Tuesday, March 7, 2017


     The fake news Corporate Media tabloid The Washington Post is in damage-control mode once again. It seems that one of the IT executives, Itai Ozderman was arrested after a SWAT team raid on his home in Maryland.

     Ozderman was charged with impersonating an ICE agent and passing himself off as such during a series of incidents in Falls Church, Virginia. Apparently, Ozderman visited the homes of several people who reported him to authorities. His motive in doing so is not clear; but police recovered at his home ICE uniforms and fake badges along with body armor, ammunition, ten weapons, tactical vests, and a police radio. They also found uniforms, badges, and equipment from the Baltimore Police Department.

    Maryland authorities are expected to turn Ozderman over to the FBI, who seem to be interested in some other unsolved federal felonies to which Ozderman may have had a connection.

    "All that we have to share is that we are aware of the situation and are looking into it," a shamefaced Washington Post spokeswoman told the local press. The Post itself was obliged by these circumstances to report the story, although they stressed that Ozderman was 'innocent until proven guilty'---a fact which their newspaper rarely accords to anyone else accused of anything.

     Ozderman was born in Israel and, as we've seen in many of these cases, was educated in American public schools. He graduated from Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, Maryland in 1999. Once again, it doesn't appear that foreign immigrants are necessarily being radicalized abroad.

     The Washington Post has been under considerable scrutiny lately. Wiki Leaks recently revealed that their owner Jeff Bezos had been given lucrative contracts by Hilary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. Bezos was a huge donor to the Clinton Foundation and runs a large PAC, connected with Amazon. Bezos spent nearly $12 million on federal lobbying in 2016 alone.

    But once again, we see the character of the Cultural Elites who've controlled American political and social discourse for the last three decades. A society is always going to have its elites; but it's increasingly clear that we need a new set of them.


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