Tuesday, March 28, 2017


    Shortly after Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer jokingly brushed off the murder of a Black man committed by one of his disciples, the 'Manly Alpha Leaders' at that blog threw a verbal party of sorts over the murder of a young Irish woman in Goa, India. The article was titled Leftist Whore Murdered by Indian Boyfriend.

     Danielle McLaughlin was visiting Goa; a former Portuguese colony now administered by India, and popular European tourist destination. Goa is a cosmopolitan city somewhat like Hong Kong or Singapore, but typically attracts a younger crowd. Danielle was assaulted, raped and strangled; and a suspect well-known to local police was indicted for the crime. He seems by all accounts to have been a casual acquaintance of Danielle's---not a 'boyfriend' as Anglin states.

       For these Red Pill MGTOW types, the thought that attractive women might be having romantic episodes with men other than themselves sends them into paroxysms of jealous rage. This especially true when non-White men are involved. Now in reality tragic cases like Danielle McLaughlin's---a girl away from home stalked and killed by a thug---is not something that only happens in India. But not letting a good crisis go to waste, Anglin says:

      "For young White women in Goa, aside from the hazard of being ankle-deep in human feces, the prospect of being raped and killed is alarmingly high."

       This shows that Anglin doesn't live in San Francisco, where women can also stand in human crap and actually have a better chance of being raped and murdered than in Goa. But that detail aside, the Red Pills note that such tragedies are women's own fault:

        "Obviously rape and murder are detestable crimes, but so is being a rootless anti-White feminist." (as a side note, I've seen no evidence anywhere that Danielle was either a Liberal or a Feminist or anti-White) "In a sense I don't blame some of these Indians for being angry at some trust-fund babies coming to their country to fetishize it and turn their country into a novelty for virtue-signaling about what non-racist global citizens they are. If you don't want to get raped and killed, don't get drunk and high around non-White men."

         And, predictably, International Jewry is to blame too:

      "According to E. Michael Jones (an anti-Jewish ideologue) the explosion in cellphone-streamed Jewish pornography to India has caused the national rate of sexual violence to skyrocket. This is especially true when they see White women like the ones in their movies, which turns them feral."

       Actually what is turning young men feral---men like Dylann Roof and James Jackson---are false teachers like Anglin who incite them to unnatural acts of violence and hatred. Then, the Red Pill leaders throw such men under the bus and laugh up their sleeves, gaining profit and notoriety from the actions of other men who are sacrificed for it.

       This isn't even the first time we've seen such behavior from Anglin. In December, he not only applauded a woman getting attacked with acid, he doxxed her and encouraged his trolls to attack her too.

       As disgusting and dangerous as Anglin is, we don't need censorship of such sites as some are suggesting. What we need are leaders among Conservatives to stand up and expose them for what they are.

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