Sunday, April 30, 2017


    David Duke, former supreme potentate of the Ku Klux Klan, has been stirring up some controversy again online. It seems that his latest publicity stunt has been posting pictures of attractive young women on Twitter with captions saying things like "I'm pretty because both my parents are White' and similar memes.

      As we've had occasion to remark recently;  most Nazis, White Supremacists, Red Pills, and similar types are low-testosterone males suffering from varying degrees of psychosexual dysfunction. It simply isn't a normal male reaction to notice a pretty girl and begin reflecting on her racial heritage first and foremost.

      We all realize that women with a non-white parent are never beautiful, right?






       So it's fairly clear then, that Duke and his followers have no idea what female beauty actually looks like. Most Red Pills are of the opinion that women's only purpose is breeding genetically perfect boys---we can draw our own conclusions about that. Some, like the disgusting Chateau Heartiste fantasize about a future where sexual robots with artificial wombs will obviate the need for women at all.

       "There's nothing more that Jews hate than pretty babies." Duke opines. Sure, Jewish guys like Jared Kushner have only contempt for girls like this:

       Sometimes, these fanatics on the Far Right are even more ridiculous than the kooks on the Far Left.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


     Vox Day, an American expat whose main occupation seems to be hiding behind a keyboard and inciting his followers to cause as many problems for American Conservatives as possible, had an article yesterday encouraging men to join extremist groups engaging in street violence at pro-Trump rallies.

      Many Conservatives have been drawn to the groups Vox praises, who allegedly appear at pro-Trump demonstrations to defend the constituency. Actually, these people are radicalized infiltrators who are there to commit violence (although the Antifa---who are just as radical---usually instigates it). The important point, though, is that these characters aren't there to support the President or his policies, but to draw attention to their extremist causes by creating a media circus.

      Kyle Chapman, a Red Pill 'masculinist' with a lengthy criminal record, is the commandant of a group called The Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights who is partnering with another gang, The Proud Boys, headed by foreign-born provocateur Gavin McInnes. They are appearing at pro-Trump rallies on a regular basis now and creating headlines---mostly negative ones that completely distract from the demonstrators' actual message.

      "Our emphasis will be on street activism, preparation, defense, and confrontation" Chapman boasted, "We will protect and defend our Right-Wing brethren when the police and government fail to do so. This organization is for those who possess the Warrior Spirit. The weak or timid need not apply."

       Chapman is known online in Red Pill circles as 'Based Stickman' and 'Alt Knight'. He is currently out of jail on six charges stemming from a confrontation in Berkeley last March. Chapman dindu nuffin' according to his defenders; and is being promoted as some kind of political prisoner---an image he cultivates. In reality, Chapman is no stranger to jail cells. In 1993, he was in prison for armed robbery; in 2001 he was convicted and imprisoned for Grand Larceny; and in 2008 for weapons charges---serious enough for a 63-month sentence.

        This is the guy Trump supporters want protecting them? Here's a tip: Demonstrators are free to hire their own security. They don't need---or should desire---street thugs of dubious ideology to assume the authority themselves. Especially not ones headed by career criminals and foreign agitators. And as we've often noted, most of The Red Pill Philosophy is rooted in sexual perversion and latent homosexuality. Terms like Based Stickman and Proud Boys are transparent indications of this group's inherent hatred of women, religion, and civilization which is grounded in their perverse attraction to 'Alpha' males. Certainly nobody you'd want around women or children.

         Like the case of Robert Fisher, Stickman is another clear-cut case of a Red Pill infiltrator of Conservative groups. Their goal has never been to work with Cuckservatives and Churchians as they call us. Their goal is to mainstream their radicalism. Vox Day, cited above, said the following in an article denouncing William F. Buckley as a corrupter of Conservatism:

        "I think that the old Conservatives would do well to call themselves 'Constitutionalists' because it's obvious that the current batch don't give a d--n about it. And neither do we of the Alt-Right, because it is obvious that the Constitution has not only failed, completely, by its own stated purpose but is being used to restrain the Right. The Alt-Right believes in only three things: Nationalism, Western Civilization, and Winning. Everything else is negotiable or a means to one of those three ends. We aren't Conservatives. We aren't philosophers. And we don't care about the Constitution, the Rights of Man, the Enlightenment, the Holocaust, or anything else with capital letters that gets in the way of our success." (June 9th, 2016).

         Vox' sentiments, and those of his fellow-parasites Chapman, McInnes, and Fisher are essentially the same. They are fanatics obsessed with destroying the existing social order and imposing upon us their warped interpretations of nationhood and civilization without regard to legal (Constitutional) or moral (Biblical) restraints.

        Conservatives should beware of being duped and expel these infiltrators from future demonstrations. And young men should beware: these fakes offering you fulfillment are wolves in sheep's clothing.




   Another six months has passed, making it now one year since we launched this project. During the second period, we saw an increase in readership---especially abroad. We thank everyone who've joined and those who've stood with us during a wild and wooly period of change; both for the good and for bad.

     Every six months, we list the Top Ten most viewed posts of the period: our 'Readers' Choice'. As with the previous six months, exposure of the dangerous Red Pill Cult featured quite prominently. With the Election of President Trump, posts exposing threats from the Far Left were also widely read.

      As for the Red Pill Cult itself, this six-month period saw it pretty badly damaged. But there is still much to be done: and our civilization faces threats from all directions. With Trump's election, we are not only in a time of fighting off enemies, but helping to rebuild a society and encourage our friends.

       Our Top Ten countries, in terms of readership (for the last year inclusive) are in order: the US, Canada, Russia, Germany, Australia, France, Ireland, the UK, Portugal, and the Donbas Republics.

       And here are YOUR top-rated posts:

1. NH Politician Exposed as Red Pill Ringleader (April 25th). Published just four days ago, the story of Robert Fisher has gone viral. Fisher was the head of the notorious Red Pill Sub-Reddit and now a New Hampshire legislator. His duplicity in hiding his connections to the cult have led to demands for his resignation.

