Wednesday, August 31, 2016


      Two of the chief characteristics of a religious cult are that they make claims that the mainstream religion is corrupt; and then in turn import concepts alien to that faith in opposition to it. We have written here at length about the cultish aspects of the Manosphere Alt-Right movement called 'Game'. This cult has largely co-opted the Men's Rights Movement during the 2010 decade. It preys upon alienated Western males who have fallen victim to the Cultural Marxist sociopolitical attacks upon our common heritage. Like most movements of its type, it focuses on scapegoating rather than solutions; and offers quick-and-easy solutions to complex human social interactions. The Cult, thus, is gaining a significant following.

       Both the Game partisans and its critics are abuzz about an article published today by one of the cult's leaders who calls himself The Rational Male. In a long tome, this author argues a common Game theme that modern religion---Christianity in particular---has become corrupted by Feminism, which he obliquely refers to as the Feminine Imperative. This latter term is a Game Cult doctrine, a notion though essentially borrowed from Radical Feminism, can be loosely defined as the theory that the natural male instinct to protect and provide for females is artificially socially programmed. What the Feminist revisionist historians term Patriarchy; according to the Gamers (who've adopted the same historical perspective) was a period under which men regulated and controlled all of these supposed negative feminine tendencies, which the Gamers claim to be at the root of Western society's ills.

       "For the past five generations," says the Rational Male, "there has been a concerted re-engineering of religion (and not just limited to Christianity) to better suit the ends of the Feminine Imperative. Just as men are sold the idealism of the 'old set of books' while living in a social context that confounds them, religion has been co-opted by the feminine. The 'old-books' religion has either been replaced wholesale by a feminine-interpreted, feminine-directed religion that places women as its highest authority; or has been restructured or re-written to serve the same feminine-primary objectives."

       This is all nonsense, of course. Assuming that the author is referring to the major Western religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam---there certainly has been no coordination between them to feminize their faiths. The last major meeting between Christian and Islamic leaders that we know of had to do with organizing and coordinating humanitarian aid to the Middle East. Certainly women and children probably benefitted most from this aid, but this hardly proves a pro-feminine collusion between Christian Popes and Patriarchs with Islamic Ayatollahs.

        During his recent trip to Poland, Pope Francis made several strong speeches supporting the Church's positions on gender polarity and stressed the importance of male governance of the Church, as supported both by Scripture and Doctrine. Francis denounced the Feminist/ Cultural Marxist tendencies in the West towards gender neutrality and androgyny.

        The author cites the Game Cult leader, The Voice of God, who has apparently taken on a Twitter account with the very Christian-sounding name of The Supreme Dark Lord. The Dark Lord opines that "Churchians bewail their emptying pews, then continue to preach their false gospels that drive men and nationalists out of the church."

       It may come as news to 'The Voice of God', but Nationalism is not a part of Christian Doctrine. The word Catholic in fact comes from a Latin word meaning universal. Even today, negotiations are underway between the Vatican and China; and two of the main obstacles are that the Chinese government objects to foreign appointments of bishops and that the Vatican recognizes Taiwan as an independent diocese.

       What is actually causing American church attendance to decline is the breakdown of the family and the anti-Christian bias of the US Corporate Media and Academic Mafia. The Game Cult, prudently ignores these problems because they share the same objectives as the Cultural Marxists: to subvert traditional religion.

       "Church culture" he continues---as though all non-Game churches think exactly alike---"is now openly hostile to any expression of conventional masculinity which does not directly benefit women or condition men into becoming gender-loathing Betas."

        This statement comes from a writer who teaches his disciples a series of Iron Rules. Let the reader ask himself why he supposes that the following things are not taught in churches:

        #7: "It is always time and effort better spent developing new, fresh, prospective women than it will ever be in attempting to reconstruct a failed relationship."

        #3: "Any woman who makes you wait for sex, or by her actions implies that she is making you wait for it, is never worth the wait."

       #6: "Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way he expects to be loved."

       #5: "Never let a woman be in control of childbirth."

        The curious reader can look up others, but they continue in the same vein. As Christ taught "By their fruits you shall know them", and the fruit of the Game Cult is toxic to both Faith and Manhood.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016


     Few Americans even know of the exotic Middle Eastern island of Bahrain. This small, oil-rich sheikdom, was once an idyllic and peaceful island in the Persian Gulf. It had little-known but active tourist trade along with its abundant oil reserves. But today, things have changed in Bahrain, and not for the better. Today, Bahrain is a police state with one of the world's worst human rights records.

      Not surprisingly, Bahrain's problems began when Postmodernist America brought its exceptionalism to the island. Bush Junior established Bahrain as the headquarters of the US 5th Fleet; and the Bahraini government moved into the Wahhabi ideology promoted by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. The majority of Bahraini citizens are Shia Islamists and have been denied participation in their country's government. And, as in Okinawa, the US base provoked a number of outrages among the local populace.

      During the so-called Arab Spring, Bahraini Shiites began protests against the Wahhabi Regime. But the Bahrainis learned what the world now in hindsight: some 'Arab Springs' are more equal than others. Obama and Clinton turned a blind eye, as the Wahhabi government imported Saudi and UAE troops to crush the demonstrations. The Shiites have been subject to the most brutal repressions ever since; with a wink-and-a-nod from Washington.

       In June, the Wahhabis revoked the citizenship of Bahrain's top Shiite cleric and have closed the Shiite Mosque in Diraz. This week, the Wahhabis banned Shiite Friday Prayer Services (Friday is the Islamic Sabbath day). These crackdowns have been intensifying during the last several months, with an unknown number of Bahraini Shiites killed by Wahhabi police death-squads, and others thrown into prisons. Bahrain's prisons are known for their inhuman conditions, and torture is practiced there.

       The Bush and Obama Administrations support the Bahraini Regime on the pretext that the Shia population is pro-Iranian. Iran was dubbed by Bush Junior as part of an Axis of Evil and a State-sponsor of Terrorism by Obama---in spite of the fact that not a single terrorist act against Americans has ever been linked to Iran. Also in spite of the fact that the Wahhabis---whom the Iranians consider apostate Moslems---have been linked to nearly all of them. Wahhabi coalition partners of the US in the Middle East are also known supporters of Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, Boko Harum, ISIS, Al-Shebaab, and the Taliban, among others.

