Thursday, March 16, 2017


     Hollywood Director Jason Pollock has released a pseudo-documentary relating to the 2014 Ferguson Riots. This week he was interviewed on Fox News by Martha MacCallum, who questioned him about the slant of his film.

     No sooner had the question escaped her lips than Pollock suffered an spasm of Trump Derangement Syndrome and went through a nearly four-minute on-air breakdown while MacCallum and studio staff stared open-mouthed in disbelief. Pollock was visibly shaking, waving his fists---his eyes popping out and flecks of foam flying from his mouth---raving incoherently about institutional racism and how police get away with everything. Finally, the staff recovered and switched to a rebuttal, but Pollock could be heard gasping for breath as his microphone was cut off.

      Pollock formerly worked for Michael Moore before starting his own production company, Boom Content in 2010. He is also a featured writer for The Huffington Post. He has also worked with MoveOn.Org., a Soros-funded front.

     This isn't the first case of Pollock losing it on-air either. He suffered a similar breakdown on CNN recently debating Henry Houck, a legal affairs pundit. Pollock began screaming that Houck was a 'police apologist' and a 'white supremacist' and demanded to know how Houck's conscience could let him sleep, before even CNN was embarrassed enough to cut the interview short.

      Pollock's film has caused racial tensions to flare again in Ferguson, Missouri and threats and vandalism have occurred at the store where Michael Brown was shot by police in 2014.  Jay Kanzler, the attorney for the store, told Fox-2 St. Louis that he has evidence that Pollock's alleged surveillance video is a carefully-edited forgery and will present such evidence next. Kanzler is also looking into suing Pollock for damages.

      Jason Pollock is yet another specimen of the so-called Cultural Elites who've dominated social and media discourse for the last three decades. Mentally unstable, a product of Liberal nepotism, a fraud willing to invent lies to promote the politically-correct narrative---Pollock is a symbol of everything wrong with Postmodern American Culture. The sooner that the swamp gets drained, the better.




  1. Some of these folks do seem to be having genuine meltdowns. Did you see Tucker Carlson and Erik Wemple from the Washington Post the other day? It's hysterical. I also enjoyed watching President Trump and Frau Merkel today. His facial expressions are priceless.

    1. I haven't seen the Carlson interview but I'll have to check it out. TDS seems to have reached epidemic levels in the mass-media.