2. Red Pills Bite on Fake News (February 3rd). While not the most disastrous blow to the Red Pills, it was their most humiliating. Someone had circulated posters against dating white men in the Seattle Metro Area; and the Red Pills immediately declared it attempted genocide against Whites. The poster turned out to be a hoax.

 3. Melania and MAWGA (April 4th). Our glamorous First Lady had her official portrait completed. This post outlined how Melania has brought true femininity back to the White House.

   4. PUA Race-Baiting and Dylann Roof (January 10th). Another article that went viral about the radicalization of men and its consequences. The story led to calls for Christian leaders to speak out against the Red Pill Movement.

   5. The Manosphere's Repugnant Marriage Rules (March 11th). A Red Pill blogger named The Artisanal Toad composed a series outlining the Cult's version of 'Biblical Marriage'. This article exposed the gross and blasphemous nature of their beliefs.

   6. Democrats and the Diaper-Pin Revolution (November 14th). In the immediate aftermath of the 2016 Election, frustrated Clinton supporters took to displaying diaper-pins on their clothes. Why, no one knows. Fortunately, this fashion accessory died out; and Melania and Ivanka Trump have been setting new fashion trends instead.

    7. Reply to Pastor Doug Wilson (January 14th). A controversial post that was related to #4. Reverend Wilson more or less declined to take any part against radicalism in the church.

     8. Pizzagate (November 27th). Does anybody even remember this? Between Election Day and Christmas, it was actually a hot topic. This story probably will become one of our most famous urban legends in the future.

     9. The APA and Trump Derangement Syndrome (February 20th). Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a psychosocial phenomenon that has arisen since the election. It is remarkable in that professionals---teachers, business and community leaders, media figures, etc.---have been known to go completely berserk in public; often at personal and public risk. It can be triggered by even the most peripheral reference to President Trump and strikes without warning. Psychologists themselves were risking their careers writing anti-Trump propaganda, and the APA was forced to issue a warning to this kind of malpractice.

   10. CDC: Drugs Kill More Americans than Guns (December 9th). A story completely covered up by the Corporate Media---official government numbers for 2016 revealed that more Americans die from opiate overdoses alone than from gunshot wounds. And 1/3 of those deaths are from prescription opioids.

      Thanks to all once again, and we look forward to another six months!


Friday, April 28, 2017


     Following a rocky month in foreign policy, President Trump signaled yesterday that he is taking a more direct hand in US Foreign Policy. Trump met with the President of Argentina at the White House, snubbing Rex Tillerson. In fact, Trump finally replaced the pusillanimous Obama-appointed State Department spokesman, Mark Toner, with former Fox News personality Heather Nauert. This move put Tillerson on notice that the State Department needs to start replacing Obama appointees, a long-overdue necessity.

     Tillerson also got rebuffed when the Trump budget proposed massive cuts to USAID. A Congressional Inquiry found that taxpayer money was being funneled through USAID to fund various Soros front-groups; one of which is again fomenting political violence in Macedonia. 'Rainbow Rex' stonewalled the investigation---and even defended Soros against the Hungarian Government's efforts to proscribe him---this was evidently too much for Trump.

      President Trump also directed Tillerson to crack down on UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's repeated breaches of diplomatic protocol. Haley has put under a gag-order: strictly forbidden to speak on Foreign Policy unless cleared by the White House. Haley has been causing complaints from the United Nations because she frequently spouts her personal opinions in place of national policy. Most recently she has advocated regime change in Syria and North Korea---policies which Trump had to disavow. Haley has also been repeating fake news on the UN floor, including the absurd stories about homosexual death-camps being set up in Chechnya.

      Recall that Nikki Haley is the same politician who responded to a church-shooting by leading a nationwide ban on Confederate flags. She has a definite proclivity to hysterical reactions to tin-foil-hat urban legends: witness her behavior after the staged Syrian chemical weapons attack.

     Meanwhile, the meeting with Argentine President Mauricio Macri was a success; although the glamorous First Ladies of both countries generated almost as much international commentary as the meeting itself. Melania Trump is definitely bringing a much-needed revival to the Washington social scene and the evening's dinner was widely discussed favorably in the South American Media.

      For his part, Presidents Trump and Macri discussed the deteriorating situation in Venezuela along with bilateral trade issues and reportedly reached a consensus on a joint effort to fight international cocaine traffic.

      Macri noted that US-Argentine relations have improved dramatically since the Obama Administration.


    Bob Wallace, of the blog Uncle Bob's Treehouse has reportedly passed away at the age of 60. Wallace's blog was one of the better social commentary blogs, and in many ways an inspiration for ours. His articles often shone a badly needed dose of common sense during storms of controversy and confused rhetoric.

     "Robert Martin Wallace Jr., 60, of Granite City, Illinois passed away unexpectedly at 1:07 PM Thursday March 30th at Gateway Regional Medical Center in Granite City.

     "He was born August 17th, 1956 in Granite City to Robert Martin and Glenna (Weiss) Wallace. Bob worked at the Granite City Warehouses."

H/T: Vulture of Critique


    The debacle on the Korean Peninsula is getting worse for Tillerson, Soros, and the other chicken-hawks. China has put its forces on high alert and sent an unequivocal notice that unilateral action on the peninsula would not be tolerated. Vice-President Pence---one of the few sane voices on the issue, returned from South Korea no doubt with a fair impression of the hopeless condition of America's military. Pence has been urging Trump to work with China on resolving the conflict: which aims to bring North Korea to the negotiating table.

