Saturday, March 4, 2017


     It's been an interesting source of speculation as to who funds Anti-Democracy movements on both the Far Left and Far Right. We know that the Left gets considerable cash from foreign interests like George Soros and the Saudi Wahhabis. But the Red Pill Cult also apparently gets support from foreign interests as well. The post-BREXIT British Media has been investigating some of these sources, while ours actively encourages these groups.

      The Daily Stormer, a Manosphere blog run by MGTOW Andrew Anglin, is receiving funds from an Australian electrician company run by one Simon Hickey. Hickey is also quite sympathetic to the Red Pill Philosophy. He once was censured for posting an employment advertisement which read in part:

     "You will be crawling on roofs, you will be getting dirty, you will be working during the hottest days of Summer while fat Australian chicks will sit inside in the air conditioning; not offering you a drink or lift a finger helping you clean up, while you get sunburnt, dehydrated, and disoriented outside installing air conditioning for her comfort. Then she will tell us that we are all equal. That's our life. We are men. We wouldn't trade places with her anyway."

     Hickey posted this on Facebook in November, 2016:

      "Today...Europa regains its spine and stops pandering to female voters. We either become men again or we die out. Forever. In 100 years we have gone from the undisputed masters of the earth to a ridiculed, shrinking, and dying minority of less than 1/1o of people on earth. Think about that. For 4000+ years we dominated. Right up until we decided it was a brilliant idea to let women and aliens vote. Our being used to destroy us."

       Anglin threw a major tantrum at The Daily Stormer that the media would dare expose one of his sponsors. The same Anglin who boasts of sending his 'troll army' to dox and harass Jewish-owned businesses and female assault victims, complained about this. He refused to say, though, how much cash he gets from Hickey.

     A bigger question however is why are these foreign groups so interested in radicalizing American men? Well, the answer is quite simple: the same reason that George Soros radicalizes the American Left and the Wahhabi cults radicalize American Moslems. All these groups: neo-Marxists, Salafist Jihadis, and neo-Nazis can't achieve their various 'New World Order' schemes with traditionalist superpowers standing in their way. All three are working like termites to undermine Western powers like the US, UK, and France. The latter two are also active in Russia and the former two are active in China. No traditional culture is immune from the attacks of fanatics.

     As the Trump Administration has broken the power of the Neocons in the Republican Party, extremist groups like the Red Pills hope to fill the power vacuum. It's up to traditional Conservatives to keep these people and their foreign enablers away from the levers of power.



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