Wednesday, April 19, 2017


    Details now have begun to surface about Kori Ali Muhammad, who gunned down three people near a Catholic Charity office in Fresno yesterday. Muhammad was also wanted by Fresno Police for the murder of a security guard last week---no word from the FPD so far as to why Muhammad was still at large.

      There have been some erroneous reports around the Internet that Muhammad was a Moslem and a Jihadi; actually it is now known that he belonged to a little-known Black Supremacist religious cult called The Moorish Science Temple. The MST actually is not Islamic at all; although it copies many Moslem and Arabic motifs. Gavin Long, another mass-murderer who targeted police last year, was also a member of this cult.

      The Moorish Science Temple is another incubator of crime---as most cults are. Another criminal organization, the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter, is well-represented among their congregation. Of course, Left-Wing run cities like Fresno encourage this kind of sociopathic behavior. 

      And this is really the point here. Muhammad is yet another example of a home-grown radical created in our own dysfunctional Swamp of political correctness. Muhammad even admits something that we here have addressed in the aftermath of many such incidents:

      "For the record," Muhammad confesses on social media "in 1994 while in high school, my Biology teacher confirmed that White people are grafted from Black people; and that by the Laws of Genetics, Whites have only recessive genes and cannot produce another color; confirming my question about the origin of the White race as taught by the most honorable Elijah Mohammed. My teacher was very supportive of my decision to join the Nation of Islam."

      Also for the record, the high school to which Muhammad refers was Grant Joint Union High School in Fresno. No, Muhammad was radicalized by ISIS---he was taught, educated, and encouraged in his hatreds by taxpayer-funded American Public Schools.

      Isn't interesting how few of these cases come from private and homeschooled backgrounds? Before we go around accusing immigrants and foreign religions for radicalizing young Americans, maybe we'd be better served putting more scrutiny on our own schools and religious cults that Liberals and their Neocon camp-followers are supporting with our money.

       Muhammad was also part of that group idolized by Ameroboobs: the homeless. According to police records---of which Muhammad had a thick file of his own--- "Muhammad is homeless and frequents areas between West Shaw and North Marks Avenues to North Bullard Avenue and West Figarden Drive, along with the area near Fresno City College." In other words, the parts of Fresno where other 'homeless' dope-fiends hang out and are 'tolerated' by the City. Indeed, Muhammad was jailed before for possession and distribution of Crack-Cocaine.

      The Cultural Marxists insist that people like Muhammad are entitled to roam at will on city streets, because they pose no danger to society. This in spite of the fact that Muhammad's own attorney stated that the suspect "suffers from hallucinations, paranoia, and psychosis." The 'tolerant' Left also tells us that these people shouldn't be removed from society and given treatment because that 'imposes on their lifestyle choices.' According to his lengthy police record, Muhammad's lifestyle choices included "making terrorist threats, weapons violations, drugs, and false imprisonment."

       Obviously, the beginning and the end of this tragic saga does not lie with any external forces, Muhammad's actions are a problem that the Cultural Marxists running Fresno brought down upon their own heads. Yes, ultimately Muhammad is responsible for his own actions: but every step of the way, he was primed, aided and abetted on his suicidal course of destruction by a toxic culture bent on overthrowing traditional social norms.

         The goal of Conservative domestic policy is not simply to protect society from creatures like Muhammad: our leaders have the obligation to prevent them from appearing whenever possible and also to use the educational---and if need be---the Corrections and Mental Health professions to put them on the right path (again, if possible). The goal of Liberal policy is to create more such people and blame Conservatives while sponging off public funds to finance their phony virtue-signaling.

        Muhammad's case is another wake-up call to American Conservatives that draining the swamp is imperative. Let's not get distracted by RINOs and Neocons who want us to worry about Russia, or Iran, or North Korea, or China. The real enemy is within.



  1. Well said. I hear you, the greatest threat we face domestically is actually radicalized young men. And it has been getting progressively worse as each year passes. The cults, mental illness, drugs, even social policy, just make it all so much worse. We're breeding them, we're building them, and while everyone is responsible for their own behavior, we're still the ones creating the environment that gives rise to such things.

    1. Thank you---and very true. We can't simply let the young go feral without family, school, or religion to guide them and expect that they'll grow up to be pillars of the community. Left without any guidance, people will instinctively look for it; and too often they find it in cults, drug-gangs, political extremism, etc.