      Admiral Harry Harris, the Obama-appointed commander of US Forces in the Pacific, was called to Washington today to testify in front of RINO Lindsay Graham. Harris' poltroonery in front of North Korea was as apparent now as it was during Obama's failed Asian Pivot. Throughout the testimony Harris appeared on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

       And likely not without good reason. Among the issues that have come out in the hearing is that US Forces on Okinawa and in South Korea are defenseless against incoming attack. North Korean submarines were undetected although near the US Fleet. Nobody in the Rainbow-Pride Pentagon noticed until yesterday that Hawaii has no anti-missile defenses. And only a few days ago, it was noted that our outdated power grid is wide-open to EMP attack.

        Meanwhile, protests have erupted all across South Korea over the Pentagon's decision to deploy THAAD missiles in the country. This, of course, was another of Obama's and Harris' ideas which was implemented under disgraced South Korean President Park. The Trump Administration informed South Korea today that they would be responsible for paying for THAAD. The South Koreans are less than enthusiastic about paying for a war that the Pentagon starts. The Japanese, too, are buckling---like the Pentagon, the Japanese fear China. 

        And that is the problem with using the Military as a diplomatic weapon. The Trump Administration inherited a military that nobody respects. And nobody respects it because it is no longer respectable. To bring back that respect, the Pentagon must be treated like a swamp to be drained like all the others. 


Thursday, April 27, 2017


     It's often said that the Red Pills are a 'divisive element' within our culture; but for the third time in six months, both Democrats and Republicans have united against their foul actions and deeds. In November, President Trump disavowed Richard Spencer and his followers. In December, Rep. Ryan Zinke (now the US Secretary of the Interior) led a bipartisan effort to frustrate an anti-Semitic demonstration in Montana plotted by Andrew Anglin of MGTOW The Daily Stormer.

       Following yesterday's revelations that NH State Representative Robert Fisher was the evil genius behind the notorious Red Pill Sub-Reddit, Republican Governor Chris Sununu joined Democrat calls for Fisher's resignation.

       "Representative Fisher's comments are horrendous and repulsive and his resignation is certainly in order." Governor Sununu told WMUR. Both Republican and Democratic leaders issued a joint statement in the NH Legislature endorsing Sununu's statement.

        Fisher, in typical Red Pill form, played the Victim Card and claimed himself the target of a media witch-hunt---incredibly even claiming that his hideous posts at Reddit were 'taken out of context'. And just as typically, the other Alpha-Boys seem to have thrown Fisher under the bus; commentary about Fisher's downfall in the Manosphere has been sparse, to say the least.

        Jennifer Horn, NH Republican Party Chairwoman was more resolute: "These are despicable comments. Representative Fisher's attempts to cast himself as the victim are beyond the pale. Having a State Representative who actively advocates violence against women is an embarrassment to our State and contributes to a society that minimalizes sexual assault and makes it more difficult for women to report these crimes and seek justice. Frankly, I am sick and tired of the repetitive nature of these stories and the way that too many in politics dance around this issue."

        It's about time a Republican leader said that. Either Conservatives stand for protecting women or they don't.

       "It's not about free speech, partisan ideology or anything else." she continued. "This is about violence that primarily victimizes women and it has to stop. The only way that this will happen is if politicians on both sides of the aisle make this a top priority in our State."

       Fisher and the rest of the Red Pills do not fundamentally believe in protecting women; the term White Knight and chivalry in general are used in a derogatory sense by them repeatedly. "Rape isn't absolutely bad" Fisher once opined, "Because the rapist I think likes it a lot. I think he'd say it was quite good, really."

       Now, people often say things they later regret, once their judgment has matured or they realize that they've been deceived by false information. But Fisher, it should be noted, was writing some of his most virulent Red Pill propaganda at the same time that he was a registered Democrat---and even ran for office on that party's ticket. We presume that he concealed his true beliefs from the Democratic Party, just as he did to the Republicans when he changed parties in 2013. It's not partisan with these fanatics: it's about promoting an agenda that is adverse to American values and they will use political parties and any other vehicle serving their purposes.

        Whether or not Fisher resigns, this exposure has thrown a spanner into any political plots he might have been considering. The NH Legislature should consider censure though, if their Constitution allows it.

          On a positive note, this affair is an example of how American Media and Government are supposed to work. The Media exposes a threat to freedom and the government acts. Hats off then to Bonnie Bacarisse, Governor Chris Sununu, Jennifer Horn, NH House Speaker Shawn Jasper, and Democrat Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff on a job well done.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


    A freelance writer named Bonnie Bacarisse published an exhaustively-researched article in The Daily Beast today exposing that the personality behind the notorious Red Pill Sub-Reddit is none other than New Hampshire State Representative Robert Fisher. Fisher, a RINO Republican who defected from the Democrats in 2013, is known among the Red Pill Cultists as 'PK_atheist' and sometimes as 'Fred Fredrickson.'

     The Red Pill Sub-Reddit has about 195,000 subscribers. It's mostly a revolting cesspool, advocating abusing women and sneering at traditional Conservatives and Christians. In fact, that was how Fisher got caught: Miss Bonnie was able to connect him between Reddit and some atheistic and anti-religion sites. Fisher, of course, prudently kept all of these activities discreetly out of his constituents' sight.

       This is one of the things that makes the Red Pill Cult exceptionally dangerous. Fisher is a classic case of an infiltrator---a fanatic who poses as a mainstream Conservative or Christian, then undermines both movements from within. The Red Pill movement as a whole is something like a proletarian version of neo-conservatism. They have all the worst features of the Secular Right minus the frat-boy, country-club elitism and veneer of sophisticated cynicism.

       The Red Pills believe in a perverted elitism wherein a convert to their ideology becomes an 'Alpha' or an ubermensch. They feel entitled by this status to unlimited success and power---and when this does not occur, they blame society at large which (according to them) is to blind or too corrupt to recognize Alpha superiority. Besides Alphas, they categorize men into various other categories in descending order relative to their inferiority to the Alpha. Alphas are kept down in society, by this theory, through a loosely defined cabal of Jews and 'Social Justice Warriors'. The Jews and SJWs are jealous of Alpha superiority and so devise various nefarious plots to elevate themselves by keeping the Alphas down---especially by empowering women.

