Thursday, April 13, 2017


      The Neocons, in spite of their new-found popularity, have had a rough week. Secretary of State Tillerson was humiliated by Russian statesman Sergei Lavrov, who even scolded Tillerson's Corporate Media shills for their atrocious manners. (Unlike his trip to China, Rainbow Rex has 'evolved'; and toted the Media along to Russia at taxpayers' expense). The Pentagon suffered some embarrassments too; yesterday the inept CENTCOM commander Joseph Votel---another Obama holdover---accidentally bombed some moderate rebels in Syria and some civilians in Iraq. Actually, these types of blunders have been regular occurrences under Votel's command.

        Today, Votel authorized a publicity stunt in Afghanistan by dropping an obsolete mega-bomb on Afghanistan. It's unknown whether this attack actually caused any damage; but we do know that the Taliban's opium fields were unaffected. Experts are anticipating another record crop this year.

        The credulous Corporate Media were encouraged by this display, however; and are hoping for even bigger attacks on North Korea. The punditocracy was speculating that dropping the MOAB "sent a message to North Korea."

        North Korea actually got another message---one that shouldn't escape the attention of Americans either. It seems that some of our brave men and women in uniform are in some legal hot water in South Korea.

         Last month, South Korean authorities arrested two heroes for smuggling 20 pounds of methamphetamines into the country. The shipments were sent through the Military Postal Services from California disguised as breakfast cereal. (The pajama-boys in the modern military evidently aren't satisfied with Mess-Hall fare).

        South Korea's justice system is much stricter on such criminals than progressive American ones run by perverts like Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. And our troops are behaving much like their counterparts who were captured by Iran last year: groveling before their captors and confessing to everything. The South Koreans announced today that they had arrested four more soldiers and that a Korean-American drug cartel is behind these operations and these arrests may be only the tip of the iceberg.

         This drug seizure is the largest in South Korea in five years. Officials estimated that there was enough meth in the cargo to distribute to a quarter-million people: or five times the number of US military personnel there.

        So President Kim, likely unimpressed with the prospects of fighting an army of meth-addicts, has vowed retaliation against the Deep State if his country is attacked. North Korea actually has a tough and well-disciplined army, though no match technologically for the US. In convoluted logic of the average American, the fact that North Korea can't deter a so-called 'pre-emptive strike' only proves that they are a threat to the US mainland. 3 out of 4 Ameroboobs can't find North Korea on a map; yet they are convinced the country and the 25 million people living there need to blown off the face of the earth---for acting in self-defense. The Moonies and the Media say so, so it must be true. 

       But with every attack, media ratings soar; Wall Street profits roll in; and the Deep State's approval ratings climb. And in our postmodern trash culture, power and profit are all that really matter.



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