Wednesday, March 8, 2017


    The heroic Julian Assange, still a political exile in the Ecuadoran Embassy released yesterday an initial series of internal documents pertaining to the CIA. The first group reveals how Obama's CIA chief and Moslem Brotherhood member John Brennan led a massive project to use computer hacking technologies for domestic espionage purposes. This was apparently done with the collusion of several tech companies.

     One document group revealed that in 2014 a joint meeting between CIA officials and British MI5 discussed hacking capabilities against so-called 'smart TVs', I-phones, and wifis; as well being able to override automotive smart technologies. The smart TV hacking system was employed on Samsung devices which could convert the television into a covert microphone even when the device is turned off.

      The CEO of Samsung, Jay Lee, incidentally, is currently on trial in South Korea on bribery and embezzlement charges along with the now-suspended Obama-supported South Korean President Park Guen-hye. Lee is accused of embezzling Samsung funds to pay off South Korean officials---including President Park---to approve a corporate merger in 2015.

       "By the end of 2016, the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence had over 5,000 people and produced more than hacking systems, Trojans, viruses, and other weaponized malware," Assange noted, "These hacking products can target a wide range of US and European company products such as Apple I-phones, Google Androids, and Microsoft Windows."

      The leaked documents reveal that a project to implement these plans was scheduled for 2015.

       One would think that allegations of this magnitude would shock even the somnambulant American public into some type of action, but among the top Corporate Media headlines this morning are:

       "Texas Bathroom Bill Sparks Emotional Testimony"

       "Report: Obama Furious after Trump Wiretap Allegation"

       "Pregnant ESPN Host Slams Sexist Twitter Trolls"

        "Ciara Slammed over Naked Photoshoot"

       While there's barely a peep about the Wiki Leaks revelations. Oh, and Ameroboob women are marching in pink hats again---for some reason or another.

       But recall that these are the same Corporate Media dunces who just a few years ago were laughing off conspiracy theories that things like smart TVs could be used for domestic espionage purposes.

         With the current controversy about Obama's alleged wiretapping of Trump, this would be a good opportunity for GOP activists to pressure Party leaders to open investigations into Obama's surveillance programs in general. And it wouldn't hurt to look into corporate collusion with these programs; especially considering how many tech CEOs seem to be quite cozy with the DNC.


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