     Although the Red Pills swallow almost all Feminist pseudoscience, they claim to be anti-Feminists. This they actually do by twisting Feminist gender-superiority theories into Masculinist ones. By empowering women, the Red Pills mean allowing women more social or legal rights than a slave. They wholeheartedly believe in the Feminist mythology of a 'patriarchy'; except that they believe it a Golden Age to which society should return. Likewise they believe Feminist myths about 'gender as class warfare' and invent absurd theories about inherent female nature.

       It takes little psychological insight to realize that sexual perversion and fear of female sexuality drives the Red Pill Philosophy. Everything they teach is centered on controlling and dominating women in an antisocial and often brutal way. Fisher has written at the Red Pill Sub-Reddit that rape is justifiable, for example, and sees nothing wrong with the 'Alpha' maintaining harems. He advocates something called Dread Game which is a form of psychological abuse to obtain women and---more importantly---to keep them from leaving. Anyone familiar with the tactics of Cults recognizes that there is nothing novel about Dread Game. It's also known as programming by professionals who deal with cults.

       Oftentimes though, Alphas discard members of their harem, for various reasons. "Women have totally done this to themselves." Fisher wrote, "I feel zero regret or shame about pumping and dumping." 

       "I should feel free to have sex with whomever I please without the worry of a false accusation costing my job or jail time," Fisher pontificates, apparently not realizing that men who did things like rape and adultery were often very severely punished in the days before Feminism.

        Bonnie Bacarisse notes in the article that false accusations are brought up frequently among Red Pills as evidence of a 'Rape Culture' that supposedly persecutes men on a woman's mere accusation. The FBI notes, however, that 3/4 reported rapes never are even followed up because of lack of evidence. Around 20% go to trial and about 6% of accused men are convicted and jailed.

       If we are having a problem with false sexual accusations, it's because the Corporate Media keeps sensationalizing these and encouraging copycats; and greedy trial lawyers see a chance to score a cash payout (as recently happened at Fox News). But the Red Pills won't address those things, because facts don't fit their agenda.

         Fisher expresses how he became a Red Pill convert, and it speaks volumes. After a relationship ended, Fisher was denied visitation rights; and the article claims that his ex threatened him with legal accusation. Fisher assures his disciples that he "dindu nuffin'" but what he says afterwards should make us a bit suspicious:

       "I felt so damaged that indeed I saw the public as the enemy." he says, nota bene, "I did what a good engineer does. I identified the system and started building rules to encounter various forms of damage that might occur in the future."

         Common sense should tell anyone that a man constantly in fear of being accused of violence against women probably has good grounds for that fear. And is not because society is subservient to the 'Feminine Imperative'.

          Fisher's views on Christianity are just as crackpot, there's little need to review them.

          But the real losers here are the Republicans of New Hampshire's 9th District, who really bought a ringer. It should be a lesson to us all to be careful of whom we elect. At least the next primary should be relatively easy for Fisher's opponents.

Monday, April 24, 2017


     This was an interesting weekend here in the Prozac Nation. California experienced its first train hold-up since the days of Marshal Matt Dillon or so. According to authorities, a gang of a few dozen thugs took over a BART passenger line and robbed and beat the passengers before escaping into the Oakland ghettoes. Chicago, too, announced that it is on track to surpass (once again) Elliot Ness-levels of gangland murders.

     Add to the mix the average numbers of Anarchist riots, a shooting in San Jose and another in Seattle. And more Americans died of dope overdoses than all this violence anyway.

      So what is the greatest threat facing the Snowflake Generation's way of life? According to the Corporate Media and the Deep State, it is once again, North Korea. Yes, a country the size of Pennsylvania; 6,000 miles from the Continental US might have the capability of building atomic ICBMs by the year 2050 or so. Thus, according to the Neocons, they must be stopped at all hazards.

        Never mind that North Korea hasn't killed any Americans this year (unlike radicalized men who engage in random shootings). Neither have they destroyed any American infrastructure (unlike the drug addicts who burned down the Atlanta Freeway). They haven't caused any socioeconomic disruption (unlike the Antifa and Black Lives Matter). And while they have used some threatening rhetoric, it's arguable that certain Hollywood celebrities and University professors have said worse things against the Trump Administration. The Secret Service noted recently that there have been more threats against President Trump than any other Chief Executive in history; yet not one of these was known to have been made by a North Korean.

        While the increasing violence, radicalization, and drug abuse among Americans gets no attention from the Elites, North Korea today managed to be the subject of a UN Council meeting, a briefing of the entire US Senate, an emergency summit between the US and China, and a special White House task force. For what it's worth, the USS Vinson has also been prodded into returning to the Korean Peninsula after last week's shameful retreat.

        The denizens of the Deep State learned from Bush Senior onward that Ameroboob outrage gets directed against them if not properly channeled onto a scapegoat. It becomes both Politically-Correct and patriotic to hate some obscure foreign leader whom the Corporate Media elevates into a comic-book super-villain. War makes a good public distraction between the Super Bowl and Hempfest; so long as it doesn't disrupt Regularly Scheduled Programming too much.

        And thus it will be business as usual. And next Election Cycle, Ameroboobs everywhere will wonder again why politicians promise change, but never deliver.


Sunday, April 23, 2017


    Yet once again, another elite Navy SEAL is in jail this weekend. Authorities caught SEAL Team 1 member Kyle Seerden in possession of child pornography, which he also recorded and shared on his I-Phone.  The girl in question was unconscious---possibly drugged---when Seerden made the recordings.

      Less than two weeks ago, another SEAL, Joseph Schmidt, was investigated for acting in pornographic films while on active duty. Schmidt is married to a porn star and was once reprimanded after being caught with pornographic material during a deployment. Other SEALs have been the subject of scandals recently: former SEAL Matt Bissonette was forced to pay a $4.5 million fine for publishing unauthorized military information connected to the Osama bin Laden raid.

