Thursday, March 30, 2017


    President Trump on Tuesday issued an Executive Order repealing Obama's 2015 Order that closed hundreds of coal plants, frozen construction of new plants---and even banned wood-burning stoves. The Clean Power Plan, as Obama called it, killed thousands of US jobs and rewarded with subsidies Wall Street cartels invested in wind and solar power schemes.

     The Order also repealed six other Obama mandates dating back to 2013 which dealt mostly with increased bureaucratic compliance regulations.

     Matt McGrath, an environmental analyst with the BBC noted that Trump's action is "both a practical and philosophical attempt to change the US narrative on climate change... President Trump is signaling a significant change in the philosophy that Carbon Dioxide is the main driver of climate change."

     McGrath pointed out that there will less restrictive rules on methane emissions and the freedom to lease federal lands again to mining interests. Trump, and many others hold that lifting these restrictions will create new jobs and help the US move towards more energy independence. Last month, Trump also lifted restrictions on the long-stalled Keystone and Dakota pipeline projects.

      Currently, 66% of American electricity is generated by coal and natural gas plants. About 20% is nuclear-powered---a number far behind most developed countries---which projects have also been stalled by bureaucratic and legal obstructionism. America's obsolescent and failing hydropower systems---once the masterpiece of Federal infrastructure projects---now account for only 6% of our domestic energy production.

       The Radical Left and their Corporate Media trolls immediately lashed out at President Trump for 'over-reaching' with Executive Orders, though they didn't raise a peep in protest when Obama signed the Orders into law that Trump simply repealed. Leading the charge is New York Attorney-General Eric Schneiderman who is threatening a lawsuit to stop the repeal. It should be noted that Schneiderman is a recipient of payoffs (or donations, if one prefers) from interests tied to the alternative energy industry. These included law firms suing oil companies over climate change; the Rockefeller-owned energy cartels, and George Soros. Schneiderman himself was also a donor to the DNC and to Hilary Clinton's Campaign.

         President Trump stated that it is entirely possible to become energy-independent while protecting the environment; a fact proven by several countries which have already surpassed us in the energy sector. Our energy infrastructure has been in deep decline because of decades of neglect. Tuesday's Executive Order was yet another small, but vital step towards reclaiming our energy independence.





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