up for, and applaud persecutors.

       Mrs. Gingrich is seen by many Vatican officials as a welcome change from Obama-appointed ambassador, Ken Hackett. Hackett was the former head of Catholic Relief Services, an organization funded by George Soros. During Hackett's tenure, CRS was exposed repeatedly funding and promoting pro-abortion groups. They were also involved---along with the Clinton Foundation---in some of the shady dealings in Haitian relief scandals.

      "The Holy See is engaged on every continent promoting religious freedom and human rights; while fighting terrorism and human trafficking and working to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like Ebola and AIDS." she said. 

        Not surprisingly, all of the Senate votes against Mrs. Gingrich were from the overtly Catholic-hating Left, with Dick Durban, Ron Wyden, Bernie Sanders, and Pocahontas Warren leading the charge. RINOs Cochran, Graham, and McCain abstained. 

       Mrs. Gingrich, like Mrs. Trump, is a regular attendee at Mass. She actually sings in a choir at the historic Basilica National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. She heads a charitable non-profit organization and has produced documentaries honoring Pope John Paul II. 


Tuesday, October 17, 2017


      Attorney-General Jeff Sessions announced today a major blow against imported opioid smugglers. Two Chinese nationals were indicted for manufacturing and distributing Fenatyl in Chinese factories; and their distribution networks in the US and Canada broken up. 

       Several months ago, the Chinese Ministry of Health banned Fenatyl as a prescription drug. The surpluses and production capabilities, however, have found their ways onto the Black Market. In light of the Chinese crackdown and higher prices and greater demand in North America; organized crime in China has turned to the US market. 

       Jian Zhang, also known as 'Hong Kong Zaron' is a specimen of such gangsters. He's believed to have shipped "thousands" of opioids through a money-laundering and postal fraud front based in Canada. DOJ official Rod Rosenthal stated that an 18 year-old's overdose death in North Dakota led investigators to a local pusher who was purchasing the Chinese-made narcotics over the Internet using Bitcoin. The FBI now knows that Zhang's tentacles spread across at least 11 states, employing American and Canadian crooks. Eight of the ringleaders of the Zhang group---all Americans---were rounded up today and jailed. 

       Xiobing Yan operated two known pill-mills in China under a variety of aliases and false-fronts. He was also trafficking other narcotics into the US, disguising the packages as containing spices, perfumes, etc. Yan's activities were uncovered after a local distribution ring was dismantled in Mississippi. His companies, via the so-called Dark Web, were pushing Fenatyl directly to US distributors. According to the DOJ, Yan's mills can produce "ton quantities" of the drug and that agents have seized "enough Fenatyl for thousands of lethal doses." 

        The FBI also seized "about 100 distributors involved in Yan's network."  And investigations are ongoing. 

         How much of the Opioid traffic was disrupted by today's actions is impossible to calculate, but it is significant. How much damage Yan, Zhang, and their confederates were responsible for is also extensive. Sessions and Rosenthal both noted that several Opioid overdose deaths have been traced to products these two gangsters turned out. 

         China---which is also suffering from an Opioid problem---agreed at a recent CED Summit to cooperate with the US in fighting this scourge. The Chinese authorities face some unique problems of their own; but Sessions commended them today for their assistance in upsetting this network---clearly a menace to both countries. 

Monday, October 16, 2017


      There was a terrible story from ABC-7 in New York City yesterday about a car crash which claimed the life of 25 year-old Harleen Grewal. Here's what the story had to say:

       "A woman's body was found in a car after a fiery crash on the Gowanus Expressway in Brooklyn on Friday morning. Authorities say that the driver---believed to be the man whom she was dating---hailed a cab in the middle of the highway while she burned to death. The car was found facing eastbound in the westbound lanes between Hamilton Avenue and Prospect Expressway just after 4 A.M. The 2007 Infiniti G35 was fully on fire. When firefighters put out the flames, they found a badly burned woman in the passenger seat. She was pronounced dead at the scene."

       A witness to the accident filmed her boyfriend, named only as 'Ahmed', fleeing the scene by flagging down a taxi. Ahmed is the Brooklyn Jail currently, for Leaving the Scene of an Accident, although new charges are piling up as we write. 