     It's no wonder that North Koreans don't want to be 'liberated' by these guys. Trash Culture permeates our Military as much as the rest of society. And let's not fall back on 'the few bad apples' excuse. The Postmodern Military is a disgrace to American Military Tradition dating back to Colonial times.

      On Friday, we published an article about a similar crime that occurred at Dover Air Force Base. In the intervening 48 hours, it's been reported that:

       Fort Stewart: one soldier has been charged and an unspecified number of others detained after local police conducted a sting-operation to break up a cocaine-distribution ring.

        Fort Jackson: the drill-sergeant in charge of Army rappelling-training was arrested on 24 counts of animal cruelty after an equivalent number of dead animals were found in his abandoned apartment. Most of the animals had died of starvation.

       Fort Campbell: Trial began for two members of the 'elite' 101st Airborne Division accused of kidnapping and murdering a female 'soldier'.

      Norfolk: another Navy sailor was sentenced to 30 years in prison for multiple counts of producing and distribution child pornography over a period of four years.

        These kinds of stories occur with regularity. A far cry from the days when most military disciplinary problems dealt with being AWOL, fighting, or alcohol or visiting prostitutes. But doesn't this reflect the milieu in which these 'soldiers' grew up? Recall that the public schools' worst disciplinary problems were once things like running in hallways and chewing gum in class. Today, public schools are notorious for drug-pushing, gang-fights, rapes, and mass-shootings. Both the Military and the Schools are in need of a thorough overhaul at all levels.

         The problem is from within; and those defending the country are a major part of that problem. Trump was elected to Make America Great Again; that is, bring us back to a state of greatness. That cannot be accomplished with the same material that reduced our global status in the first place.




Saturday, April 22, 2017


      The Jehovah's Witnesses Cult is effectively no more in Russia. The Russian Courts denied the cult's appeal to be recognized as a legitimate religion. Since last year, the Russian government has been cracking down on subversives operating under the guise of faith. The Scientologists, Moonies, Hare Krishnas, Wahhabis, Mormons, and the Japanese Aum Shinrikyo have all been ejected from civilized Russian society.

       Tass News Agency reported that under today's ruling, the Jehovah's Witnesses must close all 395 of their Russian conventicles and their assets seized by the government effective immediately.

        The judges upheld the Russian Law proscribing the Jehovah's Witnesses on the grounds that their rejection of life-saving medical procedures and their parasitical opposition to civic participation were 'extremist' and 'subversive'. Indeed, they actually are. Most of us in America consider the cult more of a nuisance than anything else; but they are an extremely antisocial sect. For example, while they sponge off all of the benefits of a country, their tenets forbid any positive community service like military, police, jury duty, etc. Americans have the Jehovah's Witnesses to thank for getting The Pledge of Allegiance thrown out of public schools. Yes---the cult has no problem using government services---like attending public schools and suing them in court---but won't lift a finger to benefit society in any meaningful way.

         Their cult is so antisocial that they won't even use terms like 'Christian' or 'Church' because they consider traditional Christians to be apostates. They don't recognize Christian holidays or celebrate Mass or Communion. In fact, their theology denies the Trinity and that Christ actually died on the Cross.

          Like many other cults, the Jehovah's Witnesses use extreme psychological manipulation to keep its members in line; like encouraging cutting familial and social ties. It is a fact that Witnesses in professions like Medicine and Law are required to report confidential information to the ecclesiastical hierarchy. It has also been demonstrated by research that this cult has a particularly high proclivity to produce significant psychological damage in its victims.

          The Corporate Media and the Academic Punditocracy were quick to attack Putin and Russia over this court decision---in spite of the fact that they usually applaud any and all attacks on religion. The truth is that this is not a Freedom of Religion issue. Russia is doing what a government should do and protecting its society from radicalizing influences. 

          The United States Government used to follow the same policy, incidentally. In 1858, President Buchanan sent the military to Utah because the anarchistic practices of the Mormons required their suppression for the public safety of the territory. The FBI under J. Edgar Hoover shut down dangerous cults and had maintained watch-lists of others. President Reagan aggressively fought the cult-menace as well. The 1980s saw both Satanic Cults and corrupt pseudo-Christian evangelists exposed, and cult leaders like Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the Reverend Sun Yung Moon, and L. Ron Hubbard brought down.

          Putin is a true leader in the tradition of Ronald Reagan. Granted, our Constitutional procedures forbid our government to deal with the threat of cults as directly as the Russian government can; but Reagan showed that it both could and should be done.


Friday, April 21, 2017


    From Military Daily News comes the following story from Dover Air Force Base:

     "Federal prosecutors have charged two airmen stationed at Dover Air Force Base with sexually abusing a teenaged runaway whom they harbored on base. According to Court records unsealed Thursday, Dalian Washington, 25, and Akeem Beezer, 21, waived their rights to a preliminary hearing and are in jail awaiting trial. Both men are charged with sexual abuse of a minor. Washington is also charged with sex trafficking of a minor...

     "According to Court records, the investigation began after the girl told a social worker that she had stayed on the base and had sex with service members. An agent with the USAF Office of Special Investigations and a detective from the Delaware State Police interviewed the girl on March 16th. According to Court records, the detective knew the girl prior to the interview as a teen with a troubled home life who often lived on the street...

     "The girl identified Washington as the man who picked her up and took her back to the barracks and had sex with her. She stayed in the barracks for several months, and was brought food stolen from the Mess Hall. Investigators say that Washington introduced the girl to Beezer who had sex with her on multiple occasions...

     "Court records indicate that Washington exchanged nude photos with the girl and that investigators recovered 157 nude photos of her, and a video of her performing oral sex on Washington."

      Lt. Katherine Vaughn, spokes-girl at Dover, had no comment for the press.

