Tuesday, March 28, 2017


     Prosecutors in New York City indicted James Jackson on terrorism charges after last week's murder of a 66 year-old Black man. Jackson was interviewed at Riker's Island by a reporter from The New York Daily News. What we learn that Jackson was a subscriber to the Red Pill Philosophy---like Dylann Roof, George Sodini, Eliot Roger and various others radicalized to violent behavior.

      Jackson stabbed his victim with a gladiator-type sword and told interviewers that he hoped that the incident would "deter White women from dating Black men." He told interviewers that he was a regular reader of MGTOW blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer; and authorities have since revealed that Jackson subscribed to other Red Pill videos on Youtube such as Stephen Molyneaux and various names common around the Manosphere.

       "I didn't know he was elderly" Jackson informed the reporter, "I'd rather have killed a young thug or a successful older Black man with blondes...like you see in Manhattan. These younger guys are the ones who put White girls on the wrong path."

        And what of women who reject the Red Pill Philosophy? "They're part of the problem." Jackson replied.

        Now where have we heard sentiments like these before? Just about regularly on Red Pill sites like The Daily Stormer; Chateau Heartiste; Vox Populi; The Rational Male; Return of Kings; Dalrock, etc. Some excerpts from Jackson's interview are sufficient to reveal their sources. Jackson even admits to voting for Obama to keep women (i.e. Sarah Palin) away from power.

         For his part, Anglin published a satirical piece warning of a 'backlash' against Whites, calling White Supremacy 'a religion of peace' and offering a 'safe space' hastag for Neo-Nazis who feel threatened. The same day, Anglin also published an article exulting over a "Leftist White whore" who was murdered by her Indian boyfriend. Such are the sentiments of this warped man who is praised by most Red Pills as a Christian thinker.

         More importantly, though, when are real Christian and Conservative leaders going to recognize the serious problem of radicalization of American men?




  1. Sad. This is especially awful because one tool we have to give people something to hang onto is faith, hope, Christian values.

    Unfortunately many red pills have seized the gospel and perverted it, so now these lost boys don't really know it and can just use it to fuel their violence, rather than to heal their souls.

    1. Yes, and the leaders of the Red Pill movement know this and are using these vulnerable and wounded men as pawns to execute the very crimes they won't do themselves. Men like these leaders are the same type who lead Left-Wing activist groups: the minions wind up in jail and take all the risks while the leaders get money, publicity, sell books and do TV interviews.