Friday, March 3, 2017


    Federal authorities in St. Louis have arrested a local anti-Trump activist and charged him with making bomb threats against Jewish Americans. The FBI apprehended one Juan Thompson, a former Corporate Media employee, stating that Thompson's vendetta against a former girlfriend was a partial motivation for his crimes.

     A critical sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Thompson had been on Federal law enforcement's radar lately for making threats against President Trump. He claimed on Twitter to have been investigated by the US Secret Service---which he also blamed on his former girlfriend's "false reports." More likely, it was because of Thompson's tweet of January 29th; which reads: "42% of Americans are filthy racist appeasers and should be taken out along with Trump." Ironically, in spite of this advocacy for Genocide, he accused Trump of ethnic cleansing on February 23rd: "Make no mistake. Chicago's Southside is about to be ethnically cleansed. It will look radically different in 10 years. Make no mistake. Trump is a developer. This is his and the White Establishment's to remove Black people from Southside Chicago."

     Even though Thompson's political positions appear perfectly aligned with most of the US Corporate Media, he must have said something at some point too extreme even for them. He was fired by The Intercept for "engaging in a pattern of deception involving fabricating quotes and creating fake e-mail accounts."

      It should be noted however that Thompson is not an Anarchist, he visited Africa recently and was so impressed that he converted to Islam. In November 2016, he wrote: "I just returned from Senegal after spending weeks in that beautiful country. Plus, I'm reverting back to Islam."

       As a side note, Amnesty International wrote this about Senegal at the same time as Thompson's visit: "The authorities in October banned peaceful demonstrations and arrested protesters. The police fired tear gas to disperse an assembly of the opposition. The Dakar Police Chief based his decision...on a 2011 Decree banning all assemblies in the City least two people were detained in Dakar for insulting religion...Prisons remain overcrowded. Some 2,090 people are held in Rebeuss Prison, which has a capacity for 1,600. At least six people have died in police custody including a prison guard who was shot during a mutiny at Rebeuss Prison in September. 41 others were wounded, including 14 prison guards."

       So much for the Liberal Utopia that the 'Resistance' envisions. The FBI report also notes that Thompson will be indicted for Cyberstalking in connection of ongoing harassment of his former girlfriend, whom Thompson describes as a "nasty racist White woman."

       After spending the last few weeks of desperate attempts to connect the anti-Semitic threats to Trump, the Corporate Media will---if it runs true-to-form---quietly slink away from looking at Thompson too closely. But at least Trump's FBI is on the job and taking dirtbags like these off the streets.


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