Saturday, March 4, 2017


   Thursday's riot at Middlebury College in Vermont should be the final straw here. For those who haven't heard, thanks to Corporate Media blackouts, a violent riot broke out during a speech by author Charles Murray who had to flee the auditorium when nearly 500 'students'---egged on by faculty and administration---stormed the stage.

    Murray's car was surrounded as he tried to leave; with the thugs hitting it with clubs, blocking it; jumping on it---much like we've seen Chicago gangs do. Professional Alison Stanger, who escorted Murray was set upon by the mob and had her neck twisted---she is now wearing a neck brace.

     Middlebury College openly encouraged this outburst despite the usual de facto denials from the college administration to the contrary. A letter published in the student newspaper ---written and endorsed by Middlebury Alumni---encouraged students to "dissent, and make that dissent known however you see fit," and that "this is not an issue of freedom of speech."

      Yes it is a matter of free speech; and it's high that government at all levels started enforcing the 1st Amendment. Here are some concrete suggestions for Republican Party activists to consider proposing to our elected leaders:

      If in any case, school administrators, faculty, alumni, or student organizations are found contributing to or encouraging these kinds of criminal behaviors: all federal funding including student grants and loans will be immediately terminated. All federal contracts with these institutions will be terminated immediately. All such terminated schools will be prohibited from accepting foreign students or have any contractual dealings with foreign entities. The schools involved will also lose immediately any official accreditation. These recommendations will follow the conclusions of independent investigations.

     These proposals may sound harsh, but so is nearly breaking professors' necks, condoning arson, vandalism, and gang-style behavior. The Trump Administration is investigating UC -Berkeley over last month's riots. Apparently, the warnings haven't corrected the thuggish behavior of the Academic Mafia. Trump and DeVos should make an example out of Middlebury; and follow suit with any more of these parasitical 'academic' institutions that imagine themselves above the law.

      Although the US spends more money on education than any other country, we have the least to show for it. As spending as gone up, we've fallen further behind other countries. That's because American Academia is in the hands of bandits and fanatics who, like gangsters, are concerned only with protecting their 'turf' and their tenures. This has to change and change soon.


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