Tuesday, August 9, 2016


    The US Corporate Media is trying desperately to shield Hilary Clinton by ignoring the foreign policy disasters that she and the Obama Administration have caused. The Ukraine Crisis, the South China Sea fiasco, the Turkish coup, and the Arab Spring have practically relegated US involvement on the Asian Continent to near irrelevance.

     The Media has been slinking gradually away from any further coverage of events in the Middle East. CENTCOM was unceremoniously evicted from Iraq; and since then Iraqi forces have recovered 95% of their territory from ISIS with no American help whatsoever. Obama and Clinton's grand scheme of regime change in Syria has not only collapsed, but driven long-time US ally Turkey into alliance with Russia. Obama's proxies in Egypt were overthrown and Libya has turned into anarchy.

     Another Arab country targeted by the US Cultural Marxists, Yemen, is also being discreetly ignored by shamefaced Obama apologists. Yemen was one of the first countries targeted by Hilary Clinton in the Arab Spring. Though resource-poor, Yemen has several valuable ports coveted by Wall Street.

     The government fell, but the new Shiite government was not to Obama and Clinton's liking. So their Wahhabi comrades on the Arab Peninsula, led by the degenerate Saudi Regime, invaded Yemen and installed a Wahhabi by force. They began systematic ethnic cleansing of Yemeni Shiites and Christians, much to the delight of the American Left.

    However, Yemeni resistance has proven formidable. The Yemeni Army has remained loyal to the legitimate government, and a Shiite Militia, the Nasrullah have foiled and stopped the Wahhabi invasion cold. After 1 1/2 years of civil war, the Yemeni patriots are on the offensive in spite of Saudi Arabia's US weapons and intelligence assets and a few hundred of the LGBTQ-friendly Navy Seals sent in as advisors. Saudi forces today were forced to evacuate the border with Yemen after Yemeni forces made repeated incursions into Saudi territory, which included the capture of a Patriot Missile battery.

     As in Syria, the UN is desperately covering up Wahhabi atrocities in Yemen, which have been carried out with about the same degree of barbarity. The Saudis now caught in a quagmire and suffering humiliating losses are trying to negotiate a US/UN 'peace deal' on favorable terms to themselves. So far the talks have gone nowhere---Yemen has nothing to gain by them.

     And, in the end, the ultimate Yemeni victory will be another disastrous foreign policy failure with far-reaching consequences. The legitimate Yemeni government is far more closely allied with Iran than with any other Middle Eastern power; and the country is also likely to ally itself closely with Russia---who had a naval base there during the Soviet Era. This would give Russia and Iran a naval presence in the area, edging out the US power.

       So once again, Obama's blundering is about to cost the US another strategic foreign asset. To be fair, Obama has been following the policy of his three predecessors: act with military force where diplomacy would have worked. The Bushmen, the Clintons, and Obama all reason like gangsters: to them, diplomacy and negotiation are either signs of weakness or stratagems to be employed to gain a temporary advantage. They forget that some people stand up to bullies, and the Yemeni people, like their Syrian brothers, are giving good account of themselves. It is sad to think, though, that the US---once the country oppressed peoples could turn to in their hour of need---is now the instigator of global oppression.

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