Thursday, March 30, 2017


     Andrew Anglin, MGTOW/Red Pill blogger at The Daily Stormer, is frustrated that so many voices---from across the political spectrum---are daring to blame him for inciting racial violence and violence against women. This came after revelations that terrorist James Jackson was an avid disciple of Anglin's; as well as Anglin's fellow-Manosphereans Paul Ray Ramsey (ramzpaul); Stephan Molyneux; Matt Forney; and Richard Spencer. In Anglin's case, Jackson is his second known disciple tied to a murder. Dylan Roof, currently awaiting execution in South Carolina, was also part of The Daily Stormer family.

      So Anglin was waving his arms today, especially after the Jewish publication Forward dared mention his name with Jackson's in an article. Anglin assured his followers that this was part of some Jewish-orchestrated smear campaign; and the fact that Jackson did what Anglin advocates was no reflection on his teachings.

      "That's why we don't advocate violence here. It's bad propaganda." Anglin noted.

       Anglin then goes on to list several cases of White victims of Black crimes; as though he's exasperated that anybody should get excited over the murder of some elderly Black guy. But I was thinking: is there a parallel case in American history to Anglin's---a cultist who gets his disciples to carry out his plans? Oh yeah, this guy:

        Charles Manson, though, preferred female disciples; but his tactics and goals were fairly similar to Anglin's and his fellow-Red Pills. He hoped that the crimes that he encouraged would get blamed on Blacks, which in turn would start a Race War. He too hid behind plausible deniability for a long time, but eventually he tripped up and would have gone to the Gas Chamber years ago if California hadn't unwisely suspended the death penalty.

        A word to the wise among the Manosphere: They got Manson eventually and they'll get you too, eventually. Manson's "Game" ran out; and so will yours.

        And that may happen sooner than you think. The difference between the Jackson and Roof cases is that Jackson's also falls under the Terrorism Laws. That gives the prosecutors more latitude to investigate organizations with which the killer was affiliated. Just because Obama blocked enforcement of these laws against radical mosques doesn't mean that Trump won't turn the FBI loose. Recall that he caught two guys making terrorist threats against Jews already. So we may not have heard the end of this saga yet.


  1. I'm glad to see some cages being rattled! This stuff is just evil. I'm a huge free speech advocate, but words have consequences, too.

    1. I support free speech too; but it's like J. Edgar Hoover said, 'Where's there's smoke there's usually fire. People who advocate illegal acts are probably doing more than just talking.' That's how Manson eventually got caught, not for what he said, but what he did.

    2. Good points; I would add that I think conservatives ought to avoid joining something as fundamentally liberal as the "Free Speech Movement". Traditional conservatism has never bought into that kind of unrestricted attitude towards speech, and it should not now.

    3. To my mind, what Anglin and others like him are doing is no different than some of these people in the MSM with their Trump assassination fantasies. They're clearly baiting people to commit violence. Law Enforcement has to walk a fine line; but like Hoover said, the Word is often precursor to the Deed and that's no reason why those who advocate illegal acts shouldn't be scrutinized by police very closely.

      I don't think these guys realize yet that charging Jackson with Terrorism is much different legally speaking than First-Degree Murder; as far as the criminal conspiracy laws go. From a basic political standpoint, it would be a smart move for Trump to crack down on these guys---how could the Liberals complain and call Trump a Nazi then?