Monday, March 20, 2017


     The Red Pill Cult blogger Dalrock and several of his disciples in the Manosphere have been waging a recent battle against romance; which they claim is corrupting. In their usual roundabout methods of reasoning, they claim that romantic love is unbiblical and that, because romantic love features in Ancient Roman and Mediaeval literature, that the Church has been corrupted for centuries.

     It's a common tactic of certain cults to claim that the existing religion is corrupt and the cultists are leaders in 'purifying' it. The worst contemporary example of this are the Wahhabi and Salafist Cults in Islam---which have spawned ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and other such groups. A word to the wise, though: with all the recent talk on Red Pill blogs about 'coming civil war' and 'white genocide' we shouldn't rest on our laurels and assume that fake Christians aren't capable of doing what fake Moslems do.

    So, in attacking Christianity, Dalrock and these others have co-opted the Radical Feminist doctrine that Christian romantic love and monogamous marriage are meant to oppress a certain gender; although the respective camps claim that their own gender is being repressed. Romantic love is, in reality, a high expression of gender polarity often concealing a spiritual truth. But with their purely carnal instincts, both the Feminists and Red Pills believe this attraction is only sexual---an idea derived from Marxism and other 19th Century Communistic 'free love' movements.

    Thus, Dalrock has been publishing a series of absurd articles claiming that the Church's supposed repression of unrestrained male sexuality led men to 'pedestalize' women---and thus feminize the Church from an early date. Awkwardly enough for the Red Pills, though they might separate monogamous love from Christian doctrine, can't separate it from Western Civilization. Civilization itself is predicated on monogamy; and Civilization existed before Christ's Advent.

     The Red Pills, of course, realize this philosophical dilemma, so they often circumvent the difficulty by claiming that marriage and monogamy are pagan importations into the Church and fall back into the heresy of Judaizing; claiming that Jewish marriage customs of the Old Covenant apply to Christians today. The Red Pill blogger Artisanal Toad, whom we spoke of recently, has been writing a series on 'Christian' marriage premised heavily on Old Covenant rules. Mr. Toad is a follower of Dalrock, Vox Day, Rollo Tomassi and other Red Pill spiritual leaders. His essential argument is that male sexuality in its most degraded and barbarous forms are sanctioned by Christian Doctrine. Dalrock actually agrees with this; as he states in about the story of Jacob and Rachel:

     "As Cane Caldo {another Red Pill cultist} pointed out, Jacob's love for Rachel was not the sentimental, purifying true love of modern love tales. Jacob loved Rachel because she was beautiful. He wasn't captivated by her 'inner beauty' He didn't love her 'for who she was'. He wanted her to be his and to have sex with her...Moreover, as Cane also points out, we're never told that Rachel had any romantic or sexual feelings towards Jacob; that he never 'wins her heart'".

      There is nothing holy or Christian about this: Dalrock and Cane Caldo are repeating what the Materialist writers of Communism and Feminism would say. They too deny spirituality in love. And if anyone doubts this, note well what a commenter said on one of Mr. Toad's recent articles, which Toad---who refers to Augustine and Jerome as 'sexual perverts' endorses:

       "It seems to me that a lot of Tradcon Churchians are sex-hating Betas who can't stand the idea of a sexually free and happy man who is not a boring low sex-drive monogamist. A lot of their hostility seems to come from their Puritan hatreds of non-Puritan men: they hate the idea that a man having oral and anal sex with his wife (or wives) has not sinned; they hate the idea that a man can have six wives and that God wholeheartedly approves; they hate the idea that women can have Lesbian relationships and are sinless for doing so; and they hate the idea that men can have all the extramarital sex they want and God sees no sin."

      Which is nothing but Anarchist-Communist 'free love' propaganda painted over with a pseudo-Christian varnish. But to the Red Pills, believers in traditional marriages and families---where men and women have emotional and spiritual bonds---are 'tradcons'; 'cuckservatives'; 'White-Knight Beta Chumps'; and 'churchians'. And yet these all claim that they aren't Leftists.

      Church and Civic leaders need to be more aware and speak out against these abhorrent philosophies which are infiltrating both our religious and social institutions to a great extent. The allure behind these hideous beliefs are based in a culture-wide alienation of men. The Red Pill leaders themselves probably never would have been successful in even a patriarchal society; but in anti-male social milieu their frustrations and bitterness have a measure of plausibility to vulnerable men who've suffered genuine injustices. Our religious and civil leaders need to step forward and recognize the problem; mentoring vulnerable men onto the right path.


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