      It may sound like a silly question in this Politically-Correct age, but: Doesn't this Air Base have any security? Don't they do things like barracks inspections any more? How could this have gone on for months without anybody noticing?

       Well, for the answer to this conundrum, we have to look no further than the fact that Dover's commander, Col. Ethan Griffin, was appointed by Obama. Readers may recall that Griffin's predecessor was under fire from the Obama Administration for endorsing a Christmas charity-drive hosted by the Rev. Franklin Graham.

         According to Dover's news-site, one of Griffin's first acts was to host a Women's Equality Day event on August 31st. In September, he teed-off at the Dover Base Golf Tournament (yes, they have a golf course and a bowling-alley too). In October, Griffin hosted a Hispanic Heritage Food Tasting Event. And so forth...Dover is quite the ideal deployment for Snowflakes, it would seem.

          What our military does not need are any more Arts-and-Croissants commanders who sip champagne and spout PC talking-points at the Country Club. Commanders like these are how dirtbags like Washington and Beezer get into the Military. We need fighting men again, at all levels of the service.

           This is why Trump needs to purge our military. Thirty years of dumbed-down schools, political correctness, and trash culture pervade the Armed Forces just like every other segment of society.



Thursday, April 20, 2017


     Arch-Neocon RINO Senator John McCain is in Albania this week for a series of high-level talks with the international terrorist group, the MKO. The MKO is the Mujahadeen Khalq Organization, now operating out of Albania, and an affiliate of Al-Qaeda and the Kosovo Liberation Army.

      The RINO met with MKO leader, Maryam Rajavi who is the widow of MKO's former leader (he's actually presumed dead; his current whereabouts are unknown but he was last seen alive in 2010). McCain praised the group's "successful transfer" from Iraq to Albania.

      "You have stood up, sacrificed, and fought for freedom" the Senator gushed. "For the right to live free, for the right to determine your future. There is no doubt that people in this room have suffered greatly."

       Now for the truth about MKO.

       Like many Middle Eastern terror groups, the MKO has operated occasionally under different aliases; but this one originated in 1960s Iran. They were mostly Iranian Communists backed by the Soviet Union. Under the Shah, the Communist Party was banned in Iran---MKO practiced various subversive activities, often of a violent nature. MKO was one of the most violent groups during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, estimated to be responsible for over half of the murders that occurred during the uprising. MKO fought against both the US-backed Shah and the Ayatollah Khomeini's supporters.

       When the Ayatollahs gained power, they proscribed MKO as a criminal organization. MKO assassinated at least three of Iran's top leaders. In 1986, the group added treason to all their other crimes and moved to Iraq, under Saddam Hussein's protection. They joined with Saddam in the Iran-Iraq War and were responsible again for numerous atrocities.

       MKO remained in Iraq and was listed by the US as a terrorist organization After the fall of the USSR and the Gulf War (both in 1991); MKO began to embrace Wahhabi theology along with their Stalinist politics. They were especially active throughout the 1990s fomenting Jihadi movements in the former Yugoslavia. After Saddam Hussein was overthrown in 2003, MKO worked with Al-Qaeda as part of the so-called 'Iraqi Insurgency' that later gave rise to ISIS.

       As part of the 'Arab Spring' Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama de-listed MKO as a terror group and helped them find a new home in Albania, a move which was completed last year. The Saudi royal family---major donors to the Clinton Foundation---are also big supporters of MKO. Readers can draw their own conclusions about that. Iranian Intelligence also believes that George Soros is in some way connected with MKO and had some influence in facilitating their move to Europe for some unknown purpose. Whatever that purpose is, we can assume it's no good.

       Such characters are the natural confederates of the Neocons, though. McCain and others like him are under the delusion that MKO represents some expatriated group of Iranian patriots seeking to 'liberate' Iran from the Ayatollahs. MKO would turn Iran into a hecatomb of destruction if they were ever let near the reins of power.

       Vahid Jefarian, editor of Real Iran, summed it up best. "McCain has had a long record of backing unsavory and vicious people who happen to support regime change, or who share his hostility towards certain other governments...McCain doesn't discriminate when it comes to choosing allies of convenience in pursuing unwise and reckless goals, so it was probably only a matter of time before he began supporting MKO."


     Tricia, blogger at Freedom Through Empowerment brought some great news to our attention. It seems that some of the victims of the Red Pill Cult are taking steps to bring some of these scum to justice. As bad as many of the Red Pills are, this particular case is directed at one of the worst of them: Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer.

       And the case is being filed today (April 20)---a Neo-Nazi holiday---which makes it even better.

       Regular readers of our blog probably recall a series of articles we published in December about Anglin's harassment campaign aimed at the tiny Jewish population of Whitefish, Montana. Whitefish is a town of less than 10,000 people, economically dependent on the tourism and resort industry. A realtor named Tanya Gersh---who happens to be Jewish---tried to negotiate the sale of a property owned by the family of Nazi activist, Richard Spencer. Gersh was actually acting on behalf of community leaders who believed (correctly) that Spencer's association with Whitefish was a public nuisance, damaging local business with negative publicity.

         Anglin organized a campaign of harassment against Gersch and other Jews in Whitefish. In typical Red Pill fashion, Anglin set his minions to do the work while he himself incited them from behind various disclaimers and deniability. But, as we recently pointed out, people like Anglin are bound to slip up. What Anglin failed to realize is that, under American law, criminal and civil infractions are governed by two different standards of legally actionable criteria. While his various disclaimers and First Amendment loopholes shielded him from criminal charges, the fact he publically endorsed a campaign which resulted in economic and emotional damage made him liable for civil charges. The sharp lawyers who work for the Southern Poverty Law Center saw it, however. They contacted Tanya Gersh, and Anglin fell right into his own trap.

        Even worse for Anglin---because he doesn't live in Montana---this is an interstate case and so he'll be put on trial in Federal Court. And the Israeli Media, which has been covering this case since December, is speculating that none other than the legendary Richard Cohen will be the prosecutor.

