Sunday, March 19, 2017


     The Corporate Media, which takes in huge advertising and stock-market revenue from Big Pharma and the Insurance Cartels, has been bashing President Trump's proposals to reform the system. According to the political and media elites, Obamacare is a perfectly-functioning system.

      However, since last November, the US Department of Health and Human Services has been rounding up an unprecedented number of criminal rings operating with the medical system. The latest example comes from the Leftist-controlled bastion of Seattle. Federal authorities last week opened a formal investigation into the Swedish Hospital Neuroscience Institute. Since Obamacare was established, Swedish Neuroscience has raked in the highest number of Medicare reimbursements---far in excess of other area hospitals. Though Swedish denies any illegal activities, CEO Tony Armada and top surgeon John Delashaw have quickly resigned.

       Swedish Neuroscience is hardly an isolated example. Here's a sampling of some of the deep cuts to the poor and needy which have happened since Tom Price was confirmed as Trump's HHS Secretary in February:

        Feb. 28: Dallas---16 charged in $60 million Medicare Fraud Case

        March 1: New York---2 doctors and operatives of City Medical Associates arrested in $50 million fraud scheme

        March 2: Detroit---physician pleads guilty in $5.4 million fraud scheme

        March 3: Baltimore---$1.2 million fraud settlement from corrupt hospital equipment supplier

        March 3: Miami---Two plead guilty in $20 million home-healthcare fraud scheme

        March 6: Newark---Physician arrested for accepting bribes from Biodiagnostic Laboratory Services for test referrals

        March 13: Boston---Charles River Laboratories agrees to pay $1.8 million in fines for falsely billing HHS for services never performed

        March 14: Miami---Florida operator of a home healthcare service provider arrested for a $15 million fraud scheme

         March 16: Spokane---Cardiologist settles for $300,000 fines for filing false Medicare reports.

          Price is evidently on quite a roll; the physicians and administrators at Swedish would probably be well-advised to make a quick trip for an international boundary line. Maybe some of the stories we've been hearing from the Corporate Media about medical professionals leaving the country have another aspect that we're not being told about.

         In other words, since February, the Trump Administration has saved Obamacare almost a quarter-billion dollars without cutting a single program. This is simply from mopping up on criminals operating within the system.

         But another good question is: why haven't we heard a peep from the Corporate Media about any of these successes? Especially when we consider that HHS publically maintains a website with a running tally which is updated daily. 

        This is the kind of healthcare system the so-called Cultural Elites would like to maintain: one which is ostensibly for the poor but actually for the benefit of corrupt medical mandarins. It will be interesting to see how the Trump Administration intends to overhaul the system; but so far, Trump is off to a good start.



  1. This is encouraging news! Medicare fraud is absolutely rampant.

    I was speaking to some nurses the other day and ten years ago the biggest fear was needle sticks. Today it is accidentally walking face first into some medicare organized crime ring cover up you don't even understand.

    1. Thank you---I have a feeling that Swedish is going to be another huge scam broken up. It's interesting that the Media has been absolutely silent about these cases. The ones I listed were only the big ones; the HHS website lists catching some medical crook about every other day.