       The US Navy in Bahrain has also engaged in several confrontations with the Iranian Navy, the most graphic of which ended in the shameful capture of ten of our brave men and women in uniform last January. The Ayatollahs have long denounced the interference of the US Navy in this region with Iranian efforts to suppress the weapons, narcotics, and slave-trafficking known to be originating from the Wahhabi Gulf States. Although suppressed by the Corporate Media, Singapore's unraveling of the so-called Fat Leonard Scandal gives considerable support to Iran's charges. That scandal---which has led to the arrest of a prominent US defense contractor and a sitting American Admiral so far---hasn't caused a ripple of controversy here in the Prozac Nation, although it fairly clearly points to Pentagon complicity in international smuggling operations.

       The suffering of the Bahraini people is another reminder that the activities of these gangs of provocateurs and international crooks have real-world consequences on innocent people. These gangs, too, supported with US tax dollars and cash from Wall Street freebooters. Unfortunately, the average Ameroboob, is too worried about some NFL player's controversial statements on race relations or a sex scandal in Minnesota---both of which are at the top of today's headlines---to care very much.


Monday, August 29, 2016


       Predictably, the Manosphere's Game Cult has erupted into a recent outburst of race-baiting; apparently feeling emboldened by the Corporate Media's focus on the Alt-Right. In spite of their deep dislike for Western women, the Gamers are also paradoxically opposed to interracial relations. That's another of many strange contradictions which characterize the thinking of this peculiar group.

       During the weekend, the Corporate Media ran a non-story fomenting outrage over some NFL player who protested the National Anthem; and several Red Pill bloggers have pounced on it. It seems the player in question is a Mulatto, who was adopted and raised by white step-parents. This naturally is an outrageous situation for the Gamers. From the 'Chateau Heartiste', from whence the cult largely originated, we have this post (reprinted in its entirety):

        "What Colin Kaepernick and Barack Obama have in common: both are examples of the commonplace phenomenon of the bitter Mulatto who spites his white mother's heritage and yearns for his missing black daddy's love. Keepin' it real, yo."

        His loyal followers, delighted that Heartiste would deign to speak so much as two sentences to them, responded with around 200 fawning comments, spiked with some of the most vile and repugnant racial slurs that their imaginations could conceive. That aside, however, it would be interesting to inquire just how commonplace the phenomenon of which he speaks actually is.

        What the President and Mr. Kaepernick really have in common is that both are products of our corrupt and debased Academic system; which instills in young men a hatred of our common culture and traditions. That hatred is especially pronounced among minorities because the Academic Mafia equates Western Civilization and American Culture with White Supremacy. It's not Evolutionary Psychology that produces such men; it's Cultural Marxism that is responsible.

        Not to be outdone, the Game guru The Voice of God, cited a story of the brutal killing of a white girl by some black thugs. He titled this article with an obvious reference to lynching. "More white parents need to tell their daughters precisely what they are risking when they sneak out of the house and get picked up by the Da'Shauns and Kaynes of the world." Vox cautions.

        His commenters display about as much humanity as Heartiste's do, cracking jokes about the murder and comparing Blacks to cannibals, et cetera. In fact, the woman in this case was abducted; she didn't sneak out of her parents' house, though she did conceal where she was actually going.

        The Red Pills are generally notorious for complete ignorance of history and anthropology. If they knew anything about either one, they would know that racial intermixture actually made societies stronger. Even ancient cultures knew this; the Greeks, Romans, and Persians freely married among other races and grew great empires. So did early America: most Indian tribes never married among their own peoples.

        We also have examples of cultures who strictly enforced racial marriage. The Egyptians, who never expanded much beyond the Nile Valley and eventually sank into a cultural quagmire of religious superstitions come to mind. The same fate met the Aztecs. Mediaeval Europe and Mediaeval Japan were stagnant societies; both closed to outsiders. And it is also no accident that the cultures with the most racial mixing were also the among the freest.

        In our Postmodern Age, however, the personal is political. Nothing is more personal than one's race or gender; hence the Cultural Marxists and the Red Pills are obsessed with both. One's race or gender, though, is not a mark of political affiliation. The fact that it is so considered illustrates the low intellectual levels under which the Far Left and Alt-Right are functioning. The Red Pills and the Alt-Right claim to be Nationalists, but their racial theories demonstrate that they are operating on tribal, not national, ideals. The same is also true of the Left, with their pretenses to Globalism.

        So why would the Red Pills---who claim to be about Men's Rights---not champion the rights of all men? It's because their movement is no more about empowering men than Feminism is about empowering women. The Gamers are about empowering the leaders of their cult; and obviously a cult is much stronger when it's racially homogenous.

        The fact of the matter is that DNA research has proven that Civilization grew by incorporating and blending various peoples. Family units tend to impart the best, not the worst, traits of its culture in its offspring. As a society, we need to focus far more on building families, educating the young, and standing for universal principles than coalescing around this or that ethnic group. 




Sunday, August 28, 2016


     The New York Times, once one of the most highly respected American news outlets, has long gone the way of the rest of the US media and become the servile tool of political and corporate interests. In line with Hilary Clinton's recent attempts to connect the American Alt-Right with Russia, the Times obligingly today posted an article by one Neil MacFarquhar denouncing the Russian media as a global disinformation machine.

     MacFarquhar's cites as contributors to his article Lincoln Pigman, a NYT intern specializing in defense issues and Eva Sohlman, an obscure Swedish author, who's apparently written art columns for the Times on occasion.

     This is all rather ironic in light of recent revelations that George Soros---with the collusion of Obama, Clinton, and Kerry---pumped millions of dollars into anti-Russian propaganda campaigns. Campaigns which, incidentally, used professional PR firms and networks of paid contacts inside the Corporate Media itself. Nonetheless, MacFarquhar---who to our knowledge, hasn't had a word to say about Soros states that "The Kremlin uses both Sputnik and RT and covert channels that are almost always untraceable." to spread this alleged disinformation.

       Aside from the fact that the Russian government does not control the Russian media, MacFarquhar and his cohorts have premised this entire article on the idea that Russia is somehow weaponizing information---claiming that Russian media is a direct extension of Russia's military policy. He quotes at length the opinions of some Swedish politician who is angry at a proliferation of Swedish news articles opposing Sweden's proposal to join NATO.

      The only thing that is actually noteworthy about this article is its blatant yellow journalism. A good rebuttal was published by Sputnik, and the authors there point out that no evidence is given for any of MacFarquhar's assertions; the mere say-so of Mr. Lincoln Pigman to the contrary notwithstanding.

      Articles like MacFarquhar's are the reason why people turn to non-Western media sources in the first place. Journalism is not about starting with a preconceived bias and then finding 'sources' to corroborate it. Journalism is about collecting facts and arriving at a fair conclusion. The New York Times no longer practices this type of professional journalism any longer; hence its descent into tabloid-style sensationalism and cheap propaganda.

       MacFarquhar takes especial issue with what he perceives as negative depictions of the United States "RT often seems obsessed with the United States, portraying life there as hellish." It probably seems that way to the Corporate Media, which seems obsessed with keeping Americans in a permanent state of denial about any of our deep national problems. He goes on claim that both RT and Sputnik "depict the West as grim, divided, brutal, decadent, overrun with violent immigrants and unstable" which actually sounds somewhat like an accurate depiction excepting the violent immigrant part. The Russian media has actually reported on mistreatment of immigrants here and covered pro-immigration rallies and similar events. MacFarquhar probably threw that misstatement in as an afterthought, since the Alt-Right---whom he insinuates is tied to Russia---portrays immigrants in this way.

       MacFarquhar also tries to dazzle readers with his supposed knowledge of history and carries on at length about Soviet disinformation campaigns---as though any of those are relevant to 21st Century Russian policies. Naturally he didn't bother to mention that during the Cold War, our government passed the Anti-Propaganda Act of 1948, which forbade the US government from engaging in domestic propaganda itself. Obama repealed that law in 2013 as part of the notorious National Defense Authorization Act. In 1985, former Senator Edward Zorinsky, voting to renew the 1948 law stated, "such propaganda should be kept out of the US, to distinguish America from the Soviet Union where domestic propaganda is a principal government activity."

     So which country's news outlets are spreading disinformation here? Maybe instead of attacking RT and Sputnik, the US media ought to do a little more introspection about its own standards and practices.  

     Probably the most crowning irony of all is that Cultural Marxists in Democratic Party and the Corporate Media point an accusing finger at the Alt-Right as racist and xenophobic; while at the same time accusing Russia---a multiethnic foreign power---of being behind it all. But such is what passes for deep political discourse and high-level journalism in the Prozac Nation.



Saturday, August 27, 2016


     Hilary Clinton, in her attack on the so-called Alt Right, has taken to tying Russia in with the movement. As we have previously noted, the Alt-Right had its origins in the early 1990s, a fact Mrs. Clinton acknowledged herself then when speaking of a vast, Right-Wing conspiracy. The Clinton Administration was certainly no friend to the emerging Russian Federation; giving asylum to Gorbachev and attacking Russian allies like Serbia. And as we have also seen, Clinton's chief advisor John Podesta had some rather questionable dealings in Ukraine himself---while accusing Trump's former advisor Paul Manafort of the same things.

     Robbie Mook, Clinton's campaign has claimed that "the hand of Kremlin is in this election." And Clinton herself called President Putin "the great godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism."

     Awkwardly enough for Clinton, the intrepid Julian Assange today published the third set of 2,500 documents leaked from the Soros Foundation. It seems that Hilary Clinton's good friend, Wall Street robber baron George Soros was deeply involved in an attempt to manipulate another election---the 2012 presidential elections in Russia.

      And who was US Secretary of State in 2012?

      According to the leaked documents, Soros' Open Societies Foundation was organizing Non-Governmental Organizations inside of Russia to foment political disturbances and influence the Russian government. After Putin's re-election, most of the NGOs were thrown out of Russia on the grounds that were viper's-nest of foreign provocateurs. The Soros leaks are proving that Putin's policy was correct.

        Frustrated, Soros admitted in the documents that his plot to instigate a Ukraine-style coup in Russia had failed. At a meeting with some of his fellow financial freebooters, he lamented that Russia's policy of publically funding alternative parties undermined the factions he was controlling---a mistake he later corrected in Ukraine. Soros then submitted a plan to destabilize Russia, among the points of which were flooding the country with Moslem refugees and trying to buy influence in the Russian media.

       Soros agreed to what he called The Russia Project. He offered that the Soros Foundation establish contacts with anti-Putin elements inside Russia and to foment an anti-Russian smear campaign in the Western Corporate Media prior to the Sochi Olympics. The project concluded with a statement committed to Globalism, which by the definition of the American Left actually means US cultural and economic imperialism.

        So it would seem from these revelations that Hilary Clinton and her camarilla are actually the great fairy-godmothers of this national brand of extreme globalism.

        In recent statements, Hilary Clinton even went so far as to accuse Russian media outlets of paying the American Alt-Right. Of course, this is simply more Projection of the same stripe. The abject servility of the US Corporate Media to Obama, Clinton, and Soros has become so transparent that the Soros Scandal is barely even mentioned by the American Press. A recent report stated that the birth of a sea-lion in a city zoo got nine times the media coverage than the Soros Foundation document-leak has received.

         Which, sadly, in the Prozac Nation is about typical. It's doubtful that a country that considers reality-TV stars and stand-up comedians as deep political thinkers is going to pay much attention to Soros and his crimes. Thankfully, Putin is standing tall and unscathed; and Assange is exposing the truth to the world.


     Citizens of the tiny island of Okinawa, a colonial possession of the Japanese Empire and home to a US military base, are in a near state of open revolt. A combination of Obama's treachery and the Empire's arrogance has strained relations with the West in this normally tranquil Pacific island.

       Okinawa was an independent country until 1879 when it was annexed by Japan. It was captured by US forces in 1945 and was an American overseas territory until 1972. As part of an economic deal with the Empire, the Nixon Administration returned Okinawa to Japan in exchange for keeping the US military base there as security against then-Maoist China. There were no major problems there until the post-Reagan Era. Clinton's military purges and introducing social progressivism into the military; Bush's outsourcing to civilian defense contractors; and Obama's overt Cultural Marxist transition of the military have made our brave men and women in uniform far below the traditional standards we once expected of our personnel.

       The problems opened in the mid-1990s when US Marines gang-raped a 12 year old girl, and the crime wave has been going on unabated ever since. US military personnel account for the overwhelming majority of Okinawa's violent crimes. Worse still have been recent revelations that Pentagon officials openly despise the Okinawan people as inferiors and its political leaders as its subjects.

       In a supposedly conciliatory move, Obama agreed last month to repatriate 16 square miles of unused military land to Okinawa and the Tojos agreed to send special police units to maintain order. But Obama, to whom treachery is second nature, secretly agreed with the Empire to construct a new helicopter base near a small village in an ecologically sensitive area. The Japanese agreed to the plan on the condition that the US hire Japanese contractors for the construction. Both governments well knew that the Okinawans opposed the plan, as it had been previously floated and rejected by the Okinawan government.

      Okinawans turned out en masse to protest the construction, but the Japanese special police have turned on the Okinawans---under the pretext that they are protecting Japanese construction interests.

       "It feels like martial law has been declared here." a protestor stated to the press. "There are large numbers of Japanese police and they often act violently."

       But because of the Japanese Empire's huge financial holdings in the US and their influence with Corporate Media, Japan escapes the types of scrutiny other nations receive in terms of human-rights violations.

       The Okinawan independence movement is growing, and deserves the support of freedom-loving peoples everywhere. US policy on the island during the last 30 years has been a national disgrace. Colluding first with the Fascist government in Tokyo; then covering up for Pentagon criminals and treating the citizenry like they lived in penal colony is a blot---one of many---on Postmodern America. We came to Okinawa as liberators, and for decades brought peace and prosperity to the island. But our culture changed here and is now having an adverse effect on an innocent people.



Friday, August 26, 2016


       This week in the Prozac Nation, we've been treated to a bombardment of propaganda coming from the so-called Alt-Right. These posturing, would-be Alphas who've brought their whole Dark Triad nonsense and other social innovations into the wider social scene, are setting themselves up as representatives of true masculinity.

         Our weekend entertainment features are designed to counter this type of deception. Features from earlier generations illustrate for us clearly what our culture once expected of real men. This week, we offer another series that presents a positive masculine character in a high dosage: Cimarron Strip.

        Cimarron Strip was a Western that aired on CBS at the end of television's Golden Age from 1967-1968. It was a full 90-minute drama---a feature-film length program---following the exploits of tough US Marshall Jim Crown. 

         Crown, a former gunfighter who had cleaned up Abilene, is sent to bring order to a federal No-Mans Land in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Because of the region's uncertain legal status, it attracted the worst outlaws, freebooters, and renegades of the Old West. Crown gets no help in this assignment from the government, and very little from the people of Cimarron. Obviously, in such circumstances, it takes more than calling oneself an Alpha to get the job done.

         A theme that is clearly brought out in Cimarron Strip is the uncomfortable fact that, beneath the veneer of Civilization, lies a dark undercurrent of unpredictable evil. When that element rises to the surface, what we consider masculine virtues must rise to defeat it. This is the point on which the whole 'Red-Pill Philosophy' completely fails. The Red Pill Philosophy is premised on the idea that what we call civilized social and moral norms is merely an illusion (another notion they've borrowed from Marxism). The chief instigator of the Game Cult in fact even has a header on his blog reading "Where Pretty Lies Perish."  Now logically it follows from such a premise that Civilization is not worth defending (another Marxist theme) and that the true Alpha Leader therefore lives for himself.

       In their scheme of things, men like Crown are chumps, as only a fool would fight for an illusion. Sex and Status are their highest virtues, so it also follows logically that they rule society as its overlords, while said chumps do their bidding. A few minutes of serious thought ought to show anyone the positive social danger inherent in such a philosophy.

        In contrast, a character like that of Jim Crown understands that actions are what really wins respect. He understood that taking responsibility to protect and provide for others who depend upon him is what separates men from boys. When he goes beyond protecting and providing and makes the world a better place, that's what separates ordinary from extraordinary men.

         Crown has a love interest in this series, of whom he is especially protective, named Dulcie Coopersmith. To the horror of the Alt-Right, she is both an immigrant and an independent businesswoman. To the horror of the Far Left, she's at half Crown's age. Dulcie in many ways is a strong feminine character type. She's not the typical Western heroine by any means; but a demure beauty with a sweet disposition and a kind heart. In one episode where Crown goes missing and Dulcie can't get help, she enlists a reclusive doctor and brings him back to a sense of duty. In many ways, Dulcie's sweetness and innocence inspires Crown and often brings him back from the disillusionment of his work.

           The 90-minute format of Cimarron Strip allows for some highly developed and sophisticated plots and storylines. Though there's no shortage of hard-hitting action, some critics have called this series 'the Western for the thinking man.' The series was also unique for recruiting a number of top Hollywood writers and producers, including some who'd worked for Alfred Hitchcock and on other top films. 

           Cimarron Strip is available on Youtube and also on DVD format. It's a unique series and in its own way, a captivating one.  Moreover, it is a refreshing change from the banal and superficial aspects of our Postmodern Culture. It shows what genuine men and real women can accomplish, even under the most trying circumstances.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


     The Manosphere Game Cult is beside themselves with glee over Hilary Clinton's speech attacking the Alt-Right. To the Red Pills, this is confirmation that the Radical Feminists---which by their definition is 100% of the female gender---is really engaged in a war with them. What has them so elated is that Clinton has drawn national attention to them; which they imagine will swell their numbers. The Game Cult leader, The Voice of God, among others, harken back to the so-called 'Gamer-Gate' controversy in 2014 which won them lots of recruits.

      They've likely already forgotten the 1990s, when the Clintons were continually scapegoating the Far Right for their continual policy failures. Hilary Clinton's speech is actually nothing new. Recall that she herself had brought up the specter of a "vast Right-Wing conspiracy" back in 1994, when Clinton's proposed national healthcare plan failed to generate public support.

       Now as we pointed out in another recent article here, that the so-called Alt-Right is really not Right-Wing or Conservative at all; but simply a reactionary movement within the larger Cultural Marxist framework. Traditional Republicans repudiated people like White Nationalists with whom the Alt-Right is rife. Hilary Clinton is not likely to point that out, however.

       White Nationalism, which has always been a latent force among these recent reactionary elements, has really come out in the open during the last few years. As we have observed, it is really nothing more than a variant of Leftist so-called Multiculturalism. Some of the extremists on the Left have fantasized about partitioning the US into racial zones; now some on the Alt-Right have taken the idea globally. According to these innovators, Blacks belong in Africa; Arabs in the Middle East; Orientals in Asia; Whites in Europe and America.

        But here is a problem, which these Alt-Right racial theorists need to address.

        When you speak of racial homelands, aren't you forgetting that the Red Man also needs a home? See, from what anthropology and history teach us---the Americas were originally the American Indians' homeland. We also know from geography that the Central and South Americans are mostly of Indian descent.

         Those on the Alt-Right speak of proprietary rights a great deal. It seems to us, by Alt-Right logic, that the Americas are Indian territory and the White Man really has no claim to this continent. As for building a border fence---we know the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, etc., were all descendants of North American tribes. It would seem that, to be consistent, the Alt-Right should welcome Latin American immigrants. For even though they've since evolved to speak Spanish and practice Catholicism, they are more Red and therefore, more indigenous to the continent than we are.

          Silly, you say? Of course it is: but it illustrates just how absurd this bogus racial purity movement among the Alt-Right really is. George Bush Jr. came up with the same plan to partition Iraq along cultural lines and look how well that plan worked out. Iraq has been in a near nonstop state of civil war since Bush imposed the plan on them. If it hadn't been for the rise of ISIS as a common enemy, Iraq would still be divided.

         Many of the Alt-Right Red Pills are deeply against interracial marriages, although paradoxically they also claim that white women are unfit to be good wives and mothers. That aside, they argue against race-mixing on the grounds that such unions lower the genetic stock. They all base this theory on lower IQs of non-whites without bothering to consider of course that IQ tests are based on Western cultural norms. 

        The Red Pills go on to claim that these low IQs result from generations of inbreeding, and then proceed to offer inbreeding among Whites as the solution. Isolationism never works in practice. Notice that the most isolated and remote tribes on earth today are the least culturally advanced. Which is also true of isolated nations. Do we really want to look like a white, neo-Christian version of Saudi Arabia in a few decades?

         These same Manospherians also claim that reproductive success is the hallmark of the superior 'Alpha' male---apparently forgetting that China's population is 4 times ours; and that the Arabians have 3 times our birthrate. Their White Nationalism---like their Game Theory is in todo a contradiction of itself through-and-through.

         Now it is true that Hilary Clinton and other Cultural Marxists have used Multiculturalism as a pretext to institute anti-White policies and discriminate against American Whites. But the truly Conservative way to fight this is to expose the Left's policies for what they are and take a firm stand against all racial and religious discrimination. The true Conservative believes that everyone is entitled to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" and that only false religions need to be upheld by the power of the State. Can the Alt-Right White Nationalists explain why they alone are entitled to the blessings of Liberty? "White Men created our values of Liberty." they will answer.

         To which we say in response: "No---God created Human Liberty, as our Declaration of Independence itself states. White men may have discovered this truth and put it into practice, but it is to the common good of all mankind."



Wednesday, August 24, 2016


     Julian Assange today began releasing to the public the first batch of US State Department correspondence between Hilary Clinton and her staff. Assange pointed to one especially troubling series concerning Clinton's mental health from 2011.

      Assange pointed out that in August 2011, one of Clinton's staffers sent her a medical concerning something called decision fatigue, and expressed concerns about Clinton's health.

      "Wow, that is eerily descriptive." Mrs. Clinton replied.

      Assange noted that the article claimed that persons in positions of power could experience this alleged syndrome, which made them "reckless, act impulsively, and cause ordinary people to lash out at colleagues." Clinton is of course well-known for her terrible temper. But the e-mails go on to include one from October 2011, by her senior advisor Jacob Sullivan. Sullivan sent Clinton about a drug called Provigil, which is used to treat people suffering neurological conditions like Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Syndrome, Narcolepsy, and Multiple Sclerosis.

      This correspondence, Assange further pointed out, occurred prior to her 2012 head injury.

       What is especially troubling about this story are two things. First, these concerns about Hilary Clinton's mental state are not coming from her enemies, but from her closest advisors and colleagues. Despite some of the rhetorical jibes coming from the Republican side, this illustrates that concerns about Mrs. Clinton's mental health are indeed legitimate.

         The second troubling aspect to this story is that we also know now that Clinton's health have been known to top Democratic Party officials now for at least five years. It is grossly irresponsible of the Democratic leadership to conceal this type. The American electorate have a perfect right to be informed of a potentially debilitating condition in a presidential candidate. If it can proven to the public's satisfaction that the condition is not debilitating,  then so be it; but we are owed the opportunity to make that decision.

         These issues by themselves might not disqualify Clinton as a president alone; but combined with her policy decisions as Secretary of State that created global chaos; her mishandling of sensitive information; suspicious deaths around her enemies; numerous financial and political scandals---these factors combined lead one to suspect, at least, that her mental state does in fact have a bearing on her ability to serve as president.

         This story, though, like others surrounding Clinton, will no doubt be buried by the Corporate Media. Americans seem to prefer to want to live in denial about how bad both leading candidates truly are. The 2016 Elections, more than previous ones, are proving just how badly flawed our electoral process has truly become. The system itself is in need of serious reform.

         But given the corruption of our Postmodern culture such reforms are unlikely to occur. Hilary Clinton, unfortunately, is a symbol of what American culture has become: emotionally unstable, irresponsible, and violent. Donald Trump too represents another aspect of the culture: its thuggishness and superficiality. Until we as a society began to change, we cannot expect that our leaders will be any different than what they represent.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


      The so-called Alt-Right, thanks largely to the political success of Donald Trump, has emerged as a major American sociopolitical movement. Unlike the Reform Party or the Tea Party, it appears that the Alt-Right has some permanence on the political landscape, for better or worse.

        The Alt-Right is not ideologically or culturally connected to traditional American Conservatism as we knew it in the last century under the Reagan Administration. The Alt-Right is essentially a reactionary movement. There is no one in the Alt-Right who corresponds to the genteel William F. Buckley who could articulate clearly and succinctly what defined a Conservative position. The Alt-Right does not actually stand for much of anything. It is however, filled with loud and active media figures and bloggers who tell us what they are against.

         Their solutions to socioeconomic problems basically can be summarized as whatever  goes to opposite extreme of the Far Left.  In fact, their positions on nearly issue is identical to those of the Cultural Marxists with the Alt-Right politically correct substitutions. We have seen for example how the Manosphere 'Red Pills' have taken Radical Feminism and applied to men---and not surprisingly the Red Pill/Game Cult are huge supporters of the Alt-Right.

         The Alt-Right does the same in a broader sense: their racial politics basically is Leftist Multiculturalism applied to Whites. They claim to oppose hiring quotas, but want to expel immigrant labor and force businesses to hire native-born Americans instead. And so on. In fact, what one sees in every issue that the Alt-Right supports is Political Correctness in reverse. There is nothing Conservative about the segregationism, anti-Semitism, male gender-supremacy, anti-Catholicism, militarism, xenophobia, and crony-cartel capitalism that their pundits advocate on a regular basis. There's nothing traditionally American about any of it either.

        Despite their claims to the contrary, the Alt-Right is a product of the post-Reagan Era like the Cultural Marxism it emulates. Its origins come from the early 1990s when political shock-jocks began to dominate AM Radio. These people claimed that the Mainstream Media then had a liberal bias and editorialized rather than reported news. They promptly then copied that very model and have since grown via radio, television, and the Internet. Alt-Right Media engages in all of the worst tactics of the Far Left: shouting down opponents; personal attacks, guilt-by-association, historical revisionism, spreading nonsensical neologisms, etc.

          The Alt-Right also has the typically Leftist tendency to regard political opponents as dangerous enemies---illustrating that they've totally internalized the 'personal is political' attitude of the Cultural Marxists. Their derision is not exclusively reserved for the Left either, but also for traditional conservatives whom the Alt-Right doesn't deem sufficiently loyal to the Official Party Line.

           This is probably the one thing that most separates the Alt-Right from Traditional Conservatives. Some of us remember the aforementioned William Buckley and others of his political persuasion sitting in quiet studios in easy chairs having polite discussions with their opponents. Today, the commentators are screaming the most vile epithets their fevered imaginations can suggest; their rhetoric filled with references suggestive of warfare; and offering the most extreme and inhuman solutions.

            Now let it be understood that the Cultural Marxists are indeed the devoted foes of everything positive about American Culture. But the point is that we don't defeat them by imitating or becoming like them. The one thing that the Cultural Marxists cannot tolerate is truth and the Society they wish to destroy was better than the one they've offered in its place. Fight them with that fact and we'd actually Make America Great Again.




Monday, August 22, 2016


     The US Academic Mafia has churned out yet another bogus research study; of the typical sort designed to generate potentially lucrative publicity. One Dr. David Buss of the University of Texas, a self-purported expert on "the evolutionary psychology of human mating strategies" published a study that has the Manosphere Game Cult all abuzz with supposed proof that their doctrine of female hypergamy actually has some scientific basis in fact.

     Female Hypergamy is the notion that women have an inherent biological tendency towards infidelity; and their natural tendency is to desert one male as soon as a more attractive option presents itself. The Game Cultists use this theory to justify their belief that females are expendable; that they are created to bear children, sexually satisfy the Alpha Males, but are incapable of deep emotional bonding. Of course, there's an ego component in it as well: obviously if females are hypergamous, the Alpha who's sexually successful must, by extension, be the most attractive option.

     To begin with, the first flaw in Buss' theory is that Evolutionary Psychology is mostly a pseudoscience. It is based on extent knowledge of prehistoric man to the present---as if 60 or so millennia of civilization never changed anything. What we know of prehistoric man's daily life is so incredibly thin that it is nearly impossible to base any type of theory on it. We know now from DNA evidence that the first ancestor of modern humans lived about 65,000 years ago in what is now Uganda. What we know of the life or culture of these first humans is next to nothing; and outside of religious traditions, science knows nothing even of their origin.

       Buss, with no evidence whatsoever, claims that "Lifelong monogamy does not characterize the primary mating patterns of humans. Breaking up with one partner and mating with another may more accurately characterize the common, if not the primary mating strategy of humans."

        Buss does not even see the obvious contradiction here: that, in order to break up with one partner and mate with another, monogamy, or sexual exclusivity must already be premised. Nonetheless, he expounds the following:

         "For our distant ancestors---when disease, poor diet, and lack of adequate healthcare meant that few people lived past 30---looking for a more suitable partner was necessary, researchers say."

          If they actually had done their research, they would have learned that most of our distant ancestors actually did live far beyond 30. Up until the 19th Century, there was no immunization, for example, and there were high mortality rates among children and young adults. But by 30, most of them lived about as long as we do. It actually didn't make any sense to mate-switch---especially not for women, who then relied on a man for provision and protection moreso than today.

         "Women are pre-disposed to have backup plans in case their relationship fails." the researchers assert.

           Again, another contradiction: why would women need a backup plan if monogamy wasn't premised as the natural order of relationships? It's not complicated logic: if mate-switching is the cultural norm, there is no purpose in 'breaking up' or having 'back-up plans'. What Buss is clearly doing is taking the postmodern cultural norms and anachronistically projecting them back onto our ancestors---not an uncommon theme among what passes for academic research today.

            Buss, a graduate of UC Berkeley, is also a supposed expert in gender conflicts, stalking, jealousy, status and reputation, and even homicide. Actually his expertise, like most of today's Academic Mafia, seems to be in inventing justifications for a high-salaried position at a taxpayer-funded institution.

           The study has some Gamers asserting the study is proof of hypergamy; while others believe the study is simply an excuse for it; but the truth is simply that Female Hypergamy does not exist. While women may be drawn instinctually to males with whom they feel safe and secure, the notion that they seek social status in so doing is absurd. Again, this theory is another derivative of the Game Cult's dependence on the economic model of interpersonal relationships; as is Buss' theory which is evidently steeped in Marxism.

          In all of recorded history, adultery and infidelity were considered moral or legal offenses, regardless of whether a given culture was monogamous or polygamous and fidelity was universally considered a moral virtue. We actually do not know of a historical period when marriage in some form did not exist. Even the most primitive peoples on earth today practice marriage. If hypergamy were a natural condition, we would have some historical or anthropological proof of it; but there is none---absolutely none. We have only the word of a few modern innovators against centuries of tradition, and tradition typically turns out to be the correct course.




Sunday, August 21, 2016


     According to some recent Corporate Media headlines, we here the Prozac Nation are once again experiencing one of our regular paroxysms of collective outrage. This time, the focus of Ameroboob anger is a directed at an adventurous 12 year-old girl named Aryanna Gourdin of Utah. It seems that young Miss Aryanna enjoys travelling on safaris with her father, and has scored a rather impressive trophy record, bringing down big game with her trusty pink bow-and-arrows. She's posted photos on Facebook with some her successes---really quite some remarkable kills---including a giraffe, impala, a wildebeest, and zebra.

     Of course, these photos have caused a hysterical uproar among a population which sees nothing wrong with the US selling cluster-bombs to Wahhabis who drop them on Yemeni schoolchildren. But in our Postmodern dystopia, schoolchildren hunting big game creates almost as much social horror as schoolchildren smoking cigarettes or showing interest in the opposite sex. A heavy dose of Ritalin is the accepted cure for these types of non-Politically Correct behaviors.

     So too, is online harassment and threats, which Miss Aryanna has been receiving in spades. This isn't the first time angry cyber lynch-mobs have done this kind of thing. In 2014, a lovely Belgian woman named Axelle Despiegelaere was forced out of a modeling contract after it was learned that she went on a safari. Last year, an American man suffered considerable harassment after killing a lion; and more recently a heroic Cincinnati police officer was targeted by those outraged that he saved a boy's life by shooting a gorilla. 

      It's fairly obvious to any rational mind that the crackpots attacking people like these---especially with the level of hatred and vitriol they exhibit---are mentally unbalanced themselves. The massive proliferation of mind-altering narcotics in the United States doubtless contributes to their behavior. But there are probably other psychological factors involved as well.

       21st Century American culture has largely become dehumanized. We see this both in the cavalier attitudes towards the destruction of human life and the deconstruction of gender roles. We have in many ways, lost our collective soul---in other words, lost that which separates humanity from the beasts of the field. Naturally, many of the most dehumanized identify with the superior physical powers of the Animal Kingdom. It shatters their illusions when a mere human shows himself (or herself in this case) superior to the Forces of Nature. Thus they resent a svelte Belgian model shooting a gazelle---a gazelle which any local leopard would have gladly killed and eaten in a much less humane way.

        Wildlife Conservation is of course important, but hunting laws have been in effect in the US since 1907, which regulate the indiscriminate killing of wildlife. Instead of attacking 12 year-old girls online, however, these outraged activists would be much more constructively engaged if they would expend their efforts lobbying for greater infrastructure protection. The neglected condition of our National Forests and public waterways are causing considerably more destruction to our ecosystem than hunting, fishing, or trapping by licensed sportsmen.

       The Internet Crackpots, however, will unlikely be influenced by rational arguments. These types of trolls get adrenaline rushes from feeling powerful, which in our passive-aggressive social milieu is always carried out in a dastardly and cowardly way. It takes courage to face a wild animal with a bow and arrow; it takes none to assume an arrogant tone to a 12 year-old. Which is another reason why they hate Aryanna; she has courage and her detractors do not.



     This weekend, over 100,000 Yemeni citizens gathered in the capital of Sanaa to demand the Wahhabi government abdicate in favor of Yemen's legal president Ali Saleh. Saleh was forced from office in 2012 as part of Obama's and Clinton's so-called Arab Spring. Saleh's supporters---over the objections of the Beltway and Wall Street---reinstated his party, which led to a US-backed invasion led by the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia.

     This weekend's protest was met with a typically barbaric Wahhabi response: the Saudi Air Force launched air strikes near the demonstrations. There were an unknown number of casualties, though at least three were killed by the bombs and numerous others killed or injured in the subsequent stampede.

     Wahhabi atrocities in Yemen have reached such a level that even our Rainbow-Pride Pentagon is feeling the pressure to downplay its own involvement in these crimes. Speaking from a US Naval Base in Bahrain---another country suffering from Wahhabi oppression---one Lt. Ian McConnughey stated to the press that 'fewer than five' US personnel were now involved in the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen.

      "The cooperation we've extended to Saudi Arabia is modest and not blank check." reiterated Adam Stump, a spokesman for the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon.

       Saudi forces have been directly implicated in hundreds of civilian deaths in Yemen, mostly targeting Yemeni Shiites and Christians. Their policy of ethnic cleansing seems particularly directed at children: schools, hospitals and orphanages not being spared. The United Nations recommended sanctions against Saudi Arabia, which were blocked by the US and Wahhabi-controlled countries. Three days after the sanctions were withdrawn, the US concluded a lucrative arms deal with the Saudis.

      Has the treacherous Obama actually decided to slink away from Yemen and throw his allies under the bus as he's done elsewhere? Not really. The military draw-down in Saudi Arabia merely involves transferring personnel to Bahrain; one of the Saudis' coalition partners in Yemen. The Pentagon is also upping arms sales to the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait---who are in turn allied with the Saudis.

       This military draw-down is all for show. Last week, Saudi jets bombed a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders which caused a huge stir in Europe. Obama, who needs European support in the Middle East, took these actions for the benefit of the European Press. The other reason is that the Saudi-led Coalition, supplied with the latest Pentagon weapons and US military advisors, is meeting spirited resistance from Yemeni forces. The Yemenis have practically no outside help and yet have fought the Wahhabis to a standstill after nearly 18 months of fighting. This is bad advertising for future US military sales. 

      If anything, Obama's policy shift is Yemen is one of overt-to-covert aid for the Wahhabi Regime. The Wahhabis can now behave with even greater impunity, since they no longer even need US diplomatic cover. But the bright spot is that Yemen is showing sign of capitulating to the Wahhabis, and the region is rapidly turning from the 'Arab Spring' into the 'Arab Vietnam' for the Beltway and its confederates.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


   The Neo-Nazi rulers in what is left of Ukraine are mulling the possibility of declaring martial law. The pretext for this move is an alleged threat from Russia---actually caused by a failed terror attack in Crimea tied to Ukrainian officials. The Regime's approval ratings among the Ukrainian people are at all-time lows. But the Ukrainian Army---mostly a mercenary force made up of European Skinheads and Wahhabi Jihadists---remain loyal.

    This week, DC Leaks exposed 2,500 secret documents from the Soros Foundation, which complicated matters for the Kiev Regime greatly. George Soros, one of the Wall Street Oligarchy, has been implicated deeply in intrigues favorable to Kiev. In the first batch of leaked files we learned that Soros purchased interest in the Ukrainian media and built a network between them and select international news outlets to slant foreign opinion to favor Kiev. In the next batch, we discovered that Soros lobbied the European Union for a bailout to stabilize the Ukrainian economy---though not disclosing to the EU that Wall Street insiders whom Soros coordinated were buying Ukrainian interests at rock-bottom prices first.

       Today we learned that shortly after the 2014 coup, Soros met with top US and Ukrainian officials; and in fact basically dictated policy to them. Soros held a series of meetings with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt. Pyatt stated in the leaked document that US Secretary of State John Kerry "would be interested to hear Soros' views on the situation."

       "What should the US government be doing differently than it is currently doing?" Pyatt asked---not of the President or the American people, but of a Wall Street hedge-fund manager. To which Soros replied:

         "Obama has been too soft on Putin, and there is a need to impose intelligent sanctions. These sanctions should be imposed for 90 days; or until Russia recognizes the new government."

          So how do our European readers like that revelation? The higher prices you pay thanks to EU sanctions came to you courtesy of a Wall Street market-manipulator. And, as a side note, Wall Street's profit-margins have jumped considerably since the sanctions were imposed. And then there is TTIP...

        At Pyatt's solicitation, Soros agrees to fund a professional Public Relations firm to organize a global smear campaign against President Putin, facilitated of course through Soros' media channels. He also suggests hiring professional agitators to foment anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine.

        These are the same people who, since 2014, have been accusing Russia of doing everything they themselves are guilty of in Ukraine. Where in the US Constitution are unelected financial robber-barons given legal authority over American foreign policy? Nowhere: but it happens because the American people choose to live in denial that it is happening.

        It is a fact that must be faced, however. People who have no qualms about sacrificing innocent Ukrainian lives for their own profit will have no scruple about sacrificing American lives either. It is past time that Congress intervened here and launch a meaningful investigation into Soros and his henchmen.




   Some readers have recently noted that it is increasingly difficult, and often impossible, to access RT News feeds from our site. This problem is temporary, we believe and not a problem from the blog site.

   RT News has been under a sustained and sophisticated cyber attack for the past week. They have technicians addressing the problem. According to sources, the attack originated from a central point in the US and is designed to flood RT's gateways and shut down access.

   Kalinsky Security Specialists---the same organization who exposed the NSA ties to the Equation Group, estimates that the RT attack has cost the hackers about a quarter million dollars so far to implement. So obviously it is not the handiwork of a few random cyber-anarchists.

   These types of attacks are not new. SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency) is also hit sporadically; typically coinciding with news of a US-backed forces' defeat, or implication in a war crime. As Edward Snowden revealed this week, Russia, Syria, Iran, and China are known targets of The Equation Group.

    It's rather ironic that in the last century, it was the countries in Nazi-occupied Europe and later those behind the Communist Iron Curtain who were notorious for jamming and disrupting broadcasts from the Free World. America never bothered jamming Axis or Communist propaganda. The belief then was that the Truth needed no defense; only the lies promoted by freedom's enemies needed protection from closing dissent.

    And really the same principle holds today. We don't see these types of attacks aimed at Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or Reuters. It does give one pause to consider who is and who isn't reporting the truth these days.   

Friday, August 19, 2016


   When we look at our Postmodern Era's military and see the revolting Political Correctness and utter lack of morality or professionalism inherent throughout the entire organization, it is difficult to imagine a time when conditions were the exact opposite. The US military once prided itself on turning boys into men; building character through discipline and taking responsibility and initiative. But that, of course, was an era when the military was still comprised of actual men.

    This weekend's entertainment recommendation is another late-Golden Age WW2 series: 12 O' Clock High. The series ran from 1964 to very early 1967 on ABC, and was based on the Academy-Award winning 1949 feature film of the same name. It follows the exploits of the 918th Bomber Squadron in the years prior to the Normandy Invasion. Like many wartime dramas of this period, the producers sought realism, and the series contains extensive WW2 footage filmed from actual B-17 bombers in combat.

     The lead character in the series was the squadron commander, General Frank Savage; and later in the series, his protégée Colonel Joe Gallagher. This was an interesting component of this series: in an early episode Gallagher was a failing pilot whom Savage mentored into one his best crewmen---and ultimately the Squadron Commander.

    Redemption and character-building are fairly common dramatic themes in 12 O' Clock High. The commanders are frequently faced with moral and ethical challenges in the course of executing their duties; not infrequently they are called upon to lead their subordinates into the right path. Unlike subsequent wartime dramas, this series does not glamorize or disguise the realities of actual warfare. It fairly accurately depicts the wartime pressures men and women faced---from civilian levels to high command.

     In our effete era, the idea of personal sacrifice for a higher good and becoming an integral part of a social structure working toward that end is a notion looked upon with horror. The military is, in a society, a microcosm of masculine duty and responsibility which in peacetime translates into the obligation of building civilization as part of a greater whole. This is why in the past fathers were also generally the community leaders---united with other fathers and men in overseeing the security and affairs of their given residences. As our culture began to decline into narcissism and escapism, this infrastructure broke down radically.

     As mentioned in other articles, there are many in the Manosphere who talk about reclaiming masculine leadership roles. Yet their attitude is entirely wrong. They fail to understand that male leadership is not simply a matter of posing as an Alpha; it requires an ability to empathize with other men and help groom them into better men. The Game Cultists simply consign those whom they deem non-Alphas to various levels of inferiority to themselves. In 12 O' Clock High, even the lead characters like General Savage had older generals above him who often counseled him. There is a Biblical proverb about "iron sharpening iron" which seems to be a recurrent theme among the men of the 918th. In fact, in one episode Savage supports a bereaved Jewish sergeant who is losing his Faith in God.

       Contrary to what these Gamers teach men, a masculine does not simply affect leadership by setting himself apart from and above other men. The genuine leaders of men are those willing to put their skills and words to actual deeds. Savage and Gallagher both lead every mission personally, although technically exempt by military regulations. That's a genuine form of masculine confidence, which the Gamers distort into mere posturing. True masculine confidence is a willingness to take risks and stake one's own life and reputation on the outcome. That obviously involves commitment; another concept the Gamers especially disavow.

        12 O' Clock High is available on DVD and for free viewing on Youtube. This series is one of the better WW2 dramas produced. It follows tightly-drawn character profiles, without losing sight of the background of war. Most importantly, it shows men that a moral and ethical code can be maintained even against such a background, if men are willing to work as a team. 



Thursday, August 18, 2016


     Until a series of hostile corporate takeovers in the early 1990s, the American and British news media were universally considered the premier sources of information. The US media was privately owned, and fiercely competitive but each company held to a strong Code of Ethics. In some cases, these ethics were backed by laws. The British media, although an extension of the government, built a reputation for independence and integrity. 

       In our Postmodern Era, however, where winning at all costs and profit at any price is the name of the game, journalistic ethics are something of an anachronism. Corporate Media outlets do pay some lip service to the idea, like a vague concept they're all supposed to believe in without actually understanding what it actually involves. 

        Sky News, a British subsidiary of Australian-owned and Wahhabi financed News Corp, is a case in point. Recently, to shore up anti-Russian sentiment in the UK, a Sky News team allegedly travelled to Syria to interview a secret Russian commando squad operating under the suspiciously neo-Nazi sounding code name Vagner. Sky News interviewed two of the soldier-whistleblowers, duly disguised to protect their identity, who informed the press that up to 600 Russians had died in their covert operations, whose deaths had been covered up by the Kremlin.

        The only problem with the Sky News story is that it never actually happened quite as presented. The Sky News team never went to Syria; they conducted the interview in Moscow employing two Russian actors for the purpose. Sky News allegedly hired the actors and presented them a script; telling them that the interview was intended to be part of a movie.

        One of the actors, Alexander Agapov, became suspicious and recorded part of the interview between himself and Sky News correspondent John Sparks. After Russian television network NTV began investigating the Sky News report, Agapov turned over the recording to NTV for analysis. A team of specialists identified with 85% certainty that the voices in the report matched Agapov's recording.

        Sky News vehemently denied any such shenanigans; but it certainly not the first time Murdoch's henchmen at News Corp have been implicated in such incidents. News Corp was at the bottom of a national scandal a few years ago in the UK for obstruction of justice involving a missing girl; and a subsequent investigation found that News Corp's 'inside sources' in high British places involved wiretapping and computer hacking.

        Most recently, Sky News was involved in a scandal in Romania, where correspondent Stuart Ramsay interviewed two masked men divulging the illicit arms-smuggling trade in Romania. As it happened, they too were paid actors, and the Romanian government is currently seeking legal action against Ramsay.

        Hopefully, since BREXIT, the UK will start putting some of these media outlets under some scrutiny themselves and start holding muckrakers like Murdoch accountable.