        "We're going to seek a very, very substantial monetary award to punish Anglin." Cohen told the Jerusalem Post yesterday.

         It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. At least two recent racially-motivated murders were inspired by The Daily Stormer. Anglin has also unleashed his gangs of trolls on others: including an Italian model who was critically injured after a thug threw acid in her face. It's a rare occasion when we praise the SPLC, but we're all behind them on this one.




Wednesday, April 19, 2017


    Details now have begun to surface about Kori Ali Muhammad, who gunned down three people near a Catholic Charity office in Fresno yesterday. Muhammad was also wanted by Fresno Police for the murder of a security guard last week---no word from the FPD so far as to why Muhammad was still at large.

      There have been some erroneous reports around the Internet that Muhammad was a Moslem and a Jihadi; actually it is now known that he belonged to a little-known Black Supremacist religious cult called The Moorish Science Temple. The MST actually is not Islamic at all; although it copies many Moslem and Arabic motifs. Gavin Long, another mass-murderer who targeted police last year, was also a member of this cult.

      The Moorish Science Temple is another incubator of crime---as most cults are. Another criminal organization, the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter, is well-represented among their congregation. Of course, Left-Wing run cities like Fresno encourage this kind of sociopathic behavior. 

      And this is really the point here. Muhammad is yet another example of a home-grown radical created in our own dysfunctional Swamp of political correctness. Muhammad even admits something that we here have addressed in the aftermath of many such incidents:

      "For the record," Muhammad confesses on social media "in 1994 while in high school, my Biology teacher confirmed that White people are grafted from Black people; and that by the Laws of Genetics, Whites have only recessive genes and cannot produce another color; confirming my question about the origin of the White race as taught by the most honorable Elijah Mohammed. My teacher was very supportive of my decision to join the Nation of Islam."

      Also for the record, the high school to which Muhammad refers was Grant Joint Union High School in Fresno. No, Muhammad was radicalized by ISIS---he was taught, educated, and encouraged in his hatreds by taxpayer-funded American Public Schools.

      Isn't interesting how few of these cases come from private and homeschooled backgrounds? Before we go around accusing immigrants and foreign religions for radicalizing young Americans, maybe we'd be better served putting more scrutiny on our own schools and religious cults that Liberals and their Neocon camp-followers are supporting with our money.

       Muhammad was also part of that group idolized by Ameroboobs: the homeless. According to police records---of which Muhammad had a thick file of his own--- "Muhammad is homeless and frequents areas between West Shaw and North Marks Avenues to North Bullard Avenue and West Figarden Drive, along with the area near Fresno City College." In other words, the parts of Fresno where other 'homeless' dope-fiends hang out and are 'tolerated' by the City. Indeed, Muhammad was jailed before for possession and distribution of Crack-Cocaine.

      The Cultural Marxists insist that people like Muhammad are entitled to roam at will on city streets, because they pose no danger to society. This in spite of the fact that Muhammad's own attorney stated that the suspect "suffers from hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis." The 'tolerant' Left also tells us that these people shouldn't be removed from society and given treatment because that 'imposes on their lifestyle choices.' According to his lengthy police record, Muhammad's lifestyle choices included "making terrorist threats, weapons violations, drugs, and false imprisonment."

       Obviously, the beginning and the end of this tragic saga does not lie with any external forces, Muhammad's actions are a problem that the Cultural Marxists running Fresno brought down upon their own heads. Yes, ultimately Muhammad is responsible for his own actions: but every step of the way, he was primed, aided and abetted on his suicidal course of destruction by a toxic culture bent on overthrowing traditional social norms.

         The goal of Conservative domestic policy is not simply to protect society from creatures like Muhammad: our leaders have the obligation to prevent them from appearing whenever possible and also to use the educational---and if need be---the Corrections and Mental Health professions to put them on the right path (again, if possible). The goal of Liberal policy is to create more such people and blame Conservatives while sponging off public funds to finance their phony virtue-signaling.

        Muhammad's case is another wake-up call to American Conservatives that draining the swamp is imperative. Let's not get distracted by RINOs and Neocons who want us to worry about Russia, or Iran, or North Korea, or China. The real enemy is within.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


    In response to North Korean defiance, it appears that the mighty armada threatening WW3 all Easter weekend has ignominiously fled from the Korean Peninsula. The USS Vinson has been spotted heading southward at world-class yacht-racing speed---well out of the range of North Korean missiles.

     As our brave men and women in uniform emerged from their safe spaces, questions began to be raised about the Vinson's absence from the Conflict Zone. Depending on which source one consulted during the day, the Navy either never really went to Korea; or else had urgent business to attend to in the South China Sea.

      The Corporate Media and the Deep-State Pentagon really expects us to believe this. They really do.

      It's totally possible that the Pentagon could lose an entire carrier-group for almost a week. And the Media sending reports back from Korea never noticed it was thousands of miles away. And the Russian and Chinese submarines trailing the group were mistakenly following other ships. And so on.

      The Rainbow-Pride Pentagon claims this was all a miscommunication.

      In fact, the Pentagon is shamefacedly slinking away from threats of a carrier-borne attack and now 'considering other options,' like shooting down missiles during tests. That's not liable to deter North Korea either. Whether we want to admit it or not, Kim Jong Un succeeded where Trump failed: he stood up to the Deep State and secured his country's independence. His stature as a world leader can only rise after this humiliating debacle.

        The lessons that we Conservatives can draw from this are these:

1. Swamp-Draining needs to be our top priority and this includes the Pentagon. It's time to overhaul our military from the bottom-up.

