Tuesday, October 10, 2017


      From the US State whose fanatical Attorney-General built a reputation suing Christian businesses and denying Right of Conscience protocols, a story has emerged of reverse discrimination. 

        A group called Abolish Human Abortion had been passing out literature when they decided to go to a local coffee shop---appropriately named Bedlam Coffee---when some uptight local told the owner that the customers were part of the demonstration. The owner suddenly went berserk; drove the customers out while screaming obscenities and homosexual propaganda. Some have reported that the owner was actually foaming at the mouth and overturning tables during the rampage. Other customers fled the scene as well.

      The Seattle Media, which is made up of the same kinds of people as the shop owner, was naturally sympathetic to his outburst. But demonstrating less hypocrisy, the Pro-Life group has declined to take any legal action in accordance with their principles that businesses should be allowed to serve whomever they wish. But so much for Seattle's vaunted commitment to Safe Spaces. 

       The Gay Mafia has such a stranglehold on Seattle politics and culture that it's doubtful any legal action would have gotten anywhere anyway. We're talking about a city here that has both the highest percentage of homosexuals and the highest percentage of drug addicts in the country. Scenes like that which occurred in the coffee shop are common on the city streets. 

       We're talking here about a city where references to Columbus Day have been effaced, but monuments to Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin are honored:

          And where the first (openly) homosexual mayor was forced to resign after being accused of drugging and raping teenage boys:

        And where children's playgrounds are named after homosexual pederasts: 

      So naturally, like vampires, Seattle Leftists are triggered and outraged at the Sign of the Cross. 

        However, the group Abolish Human Abortion deserves credit and commendation for the dignified and responsible way they handled the matter. Hopefully, the incident will shame a few Seattle residents into more civilized behavior. But we're not holding our breath. 

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