Thursday, March 23, 2017


    The Corporate Media once again got humiliated after spreading rumors and innuendoes about the recent threats against American Jewish communities. According to the official narrative, this is all the handiwork of 'conservatives'. We see this kind of thing whenever there is some such incident; and it rarely ever happens to be the case.

     The Media Elites could get away with this kind of chicanery before we had access to alternative and foreign sources. Thus, when the FBI recently arrested Juan Thompson, a Liberal Black media employee, last month for some of the anti-Semitic threats the Media Cartels could do little but snap back that Thompson was only responsible for a few of the crimes.

      Matters got worse for the Media---though better for American Jews---when Israeli authorities announced this morning that they had apprehended the suspect responsible for most of the threats---an Israeli Jew with an alleged history of mental problems. The Media was doubly shamed when it was revealed that the Trump Administration had collaborated with the Israeli Government to catch the perpetrator.

      Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a statement to the humiliated press: "Today's arrest in Israel is the culmination of a large-scale investigation spanning several continents for hate-crimes against Jewish communities in our country. The Department of Justice is committed to protecting the civil rights of all Americans, and we will not tolerate the targeting of any community in this country on the basis of their religious beliefs."

      Contrary to what the Corporate Media said, it appears that President Trump was serious when he promised last month to put a stop to these threats and attacks.

        Israeli officials have not released the suspect's name due to an ongoing investigation; but have told the Israeli media that he is a 19 year-old Israeli-American Jew who was allegedly bitter about being disqualified for service in the Israeli Defense Force. Thompson was a similar case: his threats were linked to cyberstalking a woman he'd once dated.

       In a way, it's too bad that the Manosphere is racist and anti-Semitic; both these guys sound like they would make ideal 'Red Pills'.

       In addition to the American threats, the Israeli suspect is believed responsible for threatening Jewish centers in Europe and Australia and a false bomb-threat against a Delta Airlines flight in 2015.

       This is one more troublemaker taken off the streets and American Jews can thank President Trump, AG Sessions, and Prime Minister Netanyahu on a job well done. Don't expect any plaudits from the Corporate Media, though. According to them, the major story today are allegations that Donald and Melania sleep in separate beds.



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