Sunday, March 12, 2017


    Jon Decker, a Corporate Media reporter formerly of Reuters and NPR but now employed by News Corp, suffered an embarrassing attack of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) shortly before Thursday's White House press briefing. While announcing members of the press during a self-congratulatory ritual that the media elites perform before each briefing, Decker saw that Lucian Wintrich of the aggressively pro-Trump The Gateway Pundit had been invited.

     According to witnesses, Decker suddenly lost it; began screaming accusations of racism at Wintrich and tried to push him physically out of the briefing room before being restrained and eventually calmed down by White House security personnel as shocked onlookers watched in disbelief. Wintrich has since filed a police report on the incident.

     Decker has been embedded at the White House for the last 22 years and is a board member of the White House Correspondents' Association. He was briefly in the news in 2008 after being bitten by Barney, the Obama family dog. His behavior and character is fairly typical of the Beltway Media 'Elite' who are deeply loathed by many Americans. Although Decker's salary isn't publically available, a typical WHCA member reportedly earns around a quarter-million dollars per year.

     During the 2016 Presidential Elections, then-candidate Trump promised White House press credentials to Gateway Pundit editors. Ironically, Wintrich himself is the first (admitted) homosexual to be given access to the White House Briefing Room. The Corporate Media usually celebrates every homosexual 'first' but in this case, their hatred for Trump short-circuited even their Political Correctness. Hopefully, the responsible parties in the White House will revoke Decker's press credentials after this incident to enforce a sense of civilized behavior and decorum that should be part of these events.

      Over the last three decades, many social commenters have decried the lack of civility in our culture, and more and more we're seeing exposed now the true face of those individuals who've been shaping that cultural narrative. Jon Decker's face itself is almost a visual representation of that segment of society:

       Ask yourselves if Decker even looks like the type of man you'd want your sons to grow up to be---let alone shaping your children's attitudes, opinions, and character. A far cry from what we used to see from the Media:

       Granted Uncle Walter wasn't liked by everybody, but he was at least nationally respected and always a gentleman. What men like Decker fail to understand is that journalistic respectability and credibility is something that has to be earned from the public and not imposed upon them by some top-down Wall Street fiat. Decker claimed in his self-defense that Wintrich and The Gateway Pundit are 'fake news' and not worthy of public respect; it may be so, but that is for the public to decide and not for News Corp to impose by violence and intimidation.

       The Corporate Media is going to self-destruct with this kind of behavior. They had better begin some serious self-examination, engage in some 'swamp draining' of their own or very soon they may be seeing Breitbart News and The Gateway Pundit occupying positions of public trust once held by The New York Times and The Washington Post. That may not necessarily be a positive development either.

       Reform is going to have to come from within the Media itself. They need to purge the overpaid incompetents from their ranks and bring back things like objectivity, professionalism, and a sense of public duty. Some editorial balance in the opinion pages would be beneficial too. Whether they can accomplish this or not remains to be seen.



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