Wednesday, March 29, 2017


    President Trump announced today the formation of a new joint Federal Task Force to fight America's spiraling drug-addiction crisis, Opioid addiction specifically. The new commission will be headed by Attorney-General Jeff Sessions and former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.

    "Drug cartels have spread their deadly industry across our nation and the availability of cheap narcotics has devastated entire communities." Trump said to the press, "It is really one of the biggest problems our country faces, but nobody wants to talk about it."

    The fact that the President is talking about it already demonstrates a radical departure from the Obama Administration, which was in complete denial about it. The US Center for Disease Control reported last December that deaths from Opioid narcotics surpassed deaths from firearms last year. And even more importantly, fully 1/3 of these deaths were traceable to prescription Opioids.

     It's no secret to anyone who's studied this issue that Wall Street Pharmaceutical Cartels are pushing narcotics on the American public that they are fully aware are dangerously addictive. Many other countries---most recently China---have banned Opioid derivatives which are freely prescribed here.

     This is one reason why the issue is not discussed. Democrat politicians and the Corporate Media---who take bribes from Big Pharma under the guise of campaign contributions and advertising revenue---immediately hooted Trump's announcement. The worst rates of addiction, of course, are in ultra-Leftist controlled areas. The situation in some cities is so bad that the drug pushers even have political lobbies. 

      The fact that Opioid addiction is highest in these areas ought to indicate that most of the coastal cities are the likely transit points for drug shipments from abroad. Most Opiates are coming from the so-called 'Golden Triangle' with Afghanistan and Burma as the two main culprits. China, which borders these countries, has had the same problem and recently sent military advisors and commandoes to Burma to help deal with the traffickers there. Afghanistan, though, remains a threat and Trump will have to address this at some point.

     When we consider the involvement of international political criminals in Afghanistan, any efforts that Trump takes there will bring him into collision again with the so-called 'Deep State'. I think there is at least strong circumstantial evidence to conclude that America's drug problem is being coordinated, or at least condoned, by high-level officials inside the United States. But in reality, there is no reason why Trump cannot do what Nixon did in Vietnam: send some B-52s with napalm-bombs to Afghanistan and take out the Opium fields. They can't sell it if they can't grow it; and no doubt China is already doing similar things on the ground in Burma.

     Still, this is another step in the right direction. Christie and Sessions have indicated that the new program will also focus more heavily on drug treatment and prevention than earlier attempts. We'll see how effective this will be, but some states like Utah have had good results with similar programs.



  1. Big pharma wines and dines the docs who prescribe a raft of unsavory crapola to people that does more harm than good. Statins? (IMO) very bad, and everyone over the age of 40 is slamming them down.

    And the people who really need the stuff have to fight tooth and nail to get it. When my mother was terminal with cancer her doctor was dragged before the pharmaceutical board three times to explain why he was giving her Percodan. This was almost 40 years ago. It was crazy.

  2. Good news indeed and not a moment too soon. I've been quite pleased with Trump, he's exceeded my expectations. Even though the battle hasn't been won yet, just having leadership that recognizes the problem is a huge relief.

  3. I'm coming more and more to believe that our country really dodged a bullet by not electing Hilary. I've been surprised by Trump too---haven't agreed with him on everything, but he's done a remarkable job of cleaning up corruption and rebuilding our society in just two short months.