Friday, October 6, 2017


       Between outbursts of Trump-bashing and politicizing the Las Vegas Massacre, the media punditocracy has been wringing its hands as more and more information comes out about the shooter. 'How can we understand such evil?' the media complains. Actually, most of the media doesn't recognize the evil within themselves; so trying to explain it in others is a task for which they are not equipped.

      In fact, the media should be focusing on the good people are doing; like coming together to help the victims. But they, and the public at large, seem obsessed with the motives of the gunman. What few understand today---that our forefathers learned from Faith---is that Evil is irrational and the motives for these types of crimes wouldn't make sense to a normal mind even if we knew it.

     A well-remembered line from the classic Western film Barquero  is worth remembering here. When a gang of outlaws led by the vicious Jake Remy try to steal Travis' barge to escape the pursuing Army and Travis moves it and the refugees across the river, one of the refugees asks: "Why don't we just give him the barge? Then he'd have no reason to kill us" To which Travis replied: "His kind don't need a reason to kill."

    Wise words. We can't unravel a reason for the Las Vegas Massacre precisely because it had no reason. Postmodernists have a hard understanding this, because their belief systems are wholly materialistic and sensual. They reject God because they cannot comprehend Infinite Goodness; but by the same token they cannot fathom Satan, who represents Evil beyond human understanding.

     The best that we can really do is to comfort the victims, and help them rise above tragedies like these. We may be limited in our understanding of evil, but not limited in understanding its consequences.

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