2. Foreign Policy can't be conducted like a WWE all-star smack-down.

3. If Trump listens to the same people who advised Obama, he will get the same results that Obama did.

      Kim Jong Un really did little more than beat Trump at his own game. Kim actually followed the same strategy that Trump outlined during his campaign (but has since abandoned): put the country and build a military that other powers will fear to attack. We can see which course of action worked in actual practice. Maybe instead of trying to force regime-change in North Korea, Trump should keep his campaign promises and work on regime-change at home first.



    It's really a sad commentary on the condition of American politics when it takes North Korea to stand up to the Deep State. But they stood up indeed: crossing every Red Line that the perverts Tillerson and McMaster drew in the sand. No sooner had the Pentagon announced an 'armada' was approaching Korea---led by Obama-appointed Admiral Harry Harris---than North Korea tested a submarine-launched missile.

      On Saturday, President Kim boldly held the annual military parade in Pyongyang; undaunted that such a display was an obvious target. That night, in defiance of Neocon threats, North Korea test-fired a ballistic which allegedly failed (if the Corporate Media can be believed).

      Even though Trump has authorized military commanders to show initiative, Admiral Harris displayed the same poltroonery that contributed to Obama's downfall in the South China Sea. President Kim and his generals know that the Rainbow-Pride Pentagon has no stomach for fighting a well-armed and well-led professional military, so he called Harris' bluff. The Neocons ended up painted into a corner: if they fail to attack North Korea, they look weak. If they do attack, they'll go it alone and Pentagon incompetence will be exposed---making them look even weaker.

       However the Neocons want to spin this, the Korean 'pivot' is an abject and humiliating failure. This was one of the most ill-conceived stunts that the US State Department has ever pulled. There's no way out of this bind for the US: a point that wasn't lost on Monday's UN meeting where the North Korean Ambassador, Kim In Ryong, addressed the Assembly.

       "With its gangster-like logic, the United States has introduced onto the Korean Peninsula huge nuclear assets, seriously threatening the peace and security of the Peninsula and pushing it to the brink of war." Kim stated. "It has created a dangerous situation wherein atomic warfare could erupt at any moment; threatening the stability of all of Northeastern Asia."

         Kim told reporters afterwards that North Korea was well within its indefeasible rights as a sovereign nation to develop such weaponry as would guarantee its security.

          "If the Americans want war, North Korea is prepared to answer that threat." Kim stated flatly. "The US has to come to its senses and pursue a saner option."

           North Korea has beaten the Neocons at their own game. American leadership can bluster all they want about "ending patient diplomacy" and "solving the Korean Crisis in one blow" but like all bullies, there's nothing to back up their boasts.


Monday, April 17, 2017


    The Manosphere's Red Pill Cult didn't come away empty-handed from this weekend's annual Eastertide madness in the Prozac Nation. They found a new poster-boy for their ideology. His name is Nathan Damigo:

    Andrew Anglin, of The Daily Stormer, has even gone so far as to replace his usual 'Pepe' and Hitler-memes who a photo of this Manly Alpha Leader in action on his blog-header.

     For those of our many readers who've tuned out the Corporate Media: during the latest Berkeley riot, Damigo felt so frightened and threatened by a five-foot, one-inch teenaged groupie of the Bay Area Antifa that he knocked her out with one punch. And he didn't even use brass knuckles.

      So this photo and accompanying video went 'viral' and briefly eclipsed the looming Second Korean War on discussion forums as the most important thing on Ameroboobs' drug-soaked minds. The Red Pills, driven to orgasmic ecstasy at seeing a thug beating a girl half his size during Holy Week, cheered on and defended Damigo and ridiculed the girl-groupie---who probably really needed a good spanking and a two-week grounding more than anything else.

      Some photos of the girl have also emerged on the Internet, showing that sans the 60s-era Cuban-Revolutionary wardrobe, she's actually rather pretty.

     And this, as per usual, sent Anglin's notorious sexual jealousy into overdrive. He wrote a long diatribe explaining that female hypergamy is the reason young girls get involved with scum like the Antifa. The real reason, of course, is the cultural toxicity that social cesspools like Berkeley have on impressionable young minds---but Red Pill envy always overcomes their miniscule reasoning powers.

       Anglin pronounced Damigo's assault on the girl as "The Punch Heard Round the World!" and even called for "White Sharia". Yeah, he's really some Conservative...

        "The degree to which you allow women freedom is the degree to which they will destroy their own lives and the lives of everyone around them, and by extension, civilization itself!" Anglin shrieks, "We have to forcibly marry off teenaged girls to men who will take care of them!"

       And no doubt, in the Red Pill New World Order, the Manly Alpha Leaders like Anglin and Damigo will get first-dibs on all these girls forced into marriage. There's no point in deconstructing the rest of Anglin's foolish rant: he's basically advocating a female slave cartel where losers like himself can compete on unfair terms with more desirable males. It's the reductio ad absurdum of the Cultural Marxism upon which the Red Pill Philosophy is really based.

       It's not known as of this writing where Damigo is a Red Pill himself or not; but he fairly fits the profile of most of their kind. Besides a proclivity to beat up on little girls, Damigo is a chronically unemployed rootless male; a veteran both of Obama's Rainbow-Pride military and the State Prison. Yes, Damigo served a stretch for armed robbery, but he dindu nuffin'. At the trial he testified that it was all a mistake; he thought the cab driver he beat and robbed was an Iraqi. Oops...

      But Damigo and his actions in Berkeley are deeply symbolic of everything that is wrong with the New-Age, Trash-Culture Far Right. They are driven by an unwavering faith that Might Makes Right and that force, fear, and manipulation are superior forms of all human relationships. True Conservatives reject these things and stand for fair-play, defending the weak, and the Rule of Law. Conservatives are never afraid to fight; but do so as a last resort whenever peaceful options have failed. The Trash-Culture Right is all about the projection of power without the internal spiritual power tempering and guiding their actions. 

    Predictably, Anglin and the other smart boys laugh at principled Conservatives as 'Cucks' but it's their social and religious heresies which have never lasted while traditionalism always withstands the test of time.