Monday, March 27, 2017


     Vice-President Mike Pence gave the opening speech at this year's American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The speech was well received by world leaders, despite attempts by violent Anarchists to disrupt the proceedings outside.

     Pence reaffirmed President Trump's commitment to Israel's security, calling it 'non-negotiable.' He likewise stated that Trump's proposal to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital was still on the table. This marks a radical departure from previous Administration's policies relative to Israel; and Trump is clearly serious. Pence noted that this week he would certify David Friedman as Israeli Ambassador---a man long committed to Israeli nationalism.

      Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital would essentially end any hopes of anti-Zionist movements in the Middle East, but is not without its geopolitical risks. The move will not be popular in the Islamic World; but Pence pledged to resist any international attempts to oppose it. However, it may in the long run prove a prudent decision.

       Israel and Syria share a common border and Russia is committed to Syrian sovereignty. A similar American commitment to Israel would give both superpowers a base and ally for combatting Wahhabi terrorism. The problem is going to be the reaction in Iran and Turkey; who are in hegemonic competition in the region. Iran is a Russian ally and Turkey an American ally by treaty. Neither country is especially stable, although Iran has been consistent fighting the scourge of Jihadi movements. China is also invested in both Israel and Syria economically.

       The Corporate Media, of course, scoffed at Pence's speech---especially laughing over the frequent references Pence made to shared Judeo-Christian traditions. Yet this, too, maybe a common ground for Middle East peace. While Syrian President Assad is not especially friendly to Israel, he is very supportive of Arab Christians and has stated on many occasions that the future of the Middle East must include Christian participation.

       Egypt is also poised to become a key player in such a new paradigm. Cairo is more closely allied with Russia, but President Sisi is a personal friend of Trump. Since coming to power, Sisi has stabilized Egypt and joined the Allies in Syria against the Jihad.

       Trump's new approach to Israel has exactly what previous administrations lacked; and that is decisiveness. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem and declaring Israeli sovereignty non-negotiable is the strongest position that the US has taken in Israel since the Eisenhower Administration. It's a position of either peace or war that Israel's enemies must now take. If they are prudent, they will choose the former.

      Pence also praised President Trump's commitment to stamp out anti-Semitism in the US and recent successful joint FBI/Israel Police efforts to those ends.

       Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to speak via satellite on Monday morning.




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