Monday, August 29, 2016


       Predictably, the Manosphere's Game Cult has erupted into a recent outburst of race-baiting; apparently feeling emboldened by the Corporate Media's focus on the Alt-Right. In spite of their deep dislike for Western women, the Gamers are also paradoxically opposed to interracial relations. That's another of many strange contradictions which characterize the thinking of this peculiar group.

       During the weekend, the Corporate Media ran a non-story fomenting outrage over some NFL player who protested the National Anthem; and several Red Pill bloggers have pounced on it. It seems the player in question is a Mulatto, who was adopted and raised by white step-parents. This naturally is an outrageous situation for the Gamers. From the 'Chateau Heartiste', from whence the cult largely originated, we have this post (reprinted in its entirety):

        "What Colin Kaepernick and Barack Obama have in common: both are examples of the commonplace phenomenon of the bitter Mulatto who spites his white mother's heritage and yearns for his missing black daddy's love. Keepin' it real, yo."

        His loyal followers, delighted that Heartiste would deign to speak so much as two sentences to them, responded with around 200 fawning comments, spiked with some of the most vile and repugnant racial slurs that their imaginations could conceive. That aside, however, it would be interesting to inquire just how commonplace the phenomenon of which he speaks actually is.

        What the President and Mr. Kaepernick really have in common is that both are products of our corrupt and debased Academic system; which instills in young men a hatred of our common culture and traditions. That hatred is especially pronounced among minorities because the Academic Mafia equates Western Civilization and American Culture with White Supremacy. It's not Evolutionary Psychology that produces such men; it's Cultural Marxism that is responsible.

        Not to be outdone, the Game guru The Voice of God, cited a story of the brutal killing of a white girl by some black thugs. He titled this article with an obvious reference to lynching. "More white parents need to tell their daughters precisely what they are risking when they sneak out of the house and get picked up by the Da'Shauns and Kaynes of the world." Vox cautions.

        His commenters display about as much humanity as Heartiste's do, cracking jokes about the murder and comparing Blacks to cannibals, et cetera. In fact, the woman in this case was abducted; she didn't sneak out of her parents' house, though she did conceal where she was actually going.

        The Red Pills are generally notorious for complete ignorance of history and anthropology. If they knew anything about either one, they would know that racial intermixture actually made societies stronger. Even ancient cultures knew this; the Greeks, Romans, and Persians freely married among other races and grew great empires. So did early America: most Indian tribes never married among their own peoples.

        We also have examples of cultures who strictly enforced racial marriage. The Egyptians, who never expanded much beyond the Nile Valley and eventually sank into a cultural quagmire of religious superstitions come to mind. The same fate met the Aztecs. Mediaeval Europe and Mediaeval Japan were stagnant societies; both closed to outsiders. And it is also no accident that the cultures with the most racial mixing were also the among the freest.

        In our Postmodern Age, however, the personal is political. Nothing is more personal than one's race or gender; hence the Cultural Marxists and the Red Pills are obsessed with both. One's race or gender, though, is not a mark of political affiliation. The fact that it is so considered illustrates the low intellectual levels under which the Far Left and Alt-Right are functioning. The Red Pills and the Alt-Right claim to be Nationalists, but their racial theories demonstrate that they are operating on tribal, not national, ideals. The same is also true of the Left, with their pretenses to Globalism.

        So why would the Red Pills---who claim to be about Men's Rights---not champion the rights of all men? It's because their movement is no more about empowering men than Feminism is about empowering women. The Gamers are about empowering the leaders of their cult; and obviously a cult is much stronger when it's racially homogenous.

        The fact of the matter is that DNA research has proven that Civilization grew by incorporating and blending various peoples. Family units tend to impart the best, not the worst, traits of its culture in its offspring. As a society, we need to focus far more on building families, educating the young, and standing for universal principles than coalescing around this or that ethnic group. 




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