Friday, March 31, 2017


     Would-be Manly Alpha Leader Vox Day suffered another humiliating week. Science Fiction author John Scalzi, of whose success Vox is bitterly jealous, announced that his new book The Collapsing Empire ended the week at #1 best-selling science fiction and #17 in overall best-selling fiction. Additionally, it was his highest-debuting book on the USA Today Top 25; the #2 best-selling Audiobook; and a pending television contract.

     As Scalzi mentioned on his website: "Because I know people here will ask: The disinformation campaign of a certain sadly envious individual and his pals...appear to have had no real impact at all on sales or the overall critical reception of the book."

     In other words, Vox' latest pathetic smear-campaign against Scalzi and Tor Books has gone down in flames. In spite of this, Vox' bully-boy disciples have been stalking and harassing Scalzi at book-signings and have started a 'Johan Kalsi' Youtube channel. Vox himself has been squawking at Vox Populi that "I am not butt-hurt!" and "Scalzi cheated!"  All of this from author who works actually get less votes than 'None of the Above' at the Hugo Awards. It takes some serious effort to finish 6th on a ballot of 5; but I'm certain that Scalzi is laughing all the way to the bank.

      Vox Day is quickly becoming to the literary world what Lyndon LaRouche was to the political one. Don't be that guy. Better to be a real success than an international laughing-stock whose attempts at petty revenge even end in abject failure.



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