       The story brought to mind several articles that have appeared this year from the Manosphere's Red Pill Cult, sneering at white knights who risk their lives protecting or defending women. We saw them deriding men who made themselves human shields during the Las Vegas Massacre; the three men who were stabbed on the Portland PDX; and various other times. Many of these authors have written about the supposed stupidity of historical cases where men died defending their homes or the 1912 Titanic Disaster where men saved the women instead of themselves. 

         It's not known whether Ahmed read sites like these and was red-pilled himself; but he behaved exactly as these writers advise men to do. He thought of himself first and acted accordingly. 

          The Red Pills would snort back that Ahmed was justified since postmodern women also treat men as expendable. They would say that since Feminists despise the idea of a needing a man, that Miss Harleen should have been left to fend for herself. The answer to this objection is that it is obviously morally wrong to sacrifice a human life to prove a point. Besides that, if Ahmed had saved her life he would have proven the Feminists wrong; whereas by running away, he reinforces their 'all men are selfish pigs' attitudes. 

        Men and women are not 'equal' in the sense that we commonly understand it; nor are gender roles artificial social constructs. They are equal in a complimentary sense that the unique strengths of each gender counterbalances the unique weaknesses of the other. Whether one believes this of Divine Inspiration or Evolutionary Necessity, the results are the same. It is for the same reason that the schemes of sexual anarchists on both political extremes can never work in reality---whether so-called 'gay marriage' or the proliferation of sexbots. 

        From the other side of the coin, Harleen Grewal clearly made a bad choice in men. This is another issue that Feminists want to pretend doesn't exist; but women's bad choices often have fatal consequences like this. Our education of young girls in American society is radically defective. The loss of fathers' and brothers' influence has taken a heavy toll. But the media perverts and the lesbians in academia won't discuss it although they pretend to be looking out for female interests. 

        Clearly, though, it doesn't serve anybody's interests to encourage men to behave as Ahmed did. Not even his own selfish interests, because he's liable to be jail for quite some time. A lot of others who do what the Red Pills tell them are in the same spot.


Sunday, October 15, 2017


     Nearly every American---with the exception of Wall Street and the Swamp-RINOs---favors President Trump's goal of bringing back American-made products. Foreign money not only helped bankroll the Deep State and cost American jobs; it has flooded our market with cheap, inferior goods. And many Federal agencies have uncovered several instances of actual cheating on America's own laws.

       The Japanese Empire, a country that has never apologized for starting WW2 but whose money buys massive influence in the US, is one of the worst offenders. Japan's third-largest steel manufacturer, Kobe Steel, confessed that it has been falsifying data on strength and durability of its metal products for over a decade. The Boeing Corporation is one of the US' largest customers of Kobe Steel; as are Japanese vehicles Toyota and Honda. British readers should note that Hitachi---who builds some of the railway equipment there---used Kobe Steel in British trains. 

        The scandal has been another blow to the Imperial Cabinet; especially since Prime Minister Abe was an executive at Kobe Steel before entering politics. 

        This case is by no means atypical of Japanese business practices. During the Obama Administration, automotive airbag manufacturer Takata was caught manipulating safety tests on airbags. This led to a massive recall on 42 million vehicles and seven known US traffic fatalities. In 2016, Mitsubishi and Suzuki were found faking fuel-economy tests. 

      It's not only product safety, but the Japanese have caused problems in the financial markets as well. Again during Obama's term, Olympus and Toshiba were found to be lying about their profit-margins which inflated their stock-value at a huge loss to US investors. 

       Part of this problem is rooted in Japanese Culture. Their well-known contempt for foreigners and fanatical nationalism leads to attitude that doesn't put much pride in export quality. The Kobe Steel scandal is another reason why we need to pursue policies that encourage manufacturing here once again. 

      But whenever this issue comes up among Republicans, the Swamp-RINOs immediately object claiming that free-trade is impaired. Actually, it's not free-trade in any sense of the word when foreign producers drive American producers under with unfair trade practices. The RINOs though, like their friends the Democrats, only believe in competition when they have an unfair advantage. 

       As of 2017, there are only eight steel plants producing in the US, employing a mere 150,000 workers. We export 11 million tons of steel per year and import 39 million. Clearly, this situation has to change. President Trump and Commerce Secretary Ross announced that they would be working on a comprehensive plan to revive the Steel Industry last Summer; hopefully this scandal in Japan will spur on support for the plan.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


    Depending on your time zone, this weekend marks the 100th Anniversary of the celebrated Miracle of the Sun which occurred at Fatima, Portugal. The event occurred during a series of visions that three shepherd children had in a grotto in which the Virgin Mary appeared and spoke of many things that would effect the world. 

     On this day in October, 1917, a crowd of between 100,000 and 250,000 had converged on the grotto where the children had promised a great event would be seen. It was lightly raining that morning. The Left-Wing Portugese government had been trying to suppress the visions, including once putting the children in jail. A film crew and photographers were present. Communist and Atheist agitators were among the crowd; disputing with and ridiculing the populace as superstitious fools. One of the children then announced that Our Lady requested that the people put away their umbrellas---which most did in spite of the continuing drizzle. 

       When the visions ended, Mary typically left in a ball of light. But this time, the light shot upwards at great speed, parting the clouds. The rain stop and the children called: "Look at the sun!"  At that point, witnesses saw the sun change to a darker hue---making it visible to the naked eye without pain. Then the sun began to bounce. It suddenly stopped and then begin to spin, like a pinwheel, sending off all colors in the hue of its light. It then spun the opposite direction. 

        Then the sun stopped again and began descending towards earth. The resulting heat dried the ground; and nearly everyone was on their knees or their faces. The event was seen for 20 miles, and in some places, the Army was called in to restore order. 

        Much has been said and written about Fatima; but there is a very simple lesson in the events of that day. In October, 1917; the world was at war, a global pandemic and Communist revolutions were breaking out everywhere. In some of the villages around Fatima, there were riots among those believing that the world was ending.

         But the world did not end; and therein lies the point. God showed that He end the world easily, at any time He chose, yet He chose not to. Whatever Man and the Devil could do, it was God alone Who is in control of the Earth and the faith of little children---literally, in the case---was our protection against the world's evils. For the child visionaries were not afraid. They knew that God was their Friend and nothing truly evil could happen even as it appeared that the sun itself was falling. 

        To our mind, that is the most important lesson from the Miracle of the Sun. Mankind may bring evil upon itself; the Devil may sow seeds of Chaos and destruction, but God holds the Ultimate Power and those who trust Him will never be harmed---even death leads to Eternal Life. When the Miracle of the Sun ended, everything was normal again: even the rain had gone away. And so it is and will be as long as Man walks on the Earth with God. Evil endures for a night but Joy comes in the morning, to quote the Psalmist. All of the evils facing the world in 1917---the Imperialists, the Bolsheviks, the plagues--- are gone today, but Faith lives on. And it always will. 

Friday, October 13, 2017


      If anybody still doubts that things inside the Beltway have been changing radically since the 2016 election, we need look no further than President Trump's Proclamation issued this afternoon. The President proclaimed next week National Character Counts Week. The full text of the address can be read here; and is reflects definite change from the amoral and often immoral attitudes of the last four administrations.

        Unfortunately, not everyone inside of the Trump Administration shares his sentiments. Among the worst of these is Obama's former CENTCOM commander---now Defense Secretary, James Mattis. Mattis has done practically nothing to end the Deep-State corruption in the Pentagon; in fact, he was a wholehearted supporter of Obama's policies until his last-minute 'conversion' to Trump in 2016. 

       The American Military used to have a reputation for building character. It still does; but the characters it builds are nothing to brag about. As a specimen of these trends---on the same day that Trump complained about Iran calling our country the Great Satan no less---these four worthies made the news:

         The two dykes and two thugs pictured above happen to US Air Force personnel. They are, as of this morning, sitting in the Sumter County Jail in South Carolina for desecrating a church. 

          Our brave men and women in uniform are accused of spray-painting the Salem Black River Church with Satanic graffiti, causing several thousand dollars in damage. They also broke down the church doors, though they apparently fled the scene before entering. 

          Alannah Staver, a woman with lieutenant's rank at the politically-correct 20th Fighter Wing, told the Corporate Media "Such behavior is not representative of the personnel at Shaw Air Force Base. We are part of this community and disappointed to hear of this incident."

          The Pentagon is looking more and more like a low-budget version of the NFL. 

           The Salem Black River Church belongs to the Presbyterian denomination and is an historic building, constructed in 1846. The building is considered an excellent specimen of Grecian Revival Architecture---which was very popular in the decades before the Civil War. Local historians state that it was constructed on the site of an earlier church founded by Scotch-Irish immigrants in 1759.

          The church building is also believed by local tradition to be haunted. A churchgoer who asked not to be named told a South Carolina newspaper that such stories have attracted Satanists and other occultists in the past. It was also among churches included on a 'target list' that investigators found in Dylann Roof's car. Roof killed nine people in an historic church in nearby Charleston.

         So what are Satanists doing in the Air Force? Well recall that in 1999 the Clinton co-presidency lifted the long-standing ban on Satanists, Wiccans, and others of that stripe. The handbook for Military Chaplains issued that year lists the Church of Satan as a recognized religion and did so for nearly a decade afterwards. There are many quasi-Satanist sects still listed in the current manual.

          A better question, though, is why RINO Mattis hasn't bothered changing any of these policies. Probably because he is largely a product of the Clinton Administration himself. And that Administration was famous for boasting that "character doesn't count." 


Thursday, October 12, 2017


    This morning, President Trump announced that Joshua Boyle and his wife Caitlyn and their three children were rescued from Taliban kidnappers and are now free. The family had been held hostage during the entirety of Obama's second term, but Trump secured their release only nine months after taking office.

     Boyle is a Canadian national and his wife is American. According to a statement from the White House, the American, Canadian, and Pakistani governments coordinated the efforts to bring the family home. The CIA located the Boyles in a village along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and, this morning, Pakistani troops raided the camp bringing the family away unharmed, though Boyle is being treated for a shrapnel wound. The Jihadist guards were all killed, according to a communique from the Pakistani General Staff.

      President Trump stated that the rescue was a positive sign, and vowed that remaining kidnapped Americans would also be freed. 

       The Corporate Media likely won't give Trump any credit for this achievement, but it's noteworthy that, once again, Trump accomplished in a few months what Obama neglected to do in several years. Along with swamp-draining, stalled Obama-Era crises and scandals are being unraveled and cleaned up. We've seen long-standing trade issues resolved; the drug and gang problems taken on; and several legal issues getting mopped up. Among the latter, the Volkswagen Scandal, Epipen, LIBOR, the 'Fat Leonard' Scandal and a constellation of lesser-known issues that spanned Obama's term are either resolved or close to resolution. 

       Another positive thing about this story is that Trump achieved the hostage-release without violating Pakistani sovereignty. Under both Bush and Obama, this was a major issue between the two countries. Hopefully, the days of unilateral US military interventions in Pakistan are over; and Trump will pursue a win-win cooperative arrangement as he did today. The Pakistani Media was expressing the same hope in its editorial pages today. 

     The Boyle Family lives in New Brunswick, and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said that they would be repatriated to Canada shortly. She asked the media to respect the family's privacy but declined, on national security grounds, to comment on Canada's role in their release. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


      From the US State whose fanatical Attorney-General built a reputation suing Christian businesses and denying Right of Conscience protocols, a story has emerged of reverse discrimination. 

        A group called Abolish Human Abortion had been passing out literature when they decided to go to a local coffee shop---appropriately named Bedlam Coffee---when some uptight local told the owner that the customers were part of the demonstration. The owner suddenly went berserk; drove the customers out while screaming obscenities and homosexual propaganda. Some have reported that the owner was actually foaming at the mouth and overturning tables during the rampage. Other customers fled the scene as well.

      The Seattle Media, which is made up of the same kinds of people as the shop owner, was naturally sympathetic to his outburst. But demonstrating less hypocrisy, the Pro-Life group has declined to take any legal action in accordance with their principles that businesses should be allowed to serve whomever they wish. But so much for Seattle's vaunted commitment to Safe Spaces. 

       The Gay Mafia has such a stranglehold on Seattle politics and culture that it's doubtful any legal action would have gotten anywhere anyway. We're talking about a city here that has both the highest percentage of homosexuals and the highest percentage of drug addicts in the country. Scenes like that which occurred in the coffee shop are common on the city streets. 

       We're talking here about a city where references to Columbus Day have been effaced, but monuments to Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin are honored:

          And where the first (openly) homosexual mayor was forced to resign after being accused of drugging and raping teenage boys:

        And where children's playgrounds are named after homosexual pederasts: 

      So naturally, like vampires, Seattle Leftists are triggered and outraged at the Sign of the Cross. 

        However, the group Abolish Human Abortion deserves credit and commendation for the dignified and responsible way they handled the matter. Hopefully, the incident will shame a few Seattle residents into more civilized behavior. But we're not holding our breath.