Tuesday, March 14, 2017


    There was an interesting, though disturbing, article written by Dan Gainor today about a growing trend among ghetto-trash culture music performers making lurid songs about assassinating President Trump. This has been a noteworthy tendency among various celebrities and pundits for some time. But the danger involved in all of this is, of course, that the Corporate Media hopes to incite some violent incident against the President.

    According to official numbers, public threats against President Trump are literally surpassing the authorities' abilities to contain them. Twitter and Facebook noted 12,000 public threats against Trump---a rate of almost 1,000 per day. Contrast this with Obama---who received an average of 30 per day; which itself was a 400% increase over threats against the Bush Administration.

     The US Secret Service typically doesn't publicize many of its cases involving threats against the President for the very reason that they fear inspiring copycat crimes. Now when these scummy celebrities fantasize and rhapsodize about possible assassination scenarios---copycats are what they are trying to generate. We only have to go back to 1981 with the failed attempt on President Reagan to understand that unstable people will try to impress celebrities with such deeds.

      Political assassinations in a democracy are almost always the handiwork of obsessed madmen. The 1952 attempt on President Truman was really the only case that had a clearly-defined political motivation. The first recorded attempt on a president occurred in 1837 against President Jackson, who escaped by a miracle. While greeting a crowd, a gunman brandishing two muzzle-loaded pistols fired point-blank at Jackson's heart and both weapons misfired. Jackson understandably led a thanksgiving prayer-service after the incident. The gunman was later judged insane and committed to a psychiatric prison.

       Social psychologists have long believed that assassinations in our culture are carried out or attempted by individuals of similar character to mass-shooters. Whereas the mass-shooter is typically lashing out at some group---or humanity in general---the assassin sees the President as a unique symbol. In both cases, the killers typically are projecting their own self-hatred onto a person or group which represents to them the goodness they lack within themselves. Such is the Sandy Hook Shooting where Lanza murdered an kindergarten class, or the Roseburg Shooting where Christians were singled out. Sometimes the killers lie to themselves and concoct a plausible revenge motive to justify their crimes; such as George Sodini, Eliot Roger and others like them who usually publish long manifestoes before carrying out their plans.

       Among presidential assassins, John Wilkes Booth is an example of the latter category. Booth was an arrogant and wealthy elitist theater performer---much like his kindred spirits in Hollywood today. And like them, he despised the common people as his inferiors and had a fanatical hatred for Blacks in particular. He admired the Southern Aristocracy and resented Lincoln---whom he saw as a plebian 'unfit to hold office' (does this sound familiar?). To summarize: Booth was an entitled elitist who feared his own inferiority. Lincoln represented to him the power of the common man, which Booth projected his own fears of not achieving greatness. The Civil War gave Booth the pretext, but the reality was he saw Lincoln as a threat to his own ego.

        Guiteau, the assassin of President Garfield, was an even more clear-cut case. President Garfield was a Civil War hero, a brilliant scholar, and a Christian leader with a model family. Guiteau was the exact opposite: a complete loser with delusions of grandeur. The Kennedy Assassination saw almost exactly the same parallels between Kennedy and Oswald.

        President McKinley was assassinated in 1901 by an Anarchist named Leon Czolgosz. Czolgosz was the son of Polish immigrants who became radicalized and renounced the Church during an economic recession in the 1890s in which Czolgosz was unemployed. He believed that an economic conspiracy was holding him and others down---he was chronically unemployed since his radicalization. McKinley however began life as the son of an ironworker (and not coincidentally Czolgosz originally worked in a steel-mill). McKinley came from pioneer stock, just as Czolgosz came from immigrant stock. Yet McKinley's rise to the highest office in the land stung the ego of the unbalanced Czolgosz. It's noteworthy that both turned to politics: McKinley in a constructive way, while Czolgosz went into revolutionist theories. McKinley was elected by popular consent; whereas Czolgosz' groups tried shooting their way into power.

        These historical profiles are important for understanding the motivations behind those who advocate violence against President Trump. What they imagine they see in President Trump is a living embodiment of what they can never be. Most of our current so-called Cultural Elites didn't attain their statuses by hard work and popular appeal as Trump did. Most got there by fraud and force and subconsciously they see Trump's earned achievements as testimony against their own despicable characters. What's more: Trump achieved this by going against the Elites' stated philosophies---which show them up as frauds even more. During the Obama years, the Elites hated Putin for the same reasons; and it's no accident that Trump's enemies are always trying to connect him with Russia.

        So bear the facts in mind when the media lashes out at Trump. They call Trump a dangerous threat who must be destroyed, when in reality they are consumed by their own evil. This is why the Left has gotten more violent over time and why these threats and violent outbursts will increase---not lessen---as Trump achieves more and more. The enemy that Trump's opponents are fighting is really within themselves; and they can't escape their own guilty consciences.

       What we must do under these circumstances is to understand their motivations. We're not talking here about disagreeing with the Administration over something like his China Policy or Immigration Reform. There's nothing political about what these celebrities are doing in encouraging violence against the President---it is sheer criminal motivation and nothing more.


  1. Well said. Interesting history,too.

    I think what I find disturbing is how accepted this kind of behavior is. Threatening to kill people you disagree with has become normalized. Contempt for our leadership is now routine. In the olden days there was certainly colorful language about politicians flying about, but death threats were pretty much understood to be off limits.

    1. Thank you...In the past, people understood that the normalization of such public sentiments were only one step removed from the guillotine, the concentration camps, and the gulags becoming normalized. Our forefathers understood that the word was the precursor to the deed.

  2. Brilliant article and yes, quite interesting as well. I agree there is an element of jealousy driving this. America loves President Trump because he is an appealing guy who ascended to the highest office in the land not by manipulation and ambition, but by being himself, through circumstance. I think many Americans would take a bullet for both him and for Mrs. Trump. What career politician or entertainment figure could say that? None that I can possibly think of.

    That aside, we are being conditioned so that if he is killed the MSM will say he provoked it and the Left (which appears to comprise approximately half the nation) will celebrate it. The truth is he is in office because God responded to our prayers. There is no other explanation. God will keep him there so long as we all continue to do our part.

    1. Thank you; yes, 'by being himself' sums it up well. Most of these so-called Elites know deep-down what fakes they really are, and so in their neurotic state they see public approval of Trump's genuineness as a repudiation of their fakery. The more that Trump rises, the lower his enemies will sink. That's why his opposition is getting increasing desperate and will continue getting worse: they're caught in psychological vicious circle.