Thursday, October 19, 2017


      The Corporate Media---run by the likes of the hypocritical pervert Harvey Weinstein and the satanist Sally Quinn---promote pseudo-scientists who give confirmation bias to the Leftist agenda. The public often wrongly assumes that these charlatans represent all scientists; many of whom genuinely search for answers that will benefit humanity.

        Dr. Paul Hruz, a biologist at Washington University recently published a thesis, which the media ignored, explaining that so-called transgender therapy is junk science and ultimately harmful. Transgender Therapy is being pushed on prepubescent children by perverted social activists as a cure for Sexual Dysphoria. Sexual Dysphoria is a morbid childhood condition wherein a child strongly exhibits psychological tendencies of the opposite sex. The Rainbow Mafia has been recommending---and in some cases actually administering---hormonal treatments and 'counseling' (i.e. homosexual 'grooming') under the guise of Therapy. 

          Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians, agreed with Dr. Hruz' findings. 

         "The use of these types of hormonal drugs is treating puberty like a disease, arresting a normal process which is critical to normal development for kids." 

          This really isn't surprising since psychologists have known since Freud's time that homosexuality is a disease which stems primarily from unresolved conflicts during puberty. Homosexual activists no doubt have traumatic memories of their own puberty and so see it as a disease. 

         As for Sexual Dysphoria, psychologists also have known from the mid-20th Century onward that it is a condition caused by conflicts within the family constellation. It can be reversed with changes in the family; or failing that, with counseling. And many kids simply change their own attitudes.

          Dr. Cretella also stated that "There have never been long-term studies on hormone-repression drugs, and their impact---particularly on children---is unknown. What is known however is that the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and growth disruption associated with hormone therapies used for cross-sex treatment."

          Now we're relatively that nobody reads that in the Corporate Media. But what Dr. Cretella says is not only scientific, but logical. When you have a developing physical body and feed it drugs to counteract that growth physical damage will be the inevitable result. And the fact that these drugs haven't even been tested is even worse. 

          The people who push these drugs on vulnerable children are invariably advocates of outlawing religious counseling for minors---which the Media calls Conversion Therapy. I think that it's simply common sense that anyone who advocates feeding kids narcotics and tries to keep them away from church probably doesn't have the children's best interests at heart. Consider, for example, that the USDA will close down a farm giving unapproved hormones to livestock; but the Rainbow Gang think nothing of giving them to children.

         The psychological after-effects of this kind of 'treatment' are also unknown. "The reality is that there is no science behind this drastic kind of treatment." Dr. Hruz stated. "Without treatment, around 90% of patients outgrow Sexual Dysphoria by their teens and realign their identity with their biological sex."

          Of course---and the reality here is really that these children grow up and begin discovering the opposite sex. How many parents throughout human history have seen their tomboy little girls suddenly turn into Disney princesses about the age of 12 or 13? And it happens to boys too. A lot of anxious fathers have seen their sissy sons turn into the polar opposite in high school. 

         Sexual Dysphoria is an even more pronounced condition than being a tomboy or a sissy. And still 9 of 10 kids overcome it. 

           Hopefully the findings of Dr. Hruz and the support of the ACP will draw the attention of legislators and governmental regulators and these officials will close down these insidious and barbaric practices before more children are harmed. 




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