Saturday, August 27, 2016


     Citizens of the tiny island of Okinawa, a colonial possession of the Japanese Empire and home to a US military base, are in a near state of open revolt. A combination of Obama's treachery and the Empire's arrogance has strained relations with the West in this normally tranquil Pacific island.

       Okinawa was an independent country until 1879 when it was annexed by Japan. It was captured by US forces in 1945 and was an American overseas territory until 1972. As part of an economic deal with the Empire, the Nixon Administration returned Okinawa to Japan in exchange for keeping the US military base there as security against then-Maoist China. There were no major problems there until the post-Reagan Era. Clinton's military purges and introducing social progressivism into the military; Bush's outsourcing to civilian defense contractors; and Obama's overt Cultural Marxist transition of the military have made our brave men and women in uniform far below the traditional standards we once expected of our personnel.

       The problems opened in the mid-1990s when US Marines gang-raped a 12 year old girl, and the crime wave has been going on unabated ever since. US military personnel account for the overwhelming majority of Okinawa's violent crimes. Worse still have been recent revelations that Pentagon officials openly despise the Okinawan people as inferiors and its political leaders as its subjects.

       In a supposedly conciliatory move, Obama agreed last month to repatriate 16 square miles of unused military land to Okinawa and the Tojos agreed to send special police units to maintain order. But Obama, to whom treachery is second nature, secretly agreed with the Empire to construct a new helicopter base near a small village in an ecologically sensitive area. The Japanese agreed to the plan on the condition that the US hire Japanese contractors for the construction. Both governments well knew that the Okinawans opposed the plan, as it had been previously floated and rejected by the Okinawan government.

      Okinawans turned out en masse to protest the construction, but the Japanese special police have turned on the Okinawans---under the pretext that they are protecting Japanese construction interests.

       "It feels like martial law has been declared here." a protestor stated to the press. "There are large numbers of Japanese police and they often act violently."

       But because of the Japanese Empire's huge financial holdings in the US and their influence with Corporate Media, Japan escapes the types of scrutiny other nations receive in terms of human-rights violations.

       The Okinawan independence movement is growing, and deserves the support of freedom-loving peoples everywhere. US policy on the island during the last 30 years has been a national disgrace. Colluding first with the Fascist government in Tokyo; then covering up for Pentagon criminals and treating the citizenry like they lived in penal colony is a blot---one of many---on Postmodern America. We came to Okinawa as liberators, and for decades brought peace and prosperity to the island. But our culture changed here and is now having an adverse effect on an innocent people.



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