Monday, October 23, 2017


   After a little over three years, the ISIS Caliphate went down in final defeat yesterday with the fall of their capital, Raqqa. Raqqa was the last major city held by the ISIS gang. Iraq is now totally liberated from ISIS control and Syria is 95% free. 

      Most military sources predicted that the Battle of Raqqa would be a protracted and bloody fight like Aleppo or Fallujah. Instead, it was probably the most anti-climactic battle since the Battle of Atlanta during the US Civil War in 1864. Raqqa went down with very little resistance and not even to Allied Forces; but was overrun and occupied primarily by Peshmerga (Kurdish) militias. There are unconfirmed reports from the Kurds that only about 650 ISIS fanatics defended the city at its end---based on enemy casualty-counts. 

        President Trump issued a congratulatory statement to the Peshmerga leaders, whom the US more-or-less alone supports. The Peshmerga followed up on their victory by capturing a nearby oilfield from ISIS. Some Allied leaders fear that Trump is planning to follow Obama's cockamamie scheme to create a Kurdish State, but these fears are probably groundless. The Kurds are probably accumulating territory as a bargaining-chip in the postwar reconstruction. 

        As for Raqqa itself, the scene is a tragedy. The city is such terrible condition that it's really questionable whether or not rebuilding is possible. The pictures are a graphic illustration of what Wahhabi fanaticism and Western Liberalism actually accomplish.

         The following are images of the same neighborhoods circa 2012:

       The city previously held approximately 225,000 inhabitants and had one of the largest Christian populations in Syria, numbered at around 30,000. As of this writing, the Peshmerga have reportedly found 7 Christians still alive after three years of ISIS rule. 

        Whatever the geopolitical fallout from the Fall of Raqqa will be, the important issue is that ISIS is dead. Only a few years ago, Obama and General Mattis fled from Iraq and RINOs like Senator Lindsay Graham were cowering at the prospects of ISIS invading South Carolina. They grossly underestimated what a more virile population than what inhabits the Beltway Swamp can actually do. 

          True, ISIS operatives have fled and will create other disturbances in other parts of the world. But their base is gone; most of their leadership is dead; and their numbers significantly reduced. The Fall of Raqqa was the organization's final lethal blow and it will never---it must never---be allowed to rise again. Like other terrorist regimes, ISIS' invincibility was an illusion and as of today, they have passed into history. 

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