Thursday, March 2, 2017


     A scandal of sorts has broken out in the city of Baltimore after it was announced yesterday that seven police detectives involved in enforcing Maryland's tough new anti-gun laws were themselves indicted on federal racketeering charges. According to The Baltimore Sun, the six detectives and one officer were part of an 'elite unit tasked with getting guns off the streets'. Among the charges against the seven are extortion, perjury, weapons trafficking, robbery, fraudulent overtime claims; and in one case, participating in an illegal narcotics ring.

     Maryland has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. The Maryland Firearms Safety Act of 2013---which was praised by Obama---has been challenged repeatedly in Federal Courts. According to the Herbst Law Firm's website:

    "The police continue to enforce Maryland's strict gun laws and arrest anyone they think may be in violation. One of the most common gun charges in the State is wearing, carrying, or transporting a concealed or open handgun. The law does not consider openly carrying a handgun or carrying a concealed handgun as different crimes. Without a difficult-to-obtain permit, both are illegal."

    Baltimore Police Chief Kevin Davis is a staunch gun-control proponent. His 'elite unit' to which these indicted officers belonged has seen over 700 firearm-related deaths in Baltimore during the last two years. Baltimore's crime rate is so bad that European Tourist Agencies warn potential visitors to avoid the city if possible.

     The Maryland State Attorney General's Office has been forced to throw out four convictions based on these officers' malfeasance and states that others are under review. However, Federal Prosecutors have stated to the press that the State AG's office is itself under investigation for possible Obstruction of Justice in this case.

      The officers' crimes were uncovered during a Federal investigation into narcotics and weapons trafficking in the DC Metro Area. One of the allegations against these officers is that they confiscated firearms and sold them themselves on the Black Market.

       Where have we heard of such things happening before? Oh yes: here. 

       Maybe the Trump Administration ought to have the FBI and ATF look a little more closely at those advocating for---and zealously enforcing---gun control laws. It appears that Liberals not only want to take your guns and leave you defenseless before criminals: they want to take your guns and sell them to the criminals first.

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