Tuesday, August 2, 2016


     The politically-correct Seattle City Council made that once-great city the third in the Prozac Nation to ban so-called Conversion Therapy. There is a pending bill the Washington State Legislature to ban the 'procedure' statewide, as Oregon and California have already done. In New Jersey, the Conservative Republican governor Christie also signed such a law into effect.

      Conversion Therapy is a term that the Gay Mafia invented to disparage religious counseling for homosexuals. What these types of laws essentially amount to is this: parents or legal guardians of children and legal minors who are exposed to homosexual recruitment during most of their waking hours are legally forbidden to employ religious instruction to lead them to normal sexuality. In short, the State no longer considers that parents have any right to the sexual education of their own children.

     In the past, when psychology was still a legitimate science, homosexuals were routinely cured even through very secular psychotherapy. It was formerly the case in America that, when someone had a personal problem that impeded normal social interaction, they would try to solve the problem. But in our Postmodernist Age, the social paradigm has changed. Today, if a person has such a problem, then society at large is obliged to conform to that person's (or interest group's) deviant behavior.

      The fact that laws like these are obvious infringements on religious liberty and parental rights; and are clearly designed to facilitate homosexual recruiting among the youth is likely of little or no concern to modern Americans. Americans long ago abdicated things like parental responsibility. We are talking here about a society where abortion, divorce, and homosexuality are considered socially desirable things. According to recent census figures only 1/4 US children under 12 are living with both of their biological parents.

      So is it a desirable thing---as the cultural Marxists believe---that the State usurps the position of parents? Or more accurately, in America's case, that parents cede their responsibilities to the State? That would obviously depend on what the goals of the State are. Now Postmodern parents want the State to assume more responsibility to free them for more important things like doing drugs, 'exploring their sexuality' and chasing the Almighty Dollar. But if children, during their formative years, have no immediate parental role models to bond with---with whom do they identify? Well, currently they bond with disgusting celebrities. But if the State assumes parental roles, where are growing children most likely to find their purpose in life? Obviously: they will find it in service to the State.

      We are not talking here about service to the State in terms of government as a career path, what we are describing is the universal submission to an ideology, whereby one's ego-identity is tied to the success and goals of the ruling elite, regardless of their occupation. If anyone doubts that is precisely where the tendencies of our youth are going just observe the violent Sanders and Trump crowds, the Black-Lives-Matter gangs and the so-called Anarchists and see how much individuality and independent thinking are valued by any of them (i.e. not at all). And we see from laws like the Seattle Ban, that such things are not tolerated by the ruling elite either.

     It is long past time that the American people really started taking our collective responsibility to future generations seriously. But given our culture's degree of narcissism, the possibility that they will seems increasingly remote.

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