Monday, March 27, 2017


     It seems that every few months or so, the effete American Elites and the Rainbow Mafia feel a need to pool their resources and attack the Church with some stupid media or pseudo-artistic display. They get accolades for pulling these publicity stunts from other degenerates who think that sophistication means appreciating and celebrating the kind of gutter-level productions that were once considered beneath even pornographers to publish.

      So the latest controversy surrounds a play titled The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told which has the ingenious storyline of portraying the Garden of Eden story with two homosexual men and featuring the Virgin Mary as a lesbian.

    "I wanted the Garden of Eden in Central Park and the Virgin Mary as a lesbian mother," the author Paul Rudnicks chortled to the fake-news outlet, The New York Times, "It would certainly help me comprehend the Immaculate Conception!"

     I suppose in a Media climate where homosexuals make out in children's Disney cartoons, this might make some sense. But to a normal, drug-free mind it just sounds stupid.

     The play is produced and marketed by the Out Front Theater Company based in Atlanta. The CEO of this enterprise is Kerri Sauer, one of the fruitcakes behind the so-called 'Women's March'. Its founder and producer is Paul Conroy, a self-described "liberal atheist vegetarian" who told the local media in 2016, "People have blinders on to what is appropriate and what is not...I hate the term 'family-friendly.'"

     On an official press release at, Out Front actually refers to the play as 'alternative Biblical history':

     "Inspired by the fundamentalist remark that 'God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve', 'The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told' is another version of Biblical history. Act 1 recounts the major episodes of the Old Testament, only with a twist---instead of Adam and Eve, our main characters are Adam and Steve; along with Jane and Mabel, a lesbian couple with whom they decide to start civilization. Procreation proves to be a provocative challenge!"

      This is sophisticated, deeply-intellectual material?

      Once again, we get a glimpse into the warped psychological state of the American Cultural Elite. And a reminder of what kind of swamp these 'community leaders' have created during the last three decades.

        There's an online petition to encourage local theaters to boycott this garbage, for those interested.



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