Friday, April 7, 2017


     In a rare public press conference this morning, General Ali Ayoob the Syrian Chief-of-Staff addressed the Syrian people as follows:

     "At 3:42 AM today, the United States of America committed a blatant act of aggression, targeting one of our air bases in the Central Region with a number of missiles, leaving six people martyred and several others injured and causing huge material damage." Subsequent reports have indicated that at least nine civilians---families of Syrian military personnel---were killed. Fortunately for Syria, Trump inherited Obama's Gay-Pride Military and Obama's incompetent CENTCOM commander, General Joseph Votel. Only 2 out of 5 Tomahawk Missiles hit the airbase, the remainder apparently landing harmlessly in the desert. Loss to US taxpayers: $94 million. Loss to Syrian families: incalculable.

     That the attack was pre-planned is beyond any dispute. One simply does not move naval destroyers and fire 5 dozen Tomahawks on an hour's notice. The timing of the attack---in the midst of peace talks with President Xi; and the duplicity and deception employed against the Russian military have analysts in both countries drawing parallels between Pearl Harbor and Operation Barbarossa respectively. And the fact that the neo-Fascist governments of Japan, Germany, and Turkey were first in line to praise the attack added fuel to the fire.

     Russian President Putin suspended military cooperation treaties with the US and has ordered Anti-Ballistic Missile systems to be deployed in Syria. The Russians have convened an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, to which RINO Nikki 'Ban-the-Confederate-Flag' Hailey responded by stating that further US military action would not depend on the UN. Almost rather reminiscent of Mussolini's speech before the League of Nations during his 1935 Abyssinian War.
     And Secretary of State Rex Tillerson---whose previous greatest political achievement was approving homosexual Scoutmasters---met with fellow RINOs Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan who also gleefully expressed hope that further attacks would be forthcoming. Defense contractor stocks soared on Wall Street today and even the anti-Trump Corporate Media pundits are salivating at the prospect of a similar action against North Korea.

     General Ayoob, however, warned the Syrian people that the Terrorists were now emboldened to use chemical weapons when they are losing on the battlefield; as they previously did in Ghouta and Aleppo. The Terrorists obtain such weapons from German Chemical plants via Turkey where the Podesta Brothers and the Gephardt Group act as agents for the Turkish Government.

       So this weekend, all those still mourning Clinton's loss in 2016 can take heart; the new Administration is carrying out her foreign policy objectives.



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