Monday, August 8, 2016


     The British Parliament today announced today some sweeping new reforms aimed at suppressing the Black Market slave trade. Under an amendment passed to a 2015 law, British Naval authorities now have the authority to detain and inspect vessels suspected of carrying human cargo.

     In an official statement, the UK government affirmed that "thousands of law enforcement officers across the United Kingdom will be empowered to join the fight against modern slavery at sea using new powers in the Modern Slavery Act which come into force as of August 8th. These new powers include the authority to board and search vessels, seize evidence and arrest offenders where it is suspected that modern slavery is taking place and rescue victims in UK waters."

    The amendments also provide stiffer sentencing guidelines for slavers. 

     These new laws would have been unthinkable before BREXIT. Under the maritime laws and judicial restrictions of the European Union, Britain had far less authority to regulate its own waters. The British Home Office believes that the UK is the 5th largest point-of-origin for the illegal slave trade.

      Britain has taken a step in the right direction and, as one of the first governments historically to abolish the slave trade, hopefully will become the global leader in fighting this international scourge. The numbers of victims of the modern slave trade are unknown; but they are predominantly women and children. There has been an unfortunate tendency in the West to deny the problem even exists. The denial is coming largely from segments of the Manosphere who believe that the problem is a feminist exaggeration. However, we have seen in the Middle East undeniable proof that the Jihadist Wahhabi Cult is engaging in these crimes on a substantial scale. 

        In fighting any Black Market activity, we must also identify who is receiving the product. The fact that slaves are expensive and predominantly women and children seem to argue against some on the Left who would have us believe that the slaves are destined for sweatshops in poor countries. No, it is quite obvious that these slaves are sold to buyers in wealthy countries; to rich degenerates and high-level criminals for immoral purposes. And to follow the money even more closely, we are talking about countries with close political and economic ties to the Wahhabis: i.e., the US, EU, the Japanese Empire, and Arab Peninsula Sheikdoms.

          By extension, the sheer volume and profitability of the slave trade must also lead us to conclude that the numbers of depraved customers for it among our so-called Cultural Elites must also be quite high. The very fact that the above-named governments and their respective media outlets are silent on the subject ought also to raise some suspicions. It also should raise some suspicions that there strong US/NATO military presence in all the areas in which these slaves are said to be originating.

           So evidently we'll not see much, if any action or discussion in our own sector of the world. But Britain, committed to the fight, may begin bringing some new evidence to light. Post-BREXIT, the UK is once again standing tall on the side of right and reassuming its position as an international leader in the fight for justice.